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Worst feeling ever?
France Goosebumps 
When you carry (in real life) a team, a project or whatever, when you do 95% of the job but still fail because you were alone against ALL... Feels so bad man
2019-03-22 00:56
Panama cyain2029 
When I mine a few blocks below me cuz they are diamonds and suddenly fall in to the lava and die
2019-03-22 00:57
oh god I do remember.
2019-03-22 00:58
Europe pencilvester 
Baited by diamonds
2019-03-22 00:59
FalleN | 
Japan Suxh1 
When I found a diamond , but my friend kill me to steal it
2019-03-22 01:00
2019-03-22 01:08
When my brother n friends got killed
2019-03-22 01:09
you need to escape the hood my friend
2019-03-22 01:09
im on house arrest. cant do shit bout it
2019-03-22 01:10
the only knowledge of america's hoods i have comes from watching tv series called the wire
2019-03-22 01:12
that shit a good show but shits changed here
2019-03-22 01:23
Fed | 
United States FBI_Agent 
What charges got you house arrest? I might be able to help you. - Agent Tom, Federal Bureau of Investigation
2019-03-22 01:16
gun charges
2019-03-22 01:18
Fed | 
United States FBI_Agent 
Well your fucked, cant help yo black ass. - Agent Tom, Federal Bureau of Investigation
2019-03-22 01:19
yeah nigga fuck the feds
2019-03-22 01:22
Russia NOD777 
By your mom
2019-03-22 10:29
nah nigga my moms the best
2019-03-22 14:31
United States PsychoLogical 
That you're being watched from who knows where.
2019-03-22 01:09
Fed | 
United States FBI_Agent 
Dont worry, im watching you from your web cam, please do not tape it. - Agent Tom, Federal Bureau of Investigation
2019-03-22 01:20
99 in 8
2019-03-22 01:09
2019-03-22 10:24
So you had a school project with your friends and you did all the work? Seems like they are only your friends to let you do their homework. Pathetic
2019-03-22 01:09
Wasnt a homework but a competition tho We were still selected on around 900 project, we went to Paris etc but.. We didnt win and when you put lots of efforts into it but not the others Well It ducks
2019-03-22 08:39
2019-03-22 10:10
United States l1nkax 
Going back to CS after a short break and being complete shit at it
2019-03-22 01:10
When you vote, and vote, and vote, but progress neves comes and you finally realize that corruption has soaked into every sphere of the government of your country, thus there was no way out of this mess except for the airports.
2019-03-22 01:16
Russia NOD777 
It’s everywhere. No way out
2019-03-22 10:30
When I go pee and one of my balls is still inside my pants
2019-03-22 01:15
Watch Fnatic lose
2019-03-22 01:19
so you always get that feeling men)))
2019-03-22 14:38
When you find out the butterfly knives are illegal in the U.S, but you can buy guns at wallmart
2019-03-22 01:25
When u realize Pimp is on desk
2019-03-22 10:13
When she doesnt text you back but you already felt in love with her
2019-03-22 10:18
when faze choke 😥😥😎😎
2019-03-22 10:27
I once had the game of my life, 57-21, 3 ot's, still lost, my soul just died i was soooo pissed
2019-03-22 10:29
Loh | 
Russia Romashish 
wtf men just go win))
2019-03-22 10:34
nah man i completely threw that game, my back was hurting too much from the carry
2019-03-22 10:40
Ukraine twil 
When you're coming out of 7 day cocaine marathon
2019-03-22 10:36
when you're a vp fan in eleague major final
2019-03-22 10:39
or when youre a vp fan in 2019, RIP TRUE VP WE WILL MISS YOU
2019-03-22 11:26
When i login to hltv and scroll down a big ass thread to comment only to see it's locked
2019-03-22 10:47
2019-03-22 11:07
+1 Or deleted
2019-03-22 11:13
Getting cheated on and lied to for months, only to get blamed for it because "it's all your fault"...
2019-03-22 11:30
get no from girl.
2019-03-22 11:32
NiKo | 
United Kingdom lr1015 
When I go 33-5 on cache and we lose 14-16
2019-03-22 14:32
when someone replies to you but when you go to see it the thread is deleted
2019-03-22 14:33
Hungary R0TH 
When I wake up in the morning and I realize I'm still alive. I hate that feeling.
2019-03-22 14:35
being alive
2019-03-22 14:39
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