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CIS chlenixon 
I think they just cant land a deal with any decent player. They are probably in a desperate search but unable to make it. Sad.
2019-03-24 01:41
CIS chlenixon 
2019-03-25 18:57
Vodka | 
Germany JonaS24 
oskar is decent player actually
2019-03-25 18:59
CIS chlenixon 
4 players isnt enough
2019-03-25 19:02
CIS chlenixon 
gl HR
2019-03-25 19:56
fejtz was free long long time could kicked botfox and added him earlier
2019-03-25 19:03
CIS chlenixon 
They need something better than Fejtz if they want to reach a higher level. But they will probably not get anything better than the likes of fejtz.
2019-03-25 19:04
well fejtz really havent had any chance to prove himself so he would develope into tier 2 player sometime i think
2019-03-25 19:11
Hungary Skipper001 
HS nukkye zehN MODDII Zero (if he ever returns to CS) BnTeT ( could be possible if he wants a carrier that someone will remember for) hampus bodyy refrezh (if he gets cut from OpTic) Spent 5 minutes to look for possible players, it shouldn't be hard to find someone better than FejtZ lol. But i would -oskar +DeadFox (as main awper) cos oskar washed up and + Zero. ez HR 2016
2019-03-25 19:18
autist | 
CIS bjornzz 
they can sign me, i just topfragged in mge mm
2019-03-25 19:03
North America SLGam1ng 
flair is appropiate
2019-03-25 19:55
Ukraine minemax 
Yes, I think so. And Oscar will leave quite soon if they don't find anyone decent. Then Issaa will start thinking like "wtf am I doing here?".
2019-03-25 19:23
CIS chlenixon 
yup, road 2 flipsid3...
2019-03-25 19:53
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