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I used to live in LA (3 years) Now once I leave there is Esports events Wtf, organize something in Delhi plz
2019-03-23 03:56
Belgium 69Savage 
yeah what the h e c c !
2019-03-23 05:06
Nt forsaken
2019-03-23 05:09
NiKo | 
India Epsi2K 
Esports events in MUMBAI dude Delhi me garmi hai marenge log 45 C me summers me xD
2019-03-23 05:10
Panama cyain2029 
This is an international site, please write your comment in English. Comments in another language will be deleted.
2019-03-23 05:15
NiKo | 
India Epsi2K 
OK sorry 1st line is in English 2nd line says : People will die of 45C heat in Delhi in summers Dont delete it ADMINS XD
2019-03-23 05:17
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