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Trump Russia
Russia turbosaska 
I'm literally shaking... What is this? Why he says that Trump has no ties with Russia when we all already know that without massive Russian help Trump wouldn't ever win Hillary Clinton? I personally don't believe it, because I remember that many HLTV experts were saying that orange man has ties with Putin and will get impeachment soon. I had read many times that Trump is a Russian puppy in reputable media. Did CNN, TYT, Vox and NYT lie and made hasty conclusions without evidences? But it's just not possible. Lets hope that this time Bernie wins and imprisons Trump, I don't care for what, such sexist and racist just can't be out.
2019-03-25 07:12
Germany zeolikk 
2019-03-25 07:13
Sweden Zaser5 
2019-03-25 08:28
2019-03-25 07:14
i mean it
2019-03-25 07:36
Are you dumb
2019-03-25 07:15
whats your problem?
2019-03-25 07:38
80% of my family live in USA, all voted for Trump MAGA
2019-03-25 07:16
You have one good family. :)
2019-03-25 07:17
People like your family are minority, most of people voted for Hillary Clinton, and even more will vote for Bernie this time
2019-03-25 07:17
Minority? TRUMP WON. Thank you Electoral college, without it the west coast cities would choose who becomes president every year *yes i know youre baiting*
2019-03-25 07:23
I dont
2019-03-25 07:36
I personally disliked both trump and Clinton but I think its stupid that it's not popular vote. How you can win with less people voting for you is beyond me. Electoral college is stupid. It's essentially giving some peoples votes more power than others. Hardly an equal society
2019-03-25 08:07
Austria raicoon1337 
Maybe educate yourself about the electoral college
2019-03-25 08:21
All I know is that 3 million more people voted for Hillary than for Trump. In democratic countries that should mean that Hillary won not trump. As I said I dislike both of them I'm just saying in principle the American system is flawed
2019-03-25 08:24
Austria raicoon1337 
how can you say that its flawed when you dont know how it works?
2019-03-25 08:27
Sweden 1stWorldMuslim 
trump has won hillary clinton in bed EZ
2019-03-25 07:18
What do you mean? Hillary is a great women and would never cheat on Bill.
2019-03-25 07:20
who said anything about consent?
2019-03-25 07:30
Denmark Almoe 
+1 immigrant mentality
2019-03-25 07:35
ok, would expect it from him
2019-03-25 07:43
FYRR73 | 
Latvia Syecr 
XDXDXD not sure why, but that answer made me lol XD
2019-03-25 08:34
ok men😎)))))
2019-03-25 08:36
Aerial | 
Finland Palomies 
Are Americans in denial about choosing this guy as their president? Like, "there is no way we let this happen, there is something else in play"? Or is all this just part of a political game?
2019-03-25 07:19
Both I guess. There was a video where a CNN producer says that Trump-Russia narrative is just a bullshit, it was 2 years ago, but it didn't stop almost all media from spreading this conspiracy
2019-03-25 07:22
I think too many were complacent and didnt vote. Especially in the morning Hillary was leading the vote by quite a bit so that probably made some Hillary supporters think I dont need to go queue up and encouraged trump supporters to actually go out and vote.
2019-03-25 08:08
Austria raicoon1337 
Libtard spotted
2019-03-25 07:22
Yes I am, whats your problem?
2019-03-25 07:29
Austria raicoon1337 
2019-03-25 07:31
Netherlands WitnessMe 
Haha sick bait 7,5/8 almost believed u were for real
2019-03-25 07:31
2019-03-25 07:32
Literally shaking
2019-03-25 07:34
Europe tweekzter 
Nah, they would never ever do that. They are the good guys.
2019-03-25 07:48
Russia fan_of_n0rth 
xD In Africa, which appeared normal the Internet?
2019-03-25 08:10
xD In Africa, which appeared normal the Internet?
2019-03-25 08:30
trump and putin are 2 jews
2019-03-25 08:30
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