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North America cake1 
-Higher fire rate than the AK 47 -Has scope for medium and long range fights -Significantly better standing and crouching accuracy than the AK even when not using the scope
2019-03-21 00:31
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
Sg for noobs which cant aim Ez one taps with AK
2019-03-21 00:35
easier one taps with SG
2019-03-21 00:36
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
Yeah if you cant aim...
2019-03-21 00:36
If you are in pit on dust 2 and try to headshot some guy in site you can be exact in the middle of his head but not hit because the accuracy of the ak is shit
2019-03-21 00:38
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
Thats why I avoid going into pit in d2
2019-03-21 00:39
So as a t you just never take long? Seems smart
2019-03-21 11:24
Denmark fuzeCSGO 
probably not the most optimal angle to take; there could be an awper on site
2019-03-21 12:09
thats a dumb argument. it just means he doesnt go pit when he has an ak47.
2019-03-21 15:21
I avoid it too cause I aim like shit
2019-03-21 12:09
finally an honest person online lul😎
2019-03-21 15:11
f0rest | 
Sweden S3bluen 
Who even peeks pit without an awp lol
2019-03-21 12:09
why not use a superior gun? doesn't make sense to me. sg opens up more angles, allows people to hit harder shots, all for $50 more
2019-03-21 00:45
trash spray pattern I used to buy it sometimes for one taps without scope, back when it was expensive its ridicolously responsive on first bullet , feel like enemy die before u click if u hit hs but nah, I stick with AK
2019-03-21 01:01
Spray Pattern is super ez dude Yes, high recoil but for the half of the mag its just dragging down to the bottom left
2019-03-21 12:06
yeah but its two directions at once not like ak, pull down, hold and then sideways
2019-03-21 15:09
With ak you got to pull it down to the bottom right first xD Its just a little bit further and to the left with sg
2019-03-21 15:20
China lxxl 
And that's why its better
2019-03-21 14:48
Shit spray pattern though, and slower movement speed
2019-03-21 00:37
Czech Republic Ondron 
well...not shit...its just harder to master.
2019-03-21 00:39
Turkey guduf 
Its shit
2019-03-21 00:43
Its not even that hard, half of the mag is dragging down to the bottom left
2019-03-21 12:06
Russia NOD777 
Agree. All that complains because noobs don’t wanna learn
2019-03-21 12:08
And most of the time you dont even need to use more than 15 bullets... Same goes for ak, most of the people are dragging the spray to the bottom right how its supposed to be, but I rarely see someone who is aware of the left/right control
2019-03-21 12:10
Poland bard77 
go play cod noob
2019-03-21 00:43
Poland Forace 
2019-03-21 12:09
France mdK_ 
AHAHAH the spray is awaful dude
2019-03-21 00:48
Drag it down to the bottom left for half of the mag
2019-03-21 12:07
France mdK_ 
I know but the AK is better in all points
2019-03-21 12:30
2019-03-21 12:43
France mdK_ 
SG is slower, scope sucks
2019-03-21 13:06
Sg shoots faster, scope makes headshot long range easier, no shit first bullet acc like ak. I use both but you cant say that AK is better in all points it depends on the Situation
2019-03-21 13:27
France mdK_ 
so SG might be worse than AK in differents situation --'
2019-03-21 13:41
Definetly, for example when you get rushed by an eco
2019-03-21 13:46
China lxxl 
You don't really need the scope, and the movement speed difference is overexaggerated.
2019-03-21 14:49
United States ferric 
Yeah but the spray and movement speed are big enough problems for it not to be worth dumping the AK over. Plus, if CTs get ahold of that gun and someone knows how to use it... fkin RIP.
2019-03-21 00:55
Sweden fxzo 
wut? hahaha dude some1 like NiKo would rape SG with AK
2019-03-21 00:57
Europe lalt 
Not when missing because of AK first bullet RNG.
2019-03-21 11:54
Brazil SK|trk 
You have to learn how to shoot without scope, cause if you stop to scope, you gonna die without shooting.
2019-03-21 11:29
GeT_RiGhT | 
Czech Republic J1M1 
2019-03-21 11:31
Brazil SK|trk 
hmm... why?
2019-03-21 11:37
Shit spray pattern?
2019-03-21 11:41
Spray pattern is absolute shite and almost impossible to control
2019-03-21 11:44
Is SG a new way to call Galil-AR?
2019-03-21 11:46
AK is way better than SG. SG is only good from long range taps. AK is way fucking better and easier to master
2019-03-21 12:02
Portugal Eucalyptus12 
SSG is the real gun
2019-03-21 12:09
AK > SG movement wich is rly important to Ts
2019-03-21 12:10
North America Snaxer 
been using SG since it was 3000 always been better always used it. I rarely use the scope on it which is probably not a good thing overall. I would also argue its spray pattern is easier.
2019-03-21 12:47
Finland James Nelson 
AK is little more damage though it could make a difference. Scope is not really needed when attacking but when holding for retake, maybe. AK also has better mobility it could make a difference aswell and have fun spraying with that shit.
2019-03-21 12:53
Europe Soec 
Spray pattern is not an issue for medium+ players. Obviously is not a problem for pros. I think they not use it as T because of the lower movility. As CT, SG is awesome. Also, as main players are teens trending-followers, if someone cool with trillions subscribers said that SG is cool, they will use it. As it happened with AUG. Now people use it eveng though is exactly same as 1 year ago.
2019-03-21 13:01
2019-03-21 13:29
POL in 2019 LUL
2019-03-21 13:39
fakeflagger in 2019 LOOOOOOOOOL
2019-03-21 14:46
SG > AK, ez spray pattern, ez 1 taps, ez
2019-03-21 13:38
United States Trump2020KAG 
Watching the col furia game last night and furia is nasty with it. Elige has been buying it past few games also.
2019-03-21 13:46
Sg - more accurate -more dps negative - only spray, but not that hard once u practice it for close range.
2019-03-21 14:51
United States veggieclub 
No, ak-47 is better don't @ me!
2019-03-21 15:13
its tough to track moving targets but once you get that down its a gr8 gun if 2+ cts have sg553s then it starts getting troublesome. but even then just use utility to force them out of their scopes and more often than not they dont know how to spray control it
2019-03-21 15:23
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