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look at this guys reply "We can't win all the time, but lose we apparently can" ROFL, that's some genius shit, seriously
2019-03-23 02:10
China lxxl 
? a
2019-03-23 02:11
''The urge to laugh is big, but the urge to cry is bigger"
2019-03-23 02:14
dafuq is that video lmao
2019-03-23 02:14
''Eu sou um merda mermão"
2019-03-23 02:15
This is pure gold, "só a luz, e o ar, e nada, um ambiente ideal pra fazer fotossíntese... E a vontade de chorar é inevitável" KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK WTF
2019-03-23 02:16
Ikr Im fuckin cryin kkKKKKKkKKKKKKKKKKK
2019-03-23 02:16
This is so sad
2019-03-23 02:16
I know men BR have a culture just for sad memes
2019-03-23 02:17
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