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Starseries S7
Albania Endih 
Final Navi-Faze Winner Navi (electronic mvp) Thoughts?
2019-03-25 21:15
United States litdabber21 
yeah probably
2019-03-25 21:17
SS | 
Europe ApziIsKing 
faze out in groups final ence navi winner ence (allu mvp)
2019-03-25 21:17
ez for allu
2019-03-25 21:19
Albania Endih 
Navi will get revenge
2019-03-25 21:21
no way faze makes it to the final they suck, it's gonna be between ence nip and nrg
2019-03-25 21:18
Albania Endih 
Stop saying ence ence pls
2019-03-25 21:21
sure the 3° best team in the word isn't a favorite to reach the finals in a tournament where astralis doesn't take part, sure
2019-03-25 21:43
3 best team just temporary
2019-03-25 22:32
Finland Faifainei 
Soon to be top 2 😎
2019-03-25 22:51
Aleksib | 
Finland Mitzu 
If Ence still has the same form they've had for the past Major/Blast it's not going to be tough. If they don't, Navi takes it cus s1mple wants an mvp.
2019-03-25 21:19
They won 2 map 16-14 with much luck,its not going to be tough?
2019-03-25 21:22
Aleksib | 
Finland Mitzu 
Yep. :) Because they honestly looked even better at blast. I know it's just bo1's but just a gut feeling. But who knows what their form will be in a week.
2019-03-25 21:25
Other V5c 
2019-03-25 21:21
France iNolake 
Vitality- Ence Final
2019-03-25 21:22
Nice joke
2019-03-26 13:29
next fantasy game is ?
2019-03-25 21:24
France mdK_ 
depends of the matches, but i don't think faze will go through it, NaVi could but I'd say NaVi vs. NRG/Vitality/ENCE/Renegades
2019-03-25 21:28
Vitality not good enough -alex +scream or kio
2019-03-25 22:34
Other WorldIsAFuck 
Im have a big house. There is was : STANISLAW and k0nfig. Im punch stanislaw's face 3 times, but k0nfig bullied me that I lost my balance and felt on the flor. After that im just stand up and was go to the kitchen, the frozen was like australia inverted xD And the doors were opened for no reason. After all im got a message on my phone: OPTIC WON THE TOURNAMENT. In next day k0nfig and stanislaw threw me up that we won the tournament. Im just realized that i was a MANAGER. After this the danish niko comes to me and k0nfig with stan threw niko on me and im felt and it gave me hurts in the dream (but it wasnt real hurts) We have alot of food in the frozen (in this time it was on the right place) and also some cakes. We go to the outside we drove in cars like a mad lions. I m out from the car and go to the next car which was in the middle of road.
2019-03-25 21:46
2019-03-25 22:33
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