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United States 14_yr_old_friendly_user 
Hello there. I thought it would be a good idea if we could all share some of the things we are insecure about. I’ll go first: 1. My weight (I’m not overweight but I don’t know why I’m so insecure about it, I’m pretty average for weight) 2. Glasses 3. I want to join the military 4. Looks in general 5. Facial hair
2019-03-23 04:26
14y.o or b8? fucking 5 min delay. upd: You are only 14, just dont give a fuck about anything from your list. In my opinion you should care about it only when you fully grow up (17-18 y.o). When you grow up you will not have these complexes trust me.
2019-03-23 04:30
I am 14.
2019-03-23 04:27
0/8 LUL
2019-03-23 13:09
United States MitchJones 
He really is.
2019-03-23 13:14
nt mitch jones but 0/8
2019-03-23 13:14
I just fired a Mitch Jones because of this shit. Dont even care if its you or not :D
2019-03-25 19:46
Okay thanks for the advice :)
2019-03-23 04:32
Namibia BrownBoy 
My penis
2019-03-23 04:28
Well thanks for at least being honest.
2019-03-23 04:29
Brazil Mentecapto 
2019-03-23 04:50
why? size, shape, what?
2019-03-23 13:23
3maaaDD | 
Ethiopia 3maaaDD 
My BBC becoming to big
2019-03-23 04:30
I thought that BBC was only in USA? Didn’t know they had it in other countries. And you own it as well?
2019-03-23 04:31
3maaaDD | 
Ethiopia 3maaaDD 
Ofcourse Congo has the biggest btw
2019-03-23 04:35
Pretty cool that BBC broadcasts in different countries. Thanks for the information.
2019-03-23 04:36
2019-03-23 13:12
Indonesia EvilPolish 
if you are 14, you should care about your education the most
2019-03-23 04:36
Well I’m not really insecure about that and I do care about it. But thanks for caring.
2019-03-23 04:37
Indonesia resolut 
just forget about them 4Head
2019-03-23 05:45
autimatic | 
United States nohj 
im 15, Im insecure when it comes to girls.
2019-03-23 04:47
For me girls are not a big deal. I just do whatever I normally would. How about you?
2019-03-23 04:49
autimatic | 
United States nohj 
I just get really nervous when I am around someone who I like/find attractive.
2019-03-23 04:50
Oh I see. I use to experience this. Just be direct and it’ll work itself out.
2019-03-23 05:37
s1mple | 
Bulgaria Frict 
don't worry, it will get a lot better with the time. just make sure you look good (nice haircut, well styled hair, good looking clothes) which will make you feel better about yourself and improve your overall confidence
2019-03-25 14:58
visit for an honest rating and suggestions thank me later
2019-03-25 15:00
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
Job :(
2019-03-23 05:46
Oh sorry to hear. What do you do and what happened?
2019-03-23 05:49
fer | 
Brazil leguiza 
my ears and acne'd face
2019-03-23 05:55
Can somewhat relate. My advice, make sure you’re hydrated.
2019-03-23 06:23
fer | 
Brazil leguiza 
Thanks bro. I really meant it.
2019-03-23 13:00
2019-03-25 20:28
2019-03-23 13:02
My rap career not going well :(
2019-03-23 13:10
kuku bra habibi
2019-03-23 13:13
mashallah habibi
2019-03-23 13:14
theres nothing to be worried about
2019-03-23 13:11
Browsing hltv
2019-03-23 13:15
Germany zeolikk 
I'm not rly insecure, only thing I can think about is weight as well, even though I'm quite normal (178cm, 79kg)
2019-03-23 13:16
2019-03-23 13:22
Germany zeolikk 
2019-03-23 13:22
Golden | 
Sweden Hauta 
178cm + 79kg normal? I’m 175cm 67kg.
2019-03-25 14:52
depends on your age but these days 180cm is average height in much of Europe
2019-03-25 15:01
Germany zeolikk 
normal weight is 20-25 bmi I have around 24.9 BMI you have 21.9 BMI so wdym
2019-03-25 15:19
Petra | 
Netherlands taorus 
american flag = burgerland. weight control, stop eating burgers and stop drinking cola rest is irrelavent..
2019-03-23 13:18
how is glasses a insecurity? there are so many cool sexy glasses nowadays back in the days i can understand when u just had to wear shitty fkin harry potter glasses. but now u have so cool glasses.
2019-03-23 13:19
+1 glasses are cool
2019-03-23 13:23
you know even harry potter glasses can look cool nowadays
2019-03-23 13:30
Glasses can make you look great!
2019-03-25 14:49
height probably cos im too short for my country (184-185cm)
2019-03-23 13:28
Indonesia EvilPolish 
in my country, you are probably considered a basketball player for that height.
2019-03-25 06:54
Europe Quinxxx 
You are not considered short in your country lmao
2019-03-25 14:45
most of my friends are 190+ so ...
2019-03-25 14:51
you are still above average even for Denmark, also it's all about face anyways
2019-03-25 15:02
most of the young guys are 190+
2019-03-25 19:19
2019-03-25 21:27
Facial hair Posture How neat my handwriting is Heavy breathing Trying to be as normal as possible in public Hair style Walking noise, like steps etc. Walking posture How relaxed I look, like just the right amount.
2019-03-25 14:43
Denmark how_much_ 
what the fuck men
2019-03-25 14:45
I'm not even trolling dude, that list is like a daily occurrence of what I think occasionally throughout my day. I'd say my shits pretty fucked.
2019-03-26 05:49
my baiting skills :(
2019-03-25 14:53
s1mple | 
Estonia L0CC 
my 14cm friend
2019-03-25 14:56
Hair Posture Acne My social activity (I'm quite comfy w/ girls though) Sitting and walking posture
2019-03-25 15:03
>I was born with dislocated legs and although I can walk my feet face inwards slightly so sometimes I'll trip over myself >Bouts of psychosis which makes me very violent and sometimes suicidal >Lack of empathy so I struggle to care about things and others >Have to be smoking constantly as I often don't know what to do with my hands and feel uncomfortable >I always say weird/awkward shit to people when they try speaking to me on drugs >I don't like talking to people; especially ones I don't know or try and force me into continuing conversations
2019-03-25 15:27
My hair, beard, mouth, lips, eyes, nose, and my personality
2019-03-25 19:23
height. (1.75cm is too short)
2019-03-25 19:26
Ouff my social anxiety and panic anxiety is fucking brutal. I can't relax and be myself around people. I know in my thoughts how i would act if i was myself bcs i remember how i was when i was young but most of the time i just act protective, cold, and non interactive towards people, bcs i dont want to show my anxiety. Or i get really nervous and my heart starts beating soo fast when i talk to someone where there is a lot of people. I used to be "popular" and social, had pretty girlfriends and played a lot of sports when i was younger but unfortunate things happened and i started to isolate myself from the world and my friends for many years, and now they have all moved on. Now im struggling to find friends and shit i only have a social life at work but i feel very lonely. I wanna get back to my old self but i find it hard to do it alone. I think i need professional help.
2019-03-25 19:44
I hope things get better for you man
2019-03-25 20:26
thx man
2019-03-25 21:11
Pimp | 
Brazil kaiknux 
1. My REACT knowledge 2. My monthly income 3. Hability to speak english to crowd
2019-03-25 19:48
What is REACT knowledge?
2019-03-26 05:51
United States Jkhes 
when you're a teenager you may be plagued with constant anxiety. Avoid drugs, prescription or otherwise until you're in your 20's. Being in HS sucks for some people but you grow out of it when your brain matures. I used to have "social anxiety" in HS and my doctor wanted to put me on some SSRI med bs for it but I just waited until college and now I have none of my past insecurities. As far as your looks go, just eat healthy and stay active and stop worrying about it. When you become an adult you will look totally different anyway.
2019-03-26 05:58
Philippines laiff 
weight height talking with cute girls how my face and hair look trying to not be weird
2019-03-26 06:01
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