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Allu disillusioned
Brazil ProdigioGG 
is going to be easily destroyed by astralis, we all know, except you that think ENCE can do anything about a team like astralis.
2019-03-23 00:40
the meme sometimes create 1% of reality, this is only for ensure that this dont will happen
2019-03-23 00:42
Iceland fatboislim 
2019-03-23 00:53
Yeah you are right. But why even attend a tournament if you don’t think you can win.
2019-03-23 00:42
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
because you get money
2019-03-23 00:42
Players like allu are not really in it for the money. He for example went to ence in 2016 when he had offers from teams like c9.
2019-03-23 00:43
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
after ence he went to Faze and Optic, he is definitely in it for the money
2019-03-23 00:45
At least faze was a good team :D cant say that about optic tho
2019-03-23 00:46
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
that optic was so random
2019-03-23 00:47
I mean it would have been an understandable lineup if it was some orgless mix lineup but optic? I really don’t understand.
2019-03-23 00:57
Allu 1 major and silver shit. :D
2019-03-23 01:09
Did u actually get offended by my nick?
2019-03-23 01:10
No, I love Finland, but I have a problem with the fanatism of fans, not only ENCE fans.
2019-03-23 01:15
I have to admit that.
2019-03-23 01:18
And ENCE is a good team, all the respect for the team, but the forum is to toxic after the Major with ENCE fanatics. But I hope they beat Astralis. Go ENCE!
2019-03-23 01:20
Looks quite good so far on blast. Have to take faze, navi and mibr poor form into account though.
2019-03-23 01:24
They play very well, this new year shows us great names that have problems (FAZE, MiBR, NAVI, Cloud9, Fanatik), and young teams with good performances (ENCE, AVANGAR and Vitality).
2019-03-23 01:30
there's some shit about playing against astralis, always you have the hope that your team can shine and beat closely astralis, but they simple go play and lose easily
2019-03-23 00:47
At least ence plays better against astralis than mibr against ence.
2019-03-23 00:51
agreed, but i dont say this usually. Want to see mibr vs ence again although that team be a joke
2019-03-23 01:04
I would really like to see mibr in their previous sk/lg form
2019-03-23 01:09
mibr were losin 11-1 at this point
2019-03-23 01:05
Finland kommunisti 
Well ence number 2 team at the moment
2019-03-23 01:10
Maybe theyll be like #3 in ranking but more realistically #5 for now Edit: or maybe not considering how shitty many top teams are now
2019-03-23 01:19
game is not over yet
2019-03-23 01:20
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