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Ghost wtf?
Europe Men))) 
They dont play tier1 tournaments in 2019. Lose to trash like Denial. And they still in top17. Wtf
2019-03-22 21:59
Belgium Hyyska 
steel is a bot, has always been and will always be
2019-03-22 22:01
2019-03-22 22:04
2019-03-22 22:06
World Notb8ing 
they played ibp with liquid, astralis, faze....
2019-03-22 22:01
They're still trying to figure out their roster, they recently played without Steel if you didn't know so I dont know how much practice they have had with him. There might be some communication-problems right now within the team since it looked like Ghost was/is thinking about dropping Steel for someone that can play in majors.
2019-03-22 22:03
Twistzz | 
Bulgaria Cloudyx 
And thats because some shitty skins.. VALVE WAKE UP
2019-03-22 22:05
+1 why they are still there?
2019-03-22 22:04
>Shit teams >Denial Nt swahili hater
2019-03-22 22:07
United States Mal14 
Steel probably just got 10 more dragon lores
2019-03-22 22:14
Steel needed money
2019-03-22 22:15
freak needs to go and they need to pick up vice
2019-03-22 22:15
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