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stewie abusing smoke bugg
Germany kubat20120 sergej was in the corner he smoked and waited because the light behind the smoke would show if he crossed. he even called for a nade
2019-03-23 20:21
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
2019-03-23 20:22
well its true.
2019-03-23 20:23
There is absolutely no evidence for your claim.It is possible,but no evidence for it
2019-03-23 20:23
i mean it probably is true. because naf even killed sergej there after. because he knew that he still is there
2019-03-23 20:23
Did Stewie see Sergej hide himself in the corner? The clip doesn't show that as it start too late. If he did see sergej cross, then you've got a point
2019-03-23 20:25
he did, sergej killed 2 of liguid. stewie smoked that spot then. and waited for him to cross. he didnt cross. so he said it to naf
2019-03-23 20:26
That makes sense. I knew that this "bug" was in the game, but I have never gotten a chance to abuse it.
2019-03-23 20:28
yeah me too. but i wouldnt have expected to see this bug abused in events. pretty sad tbh. i guess players do everything to be "better"
2019-03-23 20:29
to be fair,we don't even know if it is a bug, there are several spots on different maps where it works. You can also see the blinking of the bomb earlier than you can see the t in a smoke. In the end, this is a pretty small thing, and situations like this are extremely rare
2019-03-23 20:32
yes. but pros should not abuse such bugs. and valve should have fixed this bug since 2017
2019-03-23 20:33
Sweden BenjaT 
2019-03-23 20:23
its stewie what u expect
2019-03-23 20:23
well. idk not abusing bugs?
2019-03-23 20:23
b4 he joined c9 he abused lesser teams just cuz he had better aim, in c9 he abused c9 owner so he would let him go in mibr he psychologically abused tarik so he joined him in mibr
2019-03-23 20:25
yeah idk. stewie is just weird
2019-03-23 20:27
fake real stewie would run through the smoke and kill the guy on the left and then 180° 2 guys on site
2019-03-23 20:30
lmao. well that stewie is dead since he joined mibr
2019-03-23 20:30
papa fallen killed the real stewie :(
2019-03-23 20:31
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