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Algeria Nabil1337 
volvo please add this legendary oldschool maps
2019-03-22 21:05
Europe pencilvester 
Ok we add on next update yes?
2019-03-22 21:06
2019-03-22 21:13
thank u men)))))
2019-03-22 21:14
Liazz | 
Faroe Islands 200iqGuy 
2019-03-22 21:07
2019-03-22 21:25
Russia hEida 
i was a nice B site defender on it in CSS :(
2019-03-22 21:26
2019-03-22 21:49
They can't, they don't own the map.
2019-03-22 21:07
OFC they can they can just spend some money to get the rights but they are fags
2019-03-22 21:08
I dont think Valve is to blame here, I think it's the map-owner that is asking for a ridiculous amount of money for a single map.
2019-03-22 21:10
they can create a new similar map with a different name?
2019-03-22 21:12
I don't know, I don't really know anything about copyright-laws and such.
2019-03-22 21:14
autist | 
CIS bjornzz 
I didn't know you could copyright a map wtf
2019-03-22 21:22
As I said I don't really know anything about copyrighting but obviously if you create some kind of content like music or games, you own the right to those things, as the creator of them. Maps in online-games are content.
2019-03-22 21:25
well why can't you not copyright your own work?
2019-03-22 21:25
Tuscan belongs to it's creator Colin ''brute'' Volrath, not Valve.
2019-03-22 21:31
autist | 
CIS bjornzz Actually, it seems that valve just isn't interested in this map
2019-03-22 21:50
Yea I saw that tweet as well but a few years ago or so, rumours circulated that Brute was asking for too much money and that's why Valve sort of ''gave up'' on trying to buy the map. But of course, I don't know if there is any truth to those rumours. Apparently neither Brute nor Valve want to reveal the pricetag of Tuscan.
2019-03-22 21:55
I will never understand why these maps is not in the pool they were by far the most fun maps to play on during 1.6 days
2019-03-22 21:07
Sweden swediztann3 
best pool map in 1.6 was fy_pool_day
2019-03-22 21:19
not a real map
2019-03-22 21:20
+de_aztec too, that might happen like it happened with vertigo, aztec next guys get prepared.
2019-03-22 21:11
Been hoping for an aztec remake for some time
2019-03-22 21:18
You do know de_aztec was in CS GO for really long?
2019-03-22 21:21
Yeah, and vertigo was too, not in competittive, but it was. It will come back.
2019-03-22 21:48
and use 2 molly to fire whole bs xD
2019-03-22 21:11
2019-03-22 21:15
Sweden Trkmag 
2019-03-22 21:20
tuscan more like thrashcan lul
2019-03-22 21:50
Algeria Zawwy 
2019-03-22 21:50
2019-03-22 21:54
Would be nice de_militia, to replace cs_militia.
2019-04-24 00:31
s1mple | 
Europe SQXZAF 
just make ur tuscan version and give them it for free
2019-04-24 00:32
Brazil Raco_br 
Aztec would be legendary
2019-04-24 00:52
Tuscan and Aztec pls omg
2019-04-24 02:13
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