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karrigan needs to stop
skoolage | 
Other jzargo 
2019-03-20 22:40
Ukraine s1mple_ 
idk giving it to ropz or frozen would be an easy round
2019-03-20 22:41
good thing this is not your fuckin decision retard
2019-03-20 22:42
United States circles308 
didnt get any kills with it, i guess it worked out huh, only an idiot would think karrigan should get the rifle over literally anyone on that team
2019-03-20 22:44
NA thinks he knows something about cs lol
2019-03-20 22:45
2019-03-20 22:46
United States circles308 
fan of karrigan having a rifle thinks he knows something about cs lol
2019-03-20 22:46
well, he's right about that, only other pro in a top team whose aim is worse than karrigan's is zeus
2019-03-20 22:48
They're not there for frag you braindead burgers
2019-03-20 22:49
then give up the AK to someone that can
2019-03-20 22:51
They tried and now look at FaZe. Absolute garbage
2019-03-20 22:52
you literally said that karrigan was right having the ak and now you say that he's not there for frag LUL
2019-03-20 22:53
that is the definition of a retard
2019-03-20 22:55
Exactly. Sorry mister jzargo, check your brain, not even joking.
2019-03-20 22:59
says the guy that thinks igls don't need to frag, but deserve to keep the only ak in the team, nice logic you braindead dumbass
2019-03-20 23:03
Croatia VampIre_HRST 
He's trolling obviously.
2019-03-21 01:44
you must be brained if you think that a mediocre igl with no ability to frag deserves a place in a top team, and saying that igl don't need to frag is the dumbest statement in the world, try playing every game 4vs5 and tell me how it goes
2019-03-20 22:55
>try playing every game 4vs5 and tell me how it goes Try getting control over 4 people, understand what's going on on the map, make every calls and rotations and also be top fragger. I bet you will fail loser.
2019-03-20 22:58
getting control over them? they're not bots, lol no one wants an igl to be a star player, but if you think that getting one kill in the whole match is going to help them win then you're dumb sure, arrigan had such a great understanding of what was going on on dust and overpass, really amazing
2019-03-20 23:02
>getting control over them? they're not bots, lol You just proved you have no idea how professional cs played. Just read some interviews of pro players, you will be surprised that sometimes players are not even allowed to take fights.
2019-03-21 01:30
Iceland fatboislim 
might aswell get the coach play instead of karrigan.
2019-03-20 23:17
Nah coaches do the strats, nades, etc. Calls and decisions ingame are completely different job
2019-03-20 23:20
Iceland fatboislim 
coaches do the strats? since when?
2019-03-21 00:00
Yes, they do. Or at least steal them and adjust to team playstyle.
2019-03-21 01:33
Iceland fatboislim 
in what teams?
2019-03-21 01:34
In every team. That's what coaches do. ????
2019-03-21 01:35
Iceland fatboislim 
thats not true, in game leaders do the strats.
2019-03-21 01:36
You're wrong men))) 😎😎😎
2019-03-21 01:36
Iceland fatboislim 
no you are wrong.
2019-03-21 01:36
no u 😎😎😎
2019-03-21 01:37
Iceland fatboislim 
then prove me wrong.
2019-03-21 01:37
already proven 😎😎😎
2019-03-21 01:37
Iceland fatboislim 
2019-03-21 01:38
yes 😎
2019-03-21 01:38
Iceland fatboislim 
explain where you proved me wrong? you can't because you are wrong.
2019-03-21 01:40
Finland James Nelson 
Just wanna jump in here and say that u are both right. Most of the time the IGL and coach do the strats together men))
2019-03-21 14:22
mediocre IGL xD fucking retard
2019-03-20 23:19
You must be retarded if you think karrigan is a good igl, he's overrated af by this community
2019-03-20 23:53
you're MGE so you don't know what a good IGL is
2019-03-21 14:07
lol, sure you know that you must be silver if you think karrigan is a good igl. but it's understandable since you consider rush b a good tactic :)
2019-03-21 14:14
oh yeah so every pro player that has ever played with him is silver? everyone on mousesports who has chosen to play with him is silvers?
2019-03-21 15:01
lol, it's org that decided to pick up karrigan, I doubt any of them would want to play with him out of their own will, that's why sunny and oskar left, cuz they didn't like what mouz was doing with their team
2019-03-21 15:08
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lmao imagine thinking you have all inside info in the world :D
2019-03-21 16:29
lol, it was said by mouz that sunny and oskar had a different vision of what the team is supposed to be than what the org wanted it to be
2019-03-21 16:37
Iceland fatboislim 
he is nothing but a mediocre igl. he has been riding on the success of star players.
2019-03-21 01:43
Actually karrigan isnt that bad. Ofc he isnt like the crazy fragger who goes ham all the time on put on big numbers like niko etc. But he can from time to time. Way more important is his leadership and ability to read the game and give spontanious calls that fit the enemies playstyle better.
2019-03-21 14:22
South Africa Xneaky 
2019-03-21 14:19
2019-03-20 22:43
2019-03-20 22:51
1/16 and going "igl doesnt need to frag"
2019-03-20 22:53
Because ropz and frozen are better with the deagle, they're more likely to get kills and weapons with it. The deagle is also often a better weapon for entrying (in default). I don't get how people can't understand that some people think differently. Do you honestly think that karrigan doesn't realise that ropz is a better player individually than him?
2019-03-20 22:58
this doesn't make sense in a lot ways ropz and frozen aren't just better with the deagle, they're better with everything and they are much more capable of winning a round by themselves, so why not drop them the ak so they have a better of doing it? and the deagle is better than the ak for entrying?
2019-03-20 23:06
Then read the last two sentences as well
2019-03-20 23:09
This is the same scenario that NaVi use
2019-03-21 16:46
Navi do the same... Elec, s1mple, flamie with deagles while Edward and Zeus have ak. Why? Because s1mple Elec and flamie are much better individually and the chance that they will make a kill is still really big. On the other hands Edward and Zeus are average (I don't want to be rude) so they have rifles to increase their chance overall that round bcs there is almost 0 chance that they will make a frag with pistol against full buy
2019-03-21 16:49
why stop?? he didn't even started...
2019-03-20 23:04
how fucking dumb are people making these sort of threads?For s1mple aswell 1)they can do way more on deagle/p250 than karrigan 2)if they asked for a weapon karrigan would drop them,its team decision not individual 3)and most obvious thing,karrigan will try to open a site or get 1v1 duel and if he dies they will retake ak?
2019-03-20 23:04
The point is that a better player has a higher chance to win his 1v1 and recover another weapon
2019-03-21 14:15
YNk | 
Germany PeetM 
Karrigan needs to start* (Fragging)
2019-03-21 00:02
scoutJ ropz deag master AKariggan-47
2019-03-21 01:38
it was bad timing .......
2019-03-21 01:54
North America Fule 
He was 0 11 later
2019-03-21 01:59
nex | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina c4zen 
becuz he need to 1 kill xd
2019-03-21 14:11
He saved it, many teams still do that thing that whoever saves it gets to keep it, Navi do that too. But giving it to you star player(as long as he can afford kevlar) seems way better to me
2019-03-21 14:13
i can't open the link, which match?
2019-03-21 14:16
India Noobdian1 
Using ak with 0 kills while ropz and frozen are with pistols
2019-03-21 15:09
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