How to degrade from tier 2 to tier 4 101
2019-03-21 18:03
United States Merk0 
They are already t4 change will do nothing
2019-03-21 19:00
Russia NOD777 
It’s like a water boy in sports
2019-03-21 18:05
i didnt know his name was pronounced "finishes" in brazilian, kinda cool :D
2019-03-21 18:06
2019-03-21 18:08
Brazil thiagomrm 
tbh its phoenix, like the bird fnx = fenix = phoenix
2019-03-21 18:08
What does "brand ambassador" even means?
2019-03-21 18:53
a guy who wins money without doing nothing...
2019-03-21 18:58
i need to be a brand ambassador in Giants
2019-03-21 19:00
i mean, if you are friend of fox and mut you probably can do it ;)
2019-03-21 19:04
fnx new coach
2019-03-21 18:55
Belgium TomeCS 
It means he will be managing the brand MIBR. Make sure new ideas flood in and stuff, don't know everything about it. He had his own brand Nao Tem Como, so that's probably why they took him. He's not gonna join the roster if anyone thinks he will.
2019-03-21 18:56
United States JustBitsy 
Its just a fancy title to say girlfriend sexer
2019-03-21 18:57
they understood the no fnx no major thing
2019-03-21 19:04
2019-03-21 19:04
fnx tactic go to grp of girls say hey girls u like mibr? they no he put off his shirt show six pack they ooooh yeeaaaaa nip follow twitter follow facebook suck fnx dick.
2019-03-21 19:05
2019-03-21 19:06
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