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African Union DRAGONBALLZ 
I was at a party, and I was talking to a friend of a friend. He struck me as your average, 20-something, somewhat socially awkward, nerd (without any impressive intelligence). And this fucker would not shut up about eSports! He went on and on about how popular it is, and how it’s going to be the next big thing in America. He cited a bunch statistics, all of which seemed dubious to me. I’ll admit, I was just annoyed by the guy (and I had been drinking), so I thought it would be fun to argue with him. I raised a number of objections that he didn’t have any counters to. (He just kept calling old, which hurt my feelings! I’m in my 30s….) Admittedly, however, I don’t know anything about eSports. But here’s what strikes me as problematic: First, in sports like boxing (and, to a lesser degree, football), you don’t have to actually participate in the sport to appreciate it. Everyone can see and understand when someone is punched in the face or makes an amazing catch. Compare that to something like BJJ. In order to appreciate BJJ, you really have to practice it. Most people have no idea what’s happening when they watch a BJJ match, and they're bored. And so, the popularity of BJJ is limited to the number of people who practice it. eSports seems like BJJx10. I tried to watch a League of Legends match (or game, or whatever the fuck). I had no idea what was happening. It seemed ridiculous. Second, technology advances at an amazing rate. Won’t the video games they play 20 years from now be extremely different from what they’re playing now? This is a problem even the NFL faces, that the technology changes the game, and consequently some fans lose interest. It’s no longer the game they remember. This strikes as a potentially huge limitation to the popularity of eSports. Kids 20 years from now will not be playing anything like the game their parents played, will they? Third, the guy kept citing stats that compared “eSports” to individual actual sports, like the NBA, or the NHL. So, he’d claim that eSports is more popular than the NBA. And eSports is more popular than the NHL. But, isn’t this misleading? Doesn’t the term “eSports” comprise many different video games? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to compare “eSports” to “Sports”? Or compare the popularity of individual eSports (like League of Legends) to individual sports (like baseball)? Finally, eSports are clearly fucking gay. In actual sports, people are demonstrating actual physical excellence. In eSports, people are pretending to demonstrate actual physical excellence. This was the funniest part of my argument with this nerd. He tried to shame me by implying that I had some outdated ideas about the importance of physical strength and masculinity. So, I asked him whether the character he played in these video games looked like a skinny little bitch, or was he a muscular man. Of course, his avatar is was a muscular man. These eSports are just people pretending to be physically awesome. It’s an imitation of real sports. There's no actual danger, no risk, and no actual physical awesomeness being displayed. Surely, at some point, people will realize this... right? Anyway, thoughts? Am I totally wrong here? Are there going to be a bunch of fucking eSports bars popping up all over town soon?
2019-03-22 20:03
God | 
Poland henlo 
2019-03-22 20:04
'i are gay lol, you are agree mens?' i are think yes 😎
2019-03-22 20:22
2019-03-22 20:07
Most of this are only opinions.
2019-03-22 20:11
Europe NiQa 
2019-03-22 20:17
Finland GuerillaCheese 
This is why eSports will never hit the general public as hard as for instance soccer. the way you kids are spamming this chat is just ruining the whole experience for a grown man. Seriously. Grow up.
2019-03-22 20:13
Why should we care about a nerd's retarded arguments ? I don't get why is that a big deal, but I will still respond. He definitely overhyped the thing and showed a clear bias - like all nerds, he has to defend his thing to avoid looking miserable. However your own thinking of eSports being an only imitation is too simplistic. Tons of sport already involve no physical strenght or few risks, like Poker, Chess or Golf. If these are officially recognized, then eSports should be as well.
2019-03-22 20:16
Netherlands WitnessMe 
Good read but it's just an uninformed opinion. Although there's a valid statement that esports shouldn't be compared to the NBA or NHL, but rather to sports in general.
2019-03-22 20:17
Brazil IwillHelpYou2 
If we at least could back to pratice just in lan houses like at 90s. Really, the social part was amazing, and we just lost this, staying in home. I don't think its a health thing to do.
2019-03-22 20:19
Netherlands WitnessMe 
I'm very social without going to lan houses. I've met and play a lot of times with people from all over the world and my own country, people I would've never met otherwise. I don't need or want to leave my house to go do the same thing elsewhere. The comfort of my home is great, why would I leave?
2019-03-22 20:22
Brazil IwillHelpYou2 
I just never could make the same connection I can do in personal, for example when I goes and rock climbing. If one day you had the opportunit, call some of those best guys you found to a lan party, beer and play. Would be fun. (sorry for englando, working hard here, just writing without thinking too much)
2019-03-22 20:33
Netherlands WitnessMe 
I can agree that its a different connection for sure. Ofcourse virtual vs real-life is way different. I like both of them though :) GL HF @work brotherman
2019-03-22 22:00
United Arab Emirates R4SH4SH 
2019-03-25 22:47
Brazil IwillHelpYou2 
masturbation is praticed everyday by 95% of males and it is not a sport. SO, computer video games and hentai will never be a sport. Simple like that. Face it suckers.
2019-03-22 20:17
spelling it ' eSports' is an automatic 0/8 wont read
2019-03-22 20:21
i read only if there will be many bars-pubs in my city there are already 5 of those.
2019-03-22 20:22
Uruguay zero`SAMA 
2019-03-22 20:22
computer games isnt a sport, neither is poker
2019-03-22 20:35
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