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Yugoslavia pkr11 
-TOAO So who ll be playing instead of him
2019-03-25 13:08
gruby or furlan i think
2019-03-25 13:09
Poland H!elo 
Sobol. Learn to read mongol
2019-03-25 13:09
from where not on hltv article
2019-03-25 13:12
Poland H!elo 
Learn 2 Read v2
2019-03-25 13:13
stop calling someone whos not smart 'mongol', its kinda racist
2019-03-25 13:18
Poland H!elo 
Sorry mr mongol
2019-03-25 13:27
2019-03-25 14:02
2019-03-25 14:09
Yugoslavia pkr11 
Mongol as they said sobol is on fucking trail
2019-03-25 17:06
Poland Blindilek 
Sobol :)
2019-03-25 13:10
Estonia skaad1337 
furlan or szpero
2019-03-25 13:11
Sobol for trial and Snax IGL
2019-03-25 13:11
Can they like just go for some players The only player worth keeping on is MICHU right now, literally just TaZ rallen MICHU Work a team around these guys, TaZ being the best Polish IGL still hands-down, Allen being a great player on both AWP and Rifle, and MICHU being a strong rifle. Build around these 3 strengths and you can create a good polish team.
2019-03-25 13:16
Poland dreamShow 
"The only player worth keeping on is MICHU right now, literally just" Michu Snatchie
2019-03-25 13:25
Well Snatchie could be worth keeping, I think putting rallen on AWP when needed is better but TaZ could probably get really good use out of Snatchie. It depends on the kind of team you want to build.
2019-03-25 13:36
Poland dreamShow 
Idk if you should remove snatchie to let rallen awp if needed. Snatchie can win a lost round just by himself, this guy is just amazing and im sure he has the materials to be in almost any top10 team as an awper. Still if you would like to kick him and let rallen be the rifle+awp then i doubt you find enough players to play in that team. taz, rallen, michu? mouz furlan/gruby?
2019-03-25 13:51
oskar | 
Czech Republic grabasz 
Why would Taz step down from the best Polish team just to join some random mix?
2019-03-25 13:29
Organization with money who he has experience with and who would probably listen a bit more if he'd want something now.
2019-03-25 13:37
oskar | 
Czech Republic grabasz 
Taz is now half-owning Devils, so there is no point of him leaving. He has a chance to create his own legacy - basically to become the next Oxcelote
2019-03-25 13:38
They need good IGL
2019-03-25 13:20
Sobol u BLIND?
2019-03-25 13:27
"Janusz «Snax» Pogorzelski will step-up as in-game leader." oh no, not again
2019-03-25 13:39
Yugoslavia pkr11 
Polish scene doesnt have good igls
2019-03-25 17:08
My new dream team. Pasza,NEO.innocent.TOAO. Reatz or Tudson. Coach destru
2019-03-25 13:39
Top 10 easily IN POLAND
2019-03-25 14:03
mir | 
Ukraine v1adyb0y 
Polish cs dead.
2019-03-25 13:52
Sobol probably guys
2019-03-25 13:54
PAPITO will come out of retirement :DDD
2019-03-25 13:55
Good move from VP Toao was underperforming 0.81 in last 3 monts is wayyy to low 0.95 would be ok for igl meanwhile Sobol seems to be upcoming polish star really good and smart player.
2019-03-25 13:58
Okay, so if it was igl fault then snax will be kicked next? Can't wait to see that <3
2019-03-25 17:09
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