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I'll fix your depression
Canada Nohten 
Tell me the main reason why you're feeling depressed and I'll try to fix it.
2019-03-22 02:31
United States OREOBK10 
girls and bad grades
2019-03-22 02:32
Seems like you're lacking of confidence. You should try to make a list of things you're willing to achieve so it would help to bounce back ya on the track. Girls shouldn't bother you much because it's only matter of time when you gonna find one.
2019-03-22 02:35
no he is gay, but wishes he wasnt. he much rather gobble down dick then pussy, but wish it was the other way
2019-03-22 02:41
and you know all
2019-03-22 04:16
because he is gay too and can relate
2019-03-22 04:42
I arent think that xd
2019-03-22 12:28
2019-03-22 02:32
Other V5c 
because i'm a failure, no job no future no career
2019-03-22 02:32
Future has nothing to do with career tbh; To get a job and be successful you need to get right education and by making realistic choices you should get to the point where you wouldn't quit. I suggest to take some personality tests and it may get much easier to handle.
2019-03-22 02:42
He ignored you. Seems like you are beyond help. Edit: welp, he didn't
2019-03-22 02:44
Other V5c 
i know :( i'm a desperate case, tried suicide multiple times but even death doesn't want me
2019-03-22 02:48
Fate is probably taking you elsewhere don't you think? I was thinking in the same way for quite some time even though. There should be something more that is bothering you. Are you always feeling in the same way or... ?
2019-03-22 03:01
Other V5c 
well everything seems boring to me, and i have a weird personality, i always feel sad and prefer to stay at home all day long , i quit school like 3 years ago (was on third year in a private engineering school) i may be bipolar or something.
2019-03-22 03:03
You need to get a job where there would be plenty of colleagues. Our higher motivations works differently but still it has the same meaning behind it. If you're not attached to community etc it won't fullfil your real ego.
2019-03-22 03:12
Parents divorced
2019-03-22 02:33
thats the worst thing in life imo
2019-03-22 02:36
yeah bro. If I ever had kids I would never want them to go through that, ever. It's not a one and done deal, it lingers with the child for the rest of their life imo
2019-03-22 02:37
feel bad 4 you my friend, really bad...if you ever need me, DM me
2019-03-22 02:39
thanks bro appreciate it
2019-03-22 02:39
much love my friend <3
2019-03-22 02:40
It happens. Sorry to hear that. How old are you?
2019-03-22 02:43
2019-03-22 02:44
At this point I suggest to keep warm contact with your relatives because your support is probably much more important than you think. Forgivness is the key there.
2019-03-22 02:55
schizoid personality disorder
2019-03-22 02:34
If it's true thing I can admit that I'm living with the same thing as well. The main reason behind it is lower levels of Serotonin or Melatonin and it's really hard to live it through without having anyone to support ya. I'm trying to fight myself for 3 years already because suddenly I decided to quit every activity that I used to do with my ex. Get better soon, buddy.
2019-03-22 02:51
Wow!! I really was not expecting that. I was diagnosed at the end of last year because my classmates always said that I am antisocial and weird, so my newly formed neighbor in psychology helped me figure out what was wrong with me. To be honest I never realized I did not behave in the normal way until they said it. Since I was diagnosed I have fighting myself too, but after I saw that there was no cure for this condition I have been crying and thinking about ending my life almost every week. I have been looking for ways to help myself, I have found the alcohol that improves temporarily but then worsens, and MDMA which literally makes a schizoid an extrovert, but also temporally and worsens significantly. I was looking for alternative therapies and found in a forum a user saying that holotropic breathing was the only thing that was really helping him. I tried once but I could not concentrate for fear because my whole body was tingling. I have two questions Have you tried something above? If so, tell me about your experience. Did you find something different that really helped you? I really want to get out of it, when I was a child I was so happy and outgoing. Thx buddy, you just make my day
2019-03-22 03:40
The main thing is that I'm afraid of open spaces. It's really kinda weird thing though but I'm skipping my uni classes for 2 years because I don't want to get any direct contact with my classmates. Instead of buying some stuff from market by myself I'm asking my roomate to do it for me. After having 4 beers this fear pretty much vanishes but still I can't do it constantly because that wouldn't lead anywhere. You would never see smile in my face. That's how it is. Can't explain why. I'm not afraid of talking in front of 500 people, that's how it is. I can discuss face to face about various things for hours. I'm not motivated to do anything at all. I'm not talking with my parents, only to 4 friends that I really care about and yet sometimes I'm ignoring them for no reason. I never had any dreams nor desires. It's not getting better no matter what I do. Seems like I'm always slipping back into same comfort zone after each attempt. For me, it's like lack of motivation to live. The only thing that helps me is when I'm doing things with someone who I trust. Going outside etc. I was writing these few sentences for 40 minutes imo.
2019-03-22 04:41
Australia Mr.Sinister 
The first step is looking at your problems, knowing what your issues are is a big step in the right direction. If you can or if you want to, seek professional help. Speak to a Psychiatrist or even a life coach. You need direction more than anything else. Start writing down goals and list steps to achieve those goals. Completing those steps is as rewarding as the final goal as it shows you that you can commit and work towards an end result. Self belief and worth are two different sides to a coin. Address them both equally. Good luck mate!
2019-03-22 04:58
It's exactly the same thing that happens to me, my last years in high school were very difficult. I missed all school trips to keep people away from entering my life. I just can't reciprocate when someone smiles at me. I feel like a part of me just stopped working. I see people being happy and enjoying life with others and I can not understand how they do it without getting bored. "sometimes I'm ignoring them for no reason" me too, I have some relatives who care about me and always try to take me to different places, but lately I'm not even going out with them. When I was younger, I had many dreams and plans for my life, but now I do not even plan my weekend. I've lost my will to get into a relationship, my best friend has a crush on me, but I just do not reciprocate even wanting, I see her almost every day in my dreams. Every attempt to improve I lose more will and motivation taking more than twice the time to motivate me again. It took me five days to get myself motivated to write those sentences. I created the courage to talk to someone about it. She listened to me and gave me some recommendations to improve my quality of life. So i will start a supplementation with 5 htp and L-tyrosine to improve my mood and motivation. I really hope this works.
2019-03-28 06:36
Argentina Cushiion 
Sex equal to No depression
2019-03-22 02:34
depression = no sex drive
2019-03-22 02:45
Not exactly but it improves your mindset since dopamine is being released after having sex. You can get the same feeling with weed etc. but it won't make you feel better in the long term orientation.
2019-03-22 03:04
finland so its automatic depression. and also faceit makes me depressed cuz i spent 6000 hours in this game and still my team fucking sucks and elo fucking is trash shit
2019-03-22 02:36
Brazil Mentecapto 
why finland equals to depression instantly?:
2019-03-22 03:02
cuz of work amount, dark and cold, fucking school and shit
2019-03-22 03:20
Lol You should switch to non competitve games though.
2019-03-22 03:12
only gave me more depression
2019-03-22 03:20
You should be some kind of Jesus who manages to control his endocrine system all by his mind.
2019-03-22 03:32
no gf, surrounded by fake people
2019-03-22 02:37
But your friends aren't fake. Are they? So other people shouldn't bother you as much.
2019-03-22 03:14
i dont have real friends xd
2019-03-22 23:24
depression is my usual state, my whole life is depression, and its normal for me
2019-03-22 02:39
How are you preventing from getting worse?
2019-03-22 03:18
u cant fix my depression faggot
2019-03-22 02:42
Brazil Mentecapto 
2019-03-22 02:59
comments like these cure depression, i dont care what anybody says
2019-03-22 03:01
doesn't seem you're willing to get better either.
2019-03-22 03:19
depressed people dont have will you idiot
2019-03-22 03:21
Thank you Dr Phil
2019-03-22 03:28
its not about having will to get better or not u idiot
2019-03-22 04:01
Brazil johnnyOcean 
have no self confidence, my mommy destroyed it with hard critics since I was a child.
2019-03-22 02:45
Brazil Mentecapto 
2019-03-22 02:59
You should try something like 'Brain battle' type of thing. Usually competitions like this one are being held at the bars etc and it isn't expensive either. There are some things that you may be good at, all you need is to explore yourself in as many ways as it could require.
2019-03-22 03:24
Too blunt to attract girls
2019-03-22 02:48
Procrastination is always a thing.
2019-03-22 02:55
As long as you're not failing deadlines it's not that bad imo.
2019-03-22 03:15
France d1no_cs 
Relationships, Grades, No motivation, people making me feel worthless
2019-03-22 03:15
How are they doing this and how are they more important than you? (instead of being treated equally)
2019-03-22 03:35
France d1no_cs 
Im gay, so that explains a lot.. and my parents always telling me I never do anything right. Not only that I get called shit at cs because I dont play R6 which is pretty downgrading for me (by my peers btw) So it really effects my mentality on life. I also just got dumped, with a math test tmrw and ready to be bullied once again
2019-03-22 03:37
Parents can't actually order to do things that you don't like nor blame your orientation or your choices. Well, school is not all about math, right? You may improve yourself at Physics, Biology etc.
2019-03-22 04:50
United Kingdom Johal 
no motivation, i struggle to talk to anyone, any time i make friends its always down to me to start coversations which i cant do.
2019-03-22 03:21
I can bet you're good at history. Aren't you? You should get to talk with people with the same hobbies as you. Even though you may struggle at the first I suggest to be good in the most common conversation topics. For example, I can discuss about medicine but I'm also having some knowledge in finances, AML etc.
2019-03-22 03:45
United Kingdom Johal 
im awful at history, just like every other school subject. my only hobby is games which is why i struggle to make friends and any time i do its always about a week of talking and then rarely talking after.
2019-03-22 04:05
Well, then you should focus more on people that you may get direct contact instead. That's how you would get rid of this phobia more or less.
2019-03-22 04:46
United Kingdom Johal 
i dont have a phobia, i just cant hold a conversation, i also cant start one
2019-03-22 05:05
gAuLeS | 
Brazil Jowbly 
2019-03-22 03:31
United States _ATaXiA_ 
Muh dick is too big.
2019-03-22 04:11
finally a real problem .. man stay stronk
2019-03-22 04:52
Rightists are killing innocent people
2019-03-22 04:12
North America coldisgoatbro 
I have no purpose in life and no skills. I have a wide variety of interest in cybersecurity, medical field, psychology, criminal justice, app development, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, and marine engineering. My aptitude is more suited for psychology and criminal justice. But I feel inadequate doing those things, they don't challenge my intelligence. Yet when I do a mechanical engineering course IM totally confused. I am stupid and useless
2019-03-22 04:54
I ain't depressed but just gotta say you're doing great work here man, hard to find nice people on HLTV. Keep it up!
2019-03-22 04:56
United States subzera 
alone and my gf lives in hungary bad grades, no motivation, just dont care
2019-03-22 04:57
Genetic in my familly. Only meds can fix.
2019-03-22 23:25
I need Opeth to release new album men(((((( It's been 3 years men((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
2019-03-28 06:59
poizon | 
Germany SNOXyy 
my gf cheated on me with my best friend :(
2019-03-28 07:05
Monkey | 
Brazil g8Q0wHY 
Bump, maybe will leave a comment later
2019-03-28 23:46
mimi | 
Denmark SortKatt 
I am depressed because you have zero idea what a depression is men))
2019-03-28 23:53
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