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do u play csgo competitvely?
United States beatmaker 
when i mean competitively is with teams and online leagues?
2019-03-21 20:27
Brazil thinking_ 
no idc
2019-03-21 20:28
i used to but the team was just a mess, so i stopped
2019-03-21 20:28
flag checks out
2019-03-21 20:29
yeah germans are toxic asf
2019-03-21 20:31
yeah, sometimes i watzch this zonixx for no reason. always plays 5 stack and lmao all crybabies
2019-03-21 21:19
yeah i dont know why tho, I always try to bee calm and friendly but most germans just dont give a fuck
2019-03-21 21:39
superiority complex. every single time they die, they try to blame it on something/someone.
2019-03-21 21:56
2019-03-21 21:59
true, like they always called hax on everyone.
2019-03-21 22:00
s1mple | 
Germany P4iN 
thats so fucking true dude....
2019-03-22 06:41
I played once versus zonixx and killed him once while i waited for him to push and he was writing in my steam things like dont do it again or i fuck your mum
2019-03-22 11:37
2019-03-22 13:11
2019-03-21 20:36
what rank are you ?
2019-03-21 20:38
2800 elo faceit, didn't played faceit for like a year tho just playing mm from time to time for fun
2019-03-21 20:38
lol why is everyone so ''good'' here
2019-03-21 20:39
huh ?
2019-03-21 20:39
i have like 1500 elo and playing for 1k hrs-
2019-03-21 20:41
and you were trying to play in a team ? lol.
2019-03-21 20:42
not to become a pro, more like to not lose interest in the game
2019-03-21 20:43
Sweden BenjaT 
i dont understand how pro players complain about their job. Do they have a brain or maybe just refresh
2019-03-21 20:29
i mean they probably get bored after a while.
2019-03-21 20:30
Sweden BenjaT 
So they earn more money than average people and has more fun while doing it. And still complains
2019-03-21 20:31
United States 0othA 
Travelling so much at an young age is stressful.
2019-03-21 20:35
Sweden BenjaT 
bro i dont care does normal people complain often? no, does pros complain much? yes
2019-03-21 20:36
France ripmypickems 
like footballers, a lot of crybabies who get way too much for what they're doing
2019-03-21 20:40
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
2019-03-22 11:59
You are playing the same game , on the same maps , against the same people , in more or less same places , for hours upon hours. It gets stale after a while...
2019-03-21 20:34
Sweden BenjaT 
but they earn more money and has more fun than a normal job good brain nice name
2019-03-21 20:35
It's not fun really , doing same shit for hours , it's stresfull as any other job. It pays well yes , but imagine having to travel almost every week to a different place , sure it sounds fun but trust me it isn't , I've been there , my father travels a shit ton so I used to travel with him all the time , at first it sounded like fun but I gave up 2 and a half months in. You wouldn't know unless you try.
2019-03-21 23:19
India EnfyB 
it's still better than spending ur time doing something in which you don't at all have any sort of interest
2019-03-22 06:35
They are not in it for the money. They are in it to be the best and its their passion. Obviously they want the money, but the passion and being the best is what matters the most to them.
2019-03-22 11:04
Complaining about what exactly?
2019-03-21 21:54
Sweden BenjaT 
Their job are you high or just bad brain
2019-03-21 22:04
I obviously fucking know that they are complaining about their job but I'm asking which aspect of their job are they complaining about...
2019-03-21 22:08
remember when every pro complained about bo5 finals because they found them too tiring
2019-03-21 22:11
I'm sure you had that feeling of emptines while playing , you played for so long ur soul feels empty , you are bored of how bored you are. You think they don't feel the same just because they play this shit proffesionally ? You think it never gets boring to them ?
2019-03-21 23:21
ofc it gets boring as fuck to them
2019-03-21 23:23
Like yes , atleast i am trying to
2019-03-21 20:30
wanna start a team ? ^^
2019-03-21 20:32
We can , i am down for it
2019-03-21 21:28
what rank are you ?
2019-03-21 21:37
GE , but not playing MM anymore , ESEA B+
2019-03-21 21:49
well rip, im mge/dmg lol
2019-03-21 21:50
And fct or something ?
2019-03-21 21:54
1400 elo lel
2019-03-21 21:59
Its not that bad
2019-03-22 09:39
Europe crosst 
It is XD
2019-03-22 09:52
When you are DMG and faceit level 5 or what it is
2019-03-22 10:54
Europe crosst 
when you are below faceit lvl 7 u are pure trash, like silver trash
2019-03-22 10:58
I have 2300 elo and its not true what you are saying , i know people which are level 5-6 and they are playing like 9 but they are stacked there
2019-03-22 11:24
Europe crosst 
2019-03-22 11:33
it can happen (not to me, im just not that good of a player)
2019-03-22 12:33
Europe crosst 
no u are just pure trash
2019-03-22 12:57
i wouldnt say pure trash, i can hold my own on faceit lvl 7/8 and Globals on mm. But yeah like i said just not that good
2019-03-22 12:59
Would rather keep improving then find a team later. get level 9 - 10 get a team the same level and compete in leagues
2019-03-22 13:01
not trying to win anything. I just think playing in a team brings a lot more fun etc to the game
2019-03-22 13:02
2019-03-22 13:03
GuardiaN | 
Slovakia Bugro 
Sa pridaj k nám
2019-03-21 22:13
What is your steam?
2019-03-22 06:27
just rek kids on facit with the lads on weekends 😎😎😎
2019-03-21 20:36
for what are those ladders? can u explain pls
2019-03-21 20:48
Tolzkowski will want to eradicate the QB sweep, defend a zone for his center and use the passing advantage.
2019-03-21 22:00
no, boring.
2019-03-21 20:36
Poland friendlySeb 
I was, now im not.
2019-03-21 20:37
"do u play csgo at all?" No
2019-03-21 20:37
Not really im just trying to be good and grind up to lvl 10 faceit Becoming pro is not my priority
2019-03-21 20:39
No. I would enjoy playing with a team, but it's not worth it. Finding time when everyone is online, practicing, using mic, etc.
2019-03-21 20:40
so u only play pugs?
2019-03-21 20:44
2019-03-21 20:44
2019-03-21 20:44
+1 to much efford
2019-03-21 20:46
Cyprus Swishh_ 
efford good striker but he can't carry us to 1st division 😎
2019-03-21 21:33
Denmark Xipingu 
No. The teams I play with are fun only, idgaf enough about serious gaming to attempt it.
2019-03-21 20:42
Poland morosek 
Stopped cuz of job.
2019-03-21 20:42
India EnfyB 
would u like to pursue it as job if given a chance?
2019-03-22 06:40
I would like to, but I don't
2019-03-21 21:28
United States xiquo 
nu i got no friends
2019-03-21 21:34
Luminous | 
Tunisia me_ 
No so I get to enjoy my 10 loss streak in peace.
2019-03-21 21:35
Played in some teams. Didn't make sense, germans cancer af
2019-03-21 21:37
+1 the hardest people to play with after danes or swedes
2019-03-22 09:45
yep most of them are toxic/salty all the time really bad atmosphere while playing and trying to focus
2019-03-22 09:48
2019-03-22 10:10
would like but its so hard to find players who would go and play for many hrs and actually go on map and prac.
2019-03-21 21:38
Brazil dox__ 
No, but I wish
2019-03-21 21:41
autist | 
Spain Holiwis 
Not enough time
2019-03-21 21:44
2019-03-21 22:00
Slovakia Zebko 
yep, but I will retire... Tomorrow traveling to my last LAN tournament... Maybe I will change my mind if some good team will show interrest in wasted talent like me xD But i dont have time for it want to focus on real life :)
2019-03-21 22:14
India Noobdian1 
Wait what?
2019-03-22 06:32
You really want to stop playing ?
2019-03-22 09:40
witmer | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
2019-03-21 22:16
Nah man full of toxic nerds
2019-03-21 23:24
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
No, i never enjoyed csgo as much as i did 1.6 unfortunately
2019-03-21 23:27
Yes I play competitive matchmaking 😎
2019-03-22 06:37
Ukraine treeex 
Nice men😎😎😎
2019-03-22 09:51
ZywOo | 
France bjjthibz 
i'd like but i like playing with my friends and some of my friends are retards ... For example dying because of playing with the ball on dust2 t spawn instead of saving their weapons in a 2v5 situation where we have no money. RIP my rank btw i'll never ever pass through nova
2019-03-22 09:52
Aleksib | 
Finland clamu 
i play matchmaker men) it very competetive nowadays because of chiter biches!!!(
2019-03-22 09:53
Yes I train in MM in Gold Nova rank with my mates Olofmeister, s1mple, Niko and JW.
2019-03-22 09:53
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
Yes i play competetive matchmaking
2019-03-22 09:55
United States aynzz 
Currently playing for a team in a danish league but I lowkey feel like I deserve to be on a better team
2019-03-22 10:01
Used to be a semipro, then got kicked due to univ. I tried again but i already tired bcs its not worth be a pro in here. Low salary and no competition
2019-03-22 10:13
i dont even play mm or faceit just casual now
2019-03-22 10:59
Played Clanbase ladder, LAN's, online tournaments etc. Placed good in some of them. this was CS 1.6. In CSGO just faceit and MM :I
2019-03-22 11:09
i play rocket league ZzZzzzZ 😎😎😎 ZzZzzzZ 😎😎😎 ZzZzzzZ 😎😎😎
2019-03-22 11:27
Poland SalamiXgod 
Im actually playing in semi pro organisation, we are playing online tournaments organiased by another semi pro teams or tournaments organisators, sometimes we are playing quals against pro teams and we perform good against them so its nice way to start pro career xd
2019-03-22 11:32
2019-03-22 13:02
no but when i see vp losing 16:4 to ldlc im dying of laughter, id rekt them by myself, byalis excuse 50 ping hahhahaha, i rekt noobs on 90 ping and dont complain
2019-03-22 11:54
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
Does a meme team with a bunch of fellow retards count? We won 20$ last weekend pog
2019-03-22 12:04
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