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Liquid vs mibr final
India 4_10year_ip_bans 
After today's performance I think liquid can finally be the team to beat astralis ,but need some more time to adjust stewie On the other hand mibr is getting trash day by day from SEMIS in major to this 0-2 Liquid vs mibr final is never going to happen sorry brazillians
2019-03-23 05:42
Mibr disband soon
2019-03-23 05:43
mibr disband
2019-03-23 05:44
Yeah Liquid vs MIBR finals isn't happening because it's going to be Astralis vs MIBR
2019-03-23 05:45
Mibr garbage 0-5 again
2019-03-23 05:46
United States gtmaniacmda 
astralis 16-0 mibr tomorrow I like how mibr is the only team to not be playing d2 against astralis, I think they were traumatized
2019-03-23 05:47
Brazil cavalcantedavi 
They are really confident on Overpass
2019-03-23 05:54
But they lost windigo my friend
2019-03-23 06:10
Ironic mode
2019-03-23 21:08
Mibr seriously looking trash
2019-03-23 06:03
autimatic | 
United States nohj 
mibr disband
2019-03-23 06:09
It will be Mibr vs Faze obviously
2019-03-23 06:22
For the last place matchup for sure
2019-03-23 06:29
Belarus deathrize 
2019-03-23 06:26
Cambodia afk47 
fuck offeu
2019-03-23 06:43
2019-03-23 06:45
method | 
United States f0xes` 
MIBR is new NiP. Same players trying to relive past glory while all of their individual games deteriorate.
2019-03-23 06:58
I think they're more like the Fnatic of 2017. Eventually the "olof" of that team (coldzera) is gonna leave and join faze or some other NA team, and then the rest of the BR scene is gonna die, just like what happened with Swedish cs
2019-03-23 07:00
Coldzera should leave this trash team and should join faze
2019-03-23 07:10
United States flyflit 
I still feel like the players of mibr could still be good. Maybe this team has just run its course? It seems like maybe they lost confidence in each other. I've felt that way since the moment they tried coldzera as their IGL over fallen when stewie first joined the team.
2019-03-23 07:35
Now that you said this I totally see this
2019-03-23 07:21
Why the fk do you think liquid can beat astralis in a bo5?
2019-03-23 07:25
They played near to perfect in dust 2,and they also play nuke ,they can surely beat them after some bootcamps
2019-03-23 07:38
They won both pistols And if they play nuke, why would they ban it first against astralis? 🤔
2019-03-23 07:40
At this moment liquid is the only team which can break astralis nuke strats or the inferno ones,and hence avoid giving 1-0 free to astralis .all the other teams will surely loose on either nuke or inferno
2019-03-23 07:44
Maybe yes, but i dont think liquid will end astralis winning streak
2019-03-23 08:00
mibr disband and back to the trash
2019-03-23 07:27
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