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How to find a faceit team?
ropz | 
Ireland trumptastic 
I'm rank 1. Ik ik "uh noob get gud kid" anyways I just want to get better, and I play good with good come but that sometimes doesn't happen in faceit. Just looking to find people who just want to communicate, learn how each other plays and just play for fun and get better, anyone wanna join me send me a pm or if there's any suggestions on how I could find some people would be greatly appreciated
2019-03-21 02:16
Finland no_man 
rank 1 = best wtf
2019-03-21 02:16
U mean Level 1?
2019-03-21 02:17
Ye shit idk it's 1am lol
2019-03-21 02:25
United States VRGcarsonqi 
If ur rank one honestly just play mm, there's not too big of a difference
2019-03-21 02:26
There is tbh, I destroy people in mm and not as much faceit, besides you can't really rank up if you don't play it
2019-03-21 12:35
Aerial | 
Faroe Islands devilman 
on this rank you can learn how to win games solo sooner or later. you can legit smurf on players on these levels when you'll understand their common mistakes (they do make them a lot). watch demos of some fpl games (not pro official matches, cuz you don't play a team now, you're playing solo) and try to test it on your levels. but idk what will work for you (it's a very different game on fpl and on something lower then 2500 elo). you can just train your mechanical skills and basic game understanding by playing a lot of maps having a plan for every round in your head. it will be enough to gain some elo and then you can try to find a team by playing (for example) some national hubs. try to find players who share your vision of the game (or have the same one) good luck and have a productive day :)
2019-03-21 04:29
ZywOo | 
Netherlands itsm 
Decent advise.
2019-03-21 12:36
Thx for advice, just soooo frustrating solo, toxic people everywhere, Brits tend to be more toxic than Russians which is a testament to why the UK scene is dead
2019-03-21 12:37
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