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Chick Fil A
United Kingdom niggatwerk 
So ik like 5 people who are boycotting chick fil a cuz they were donating to christian organizations. like ffs i personally don’t have anything against gays but you guys are overreacting. oh well, I guess the lines gonna be shorter
2019-03-25 17:51
Wish I was living in AMERICA
2019-03-25 17:57
fnx | 
Sweden Blueface 
You mean 'wish I was died in school shootin''?
2019-03-25 17:58
No, wish I could try chick fill a. Positive attitude vs negative attitude.
2019-03-25 17:59
Chick Fil A is amazing my man😎
2019-03-25 17:59
I will try it when I visit 😎😎
2019-03-25 18:01
You will love it, I recommend the Chick-Fil-A Nuggets and/or the chicken sandwich.
2019-03-25 18:08
shox | 
India prat_pps 
The United states is probably the best country you ever live I'm with respect to its laws freedom and basic accessibility. Although where I live in UAE is the safest city there are still major gripes and compromises you'd face with the laws (part of the reason it's super safe)
2019-03-25 19:07
United States Howler4695 
Make sure you don't go there on a Sunday, or you'll be sorely disappointed.
2019-03-25 19:23
2019-03-25 20:29
United States Howler4695 
They dont operate on Sundays. Owners dying wish.
2019-03-26 12:01
Makes sense. Day of rest and worship and all that. Hah.
2019-03-26 19:52
that's funny, considering chick fil a is the fastest growing "fast food" chain in America, and I believe is second in the nation only to McDonald's Also, every time I go to a store, the lines are insane. 20+ cars in drive thru at all times, 20+ people waiting in line inside, full lobby, etc... they know what they're doing men)))😎
2019-03-25 18:01
Christians strong mennn
2019-03-25 18:04
+1 men😎 God gives us bounty😎
2019-03-25 18:05
I do not subscribe to deities but I support traditional values my man 😎
2019-03-25 18:07
hell yes mens 😎 traditional = normal to go against tradition is to go against our nature 😎
2019-03-25 18:07
+1 eating pussy>eating ass 😡
2019-03-25 18:20
Netherlands installwizard 
i prefer eating ass while i stick my nose in the pussy. is this considered traditional or what
2019-03-25 21:32
United Kingdom niggatwerk 
2019-03-25 18:13
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
Gained all my respect, I hope one day I'll see one Chick-fil-A restaurant in Ukraine(highly unlikely, but it doesn't seem like they're planning to open any in Europe), seems like it's better than those boring McDonalds and KFC we already have.
2019-03-25 18:04
have you tried ninja sushi my friend
2019-03-25 18:14
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
I don't like sushi, but anyway Ninja Sushi operates only in Kyiv and Dnipro. I know they have high ratings and kinda the status of the best 'premium' sushi delivery, but I'd prefer classic fast-food any day.
2019-03-25 18:18
do ukrainians like sushi in general ? you also don't eat as much fish as russians right ?
2019-03-25 18:24
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
All people I know do like sushi a lot. But still If you compare average sushi restaurants and fast-food like KFC or McDonalds there will be 100x more people in the Mc or KFC. A good burger with a large portion of chicken nuggets > sushi 😎
2019-03-25 18:28
2019-03-25 18:08
They are hypocrites. They want refugees here that dont let women drive and behead gays.
2019-03-25 18:10
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
Why are they hypocrites then?
2019-03-25 18:19
leftists will boycott everything that doesnt align with their way of thinking. But when it comes to muslims and refugees they support them and want them to flee to the US even though many muslim countries kill gays and dont allow women to drive or go to work.
2019-03-25 19:20
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
Oh, I misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about Christians.
2019-03-25 19:38
Ya I worded poorly lol
2019-03-25 21:29
chik fil a is too good
2019-03-25 18:13
Finland Smoonah 
The owner is a huge bible thumper. Chickfilack is delicious though
2019-03-25 19:21
China lxxl 
Chick fil a best restaurant
2019-03-25 19:24
LMAOOOOO They must be really stupid Chick-fil-a is the GOAT Edit: typo
2019-03-25 19:28
Turkey tastemycobra 
Tried chick fil a years ago in texas. I liked their salads, for a fast food chain it was really good. But for just chicken, i still think kfc tastes better.
2019-03-26 20:00
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