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Germany coldzera1337 
That was one of the absolute weirdest games. Faze played a horrible game and should‘ve lost like 16:3 and they would have against any solid team, but this was next level choking by MIBR. I can‘t even explain how they lost all of these rounds. They lost: CT pistol. How on earth? T side second round. Against a single HE. 5 vs. 4 after plant. 5 vs. 4 by solo pushes. Against Guardian By missing a hut molotov.
2019-03-23 01:33
China lxxl 
You just answered your own question on why they lost. It's because they are MIBR..
2019-03-23 01:34
Germany coldzera1337 
Yeah sad but true. I thought zews could change things, but it seems like they forgot how to play counter strike.
2019-03-23 01:36
It's the normal path, people will have their peak, then they will fall, and that's how life works.
2019-03-23 01:40
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
Don't expect mibr to win anything now. They're not hungry for wins bcs they already have trophies from SK. They just want money now and to sell their merch. You ever see dev1ce, NiKo, s1mple, guardian, olof, etc selling merch? No. You see fallen doing it, coldzera doing it
2019-03-23 01:38
lol doing a thread trying to find excuses just because you cant accept this team actually sucks, expected from SKcuse fan
2019-03-23 01:39
Germany coldzera1337 
I pretty much said they suck.
2019-03-23 01:39
2019-03-23 01:40
Finland Smoonah 
expecting faze and miburrrrrr to play good haha
2019-03-23 02:16
mibr shaking. too much media. they must be making a ton of money and p*ss* , no time for CS.
2019-03-23 02:20
Brazil blankenstein 
Eco round against MIBR? You win. Force buy against MIBR? You win. You are in player disadvantage against MIBR? You win. 4 vs 1 and you are the only terrorist - without the bomb - against MIBR? You win.
2019-03-23 02:24
they lost because their aim is shit besides coldzera and their strats are completely washed up.
2019-03-23 02:29
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