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Cloud9 5th?
United States Mystickrat 
Pls god no jUGi
2019-03-22 02:55
>C9 >good roster moves choose one
2019-03-22 02:56
>C9 >good roster* choose one
2019-03-22 02:59
>C9 >good* choose one
2019-03-22 02:59
>CSGO* >good choose one
2019-03-22 03:13
ive seen your name before somewhere TorrN_
2019-03-22 02:59
Twitter for most people lol but I do play shitty semi pro cs but I doubt that is where you know me from.
2019-03-22 03:12
im just glad they didnt get konfig.. ive liked c9 since 2014, that wouldve been the final nail in the coffin to drop them of my likelist
2019-03-22 03:01
2019-03-22 03:02
They didn't get k0nfig? Id take him over Jugi
2019-03-22 05:05
Konfig is a beast wdym
2019-03-22 05:10
i dont like him since that optic na debacle… that made it obvious to me that his toxic personality is not just for Show but indeed his true self
2019-03-22 05:11
He is an asshole...probably worse than simple
2019-03-22 05:13
Ahhh I haven’t really thought about that too much, I just hope C9 can have a stable roster for a while back when it was stew ska tarik auti and rush
2019-03-22 05:16
United States iCanYo 
+TenZ bro he’s a god but for some reason c9 likes washed up pros like JUGi... they need some actual talent, not some inconsistent and terrible awper
2019-03-22 03:50
Cambodia afk47 
I am Cloud9’s fifth AMA
2019-03-22 05:13
2019-03-22 05:25
I actually think JUGi might be able to rediscover his old form and play really well under golden. golden’s system always seems to make players much better and I feel like he could bring the best out of JUGi with some time. Glad k0nfig is no longer in the picture, I feel like he would’ve completely ruined the chemistry in the team and I personally would much prefer to have kio anyway.
2019-03-22 05:15
North America SLGam1ng 
Kio jugi
2019-03-22 05:22
North America SLGam1ng 
Most likely jugi
2019-03-22 05:21
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