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Brazil PierreLouisCostes 
2 Blasts 0 maps wtf? MiBR at blasts 0-10?????? Shame
2019-03-23 19:14
Brazil blankenstein 
What do you expect from a team that gets defeated by Windigo?
2019-03-23 19:37
+1 flag and flair doesnt checks out
2019-03-23 19:38
Brazil blankenstein 
I'm Brazilian and MIBR fan. Just being honest. You can't expect good things from a team that has no will to win. They had been given the oportunity of winning WESG by being the only top10 team and they managed to threw it away against Windigo.
2019-03-23 19:44
yes but not so many brazilians are able to be honest this way
2019-03-23 20:21
Brazil blankenstein 
Because most of us don't like to get mocked, we don't react well when people joke about us, yet we love to mock and joke about others.
2019-03-23 20:42
Thats a new level of understanding. 10000iq Indeed we love to joke and hate being mocked.
2019-03-23 20:46
Brazil blankenstein 
That is the truth, I speak for experience. I hated to get mocked, but I loved to joke on others defeat. Quite understandable why people hate brazilians so much.
2019-03-23 20:54
+1 i agree, looks like you are over this things, good for u))
2019-03-23 20:57
Brazil blankenstein 
People need to learn that, in the end, this is just a game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. When you win, you can mock and joke about it, that is ok. But you cannot be toxic when you lose and people mock you too, otherwise people will never respect you. I, for sure, learned my lesson.
2019-03-23 21:02
We have (had) good expectations about mibr. It’s not a bad lineup at all. But they are proving over time that it may be wrong. They can still be a top 3 but we are losing faith as the time pass by and we don’t see any improvement. They played like shit, there may be a lot of excuses/explanations but it doesn’t matter if you don’t bring wins and good results. I still have some hope that they will perform better someday soon but my hope is being deplenished. But still they have to be respected for their history and ppl on here seems to fail on that.
2019-03-23 21:04
Yeahh xdd
2019-03-23 19:39
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
What's wrong with getting beat by Windigo? They won WESG, just qualified for DH Masters in Dallas, overall playing super solid CS right now. Can see them beating pretty much any team outside of the top5 if they keep this form up.
2019-03-23 20:53
Brazil blankenstein 
I am not saying Windigo is not a good team, neither I am trying to debunk them. I am saying that MIBR had the idea that the tournament was already won, just because Windigo is not a famous or top10 roster.
2019-03-23 20:58
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
Oh yeah, I totally agree with that last statement. It seems like they weren't taking WESG seriously for a second year in a row, which ended up biting them in the ass (surprise!) yet again. Underrating an opponent or not preparing properly for an opponent is the biggest mistake a team can do, imho. And now they go 0-5 in Blast for a second time after Copenhagen last year. People were speaking they were the team that will challenge Astralis this year, but right now, I'm not even sure if they can challenge themselves in the first place... To be completely honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Furia ends up being the best BR team very soon, considering the pace with which they are improving atm. Tons of talent on that team, too.
2019-03-23 21:11
Brazil blankenstein 
+1 MIBR is completely lost. They had an good start at the major, since it was their first tournament now they're back to a brazilian roster, but it's been downhill from there. I don't think they will continue this slump, maybe they'll sit down, practice and improve - I hope at least - but they need to start taking things seriously. That's exactly what you said: they underrated Windigo and all other opponents in WESG. Hope they get back in track, because if they do that, they can be at least competitive against any other team, including Astralis.
2019-03-23 21:15
Despite they are cheating, like a lot pros do, nothing wrong.
2019-03-24 05:16
Brazil vitoBR 
0-5 US Brazilians are really discontented and disappointed
2019-03-23 20:22
We look ridicolous. 0-4 and the brazilians casters chilling ask to crowd say "mibr" omg
2019-03-23 20:47
But u won Blast in copenhagen right?
2019-03-23 20:56
India Noobdian1 
That was sk he said Mibr
2019-03-24 05:19
India Noobdian1 
2019-03-24 05:18
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