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can't end a single videogame
f0rest | 
Italy morpheus0 
by the time i reach 1/4 or 1/2 of it i switch game and play another one anyone have the same issue?
2019-03-24 20:48
Finland zntei 
kind of, yeah its all about MOTI
2019-03-24 20:50
Asia MiloShapiro 
2019-03-24 20:50
2019-03-24 20:51
Asia MiloShapiro 
2019-03-24 20:54
2019-03-25 00:35
2019-03-25 00:43
2019-03-25 00:50
2019-03-25 01:05
2019-03-25 01:14
cus games can get boring af towards the end
2019-03-24 20:51
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Yes, just take some ritalin my mens
2019-03-24 20:51
i don't have adhd :\
2019-03-24 20:52
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Or do you...
2019-03-24 20:57
I watched lotr trilogy extended in 3 days
2019-03-24 21:02
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Point taken.
2019-03-24 21:05
Australia g00sey 
Ha what a noob. Watch it all in 1 day and come back to me
2019-03-24 21:27
i'm not ready yet to face that challenge, maybe one day..
2019-03-24 21:45
Europe crosst 
yeah singleplayer games are trash agree
2019-03-24 20:55
2019-03-24 21:30
you are correct
2019-03-25 00:44
play roguelikes
2019-03-24 20:57
I tried wizard of legend but I suck so hard lol
2019-03-24 21:20
after playing bunch of rougelikes and roguelites i got used to it, they tend to be stupidly hard but that's why they are fun imo. You can try playing Nuclear Throne, Enter The Gungeon, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth etc. I just bought wizard of legend like 2 days ago but haven't played it yet. Trailers and gameplay looked super cool, can't wait to die 1000 times until i finish it lul
2019-03-25 00:35
enter the gungeon hard as shit
2019-03-25 00:44
my first 20-30 hours were literally just headbutting the screen. Thanks for the hydration reminder btw edit: forgot to add Risk of Rain to the list above, it's great!
2019-03-25 00:59
100% the game in 170 deaths which is actually pretty good i hope the last update adds mod support
2019-03-25 01:05
There are already mods for ETG, they're just not on the workshop that's all. Official mod support would be nice. btw have you played Hollow Knight ? If not, i definitely recommend it, my favorite game of all time.
2019-03-25 01:11
Spain rmkx 
look it on the bright side, you probably aren't able to end your life either
2019-03-24 21:02
dunno about that
2019-03-24 21:20
Most of the story-based games have good start and ending but middle part is just made keep start and ending connected. If you get bored because you think game got boring, that's probably game's fault. But you switch even games with perfect story like GTA:SA, AC2 or Mafia; story based games are just not your type.
2019-03-24 21:03
I had no problems with good story games, new games coming out feel empty for me Maybe that's why
2019-03-24 21:19
AAA games are mostly empty, just made to generate money. Indie games are where it's at, so many passion projects in the genre. Not some bullshit franchise with 2 games coming out every year. It's kind of a long game but i recommend Hollow Knight, it's the best game i have ever played, and the sequel is announced! Everything is nearly perfect in that game, it's really cheap too you must try it.
2019-03-25 00:38
Croatia mds818 
2019-03-24 21:04
Brazil jeffsobrinho 
the thing is, you might like the "gaming world", but dont enjoy playing anymore. When you were younger, you didnt had that problem, right?
2019-03-24 21:06
yep, I thing I'm getting old... :(
2019-03-24 21:09
Brazil jeffsobrinho 
i guess the game for you would be one with a killing storie behind. The Last of Us for example. I have the same thing you do.
2019-03-24 21:11
I think you're right, but it'd hard to find a game like this which I haven't already played, very good games come out once in a blue moon ffs, I guess I should wait cyberpunk
2019-03-24 21:18
Brazil jeffsobrinho 
i would recomend divinity original sin - rpg and castlevania lords of shadow. great games and great stories. sometimes is just a phrase, either. you might be sick off games now, in a few months finishing one per week.
2019-03-24 21:23
i played both divinity games, dropped the first at 80% ish and the second at 50% i should really pick them up, i feel like a monster for dropping them lmao
2019-03-24 21:37
Brazil jeffsobrinho 
you should! have fun mate.
2019-03-24 21:55
thanks bro
2019-03-24 21:56
Call of Cthulhu
2019-03-24 21:31
i don't like scary games lol
2019-03-24 21:44
It's got a couple of scares, that's all. It's more suspense than anything else. Lots of dialogue. Beautiful atmosphere. Brilliant story. I can't recommend it enough.
2019-03-25 11:16
Brazil SK|trk 
I think exactly the same way. When i was younger, i used to play many games that i may not play nowadays.
2019-03-25 01:20
ropz | 
Finland Sandels 
i do the same,but few months later i try again and i get hooked instantly. Happened to me with Mass effect 1
2019-03-24 21:26
You played the second one yet?
2019-03-24 21:32
Yes, cuz games are boring
2019-03-24 21:56
dude i just realized, I only finished gta3
2019-03-24 22:00
Fed | 
United States FBI_Agent 
games are ez i have completed the following ones Mario Kart Crash Bandicooch Counter Strike Madden Fifa RuneScape
2019-03-25 00:46
Lekr0 | 
Peru firey_ 
2019-03-25 01:13
Fed | 
United States FBI_Agent 
actually 6/6
2019-03-25 01:25
Lekr0 | 
Peru firey_ 
how you can complete a game without history mode?
2019-03-25 01:35
Fed | 
United States FBI_Agent 
how can you idiot
2019-03-25 01:43
Lekr0 | 
Peru firey_ 
ok chill like i'm not a english native speaker.
2019-03-25 22:12
Yeah it happens, tough to get back to game after long time depending on game do ez no finish unless game is god tier xdd
2019-03-25 00:50
Lithuania arres 
that's because most single player games nowadays are so shitty that noone bothers to complete them.
2019-03-25 01:10
Brazil SK|trk 
Sometimes the game is... idk... boring, and it's hard to finish. The game that is worth finish is definitely, dying light.
2019-03-25 01:18
Zeus | 
Finland 0lter 
I mean why finish game that depressing. If you never finish game, then you could just play and continue any game If you finish all games you would have to replay and that boring
2019-03-25 22:14
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