2019-03-22 22:02
completely sick move
2019-03-22 22:03
Slovenia New_username 
why tho
2019-03-22 22:05
Looks like +Msl +Niko is happening on optic so rogue is dropping out of csgo
2019-03-22 22:06
fak i remember how he was one of the young and talented players like twizt but idk why noone invited him in good team ;/ edit: he still young :D i though he's like 23-25 yo
2019-03-22 22:06
Sick was Sick in Misfits. Haven't really seen him after that though
2019-03-22 22:06
DaZeD | 
Norway NoregNik 
Yeah true. He was nice when playing for Misfits but after that, he disappeared
2019-03-22 22:16
He was sick, this is a nice move by both.
2019-03-22 22:07
Denmark lulgod 
Rip rogue. Super good for complexity though
2019-03-22 22:12
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