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Cloud9 becoming joke
Albania yovitemeemili 
What are they even trying to achive,who the hell is Vice , why not spend some money get fucking Msl and Niko instead of Optic and try to build something with them,Golden obviously isn t healthy enough to be on road all the time.Now they have only Automatic and K1o as good players and even k1o might go so i don't see universe in wich Vice transfer makes sense.
2019-03-25 21:57
Israel TheLoveGuy 
2019-03-25 22:00
Israel wetz 
he is baiting dude
2019-03-25 22:10
North America SLGam1ng 
2019-03-25 22:00
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
Not every orgs should buy well known players
2019-03-25 22:01
u havent payed attention at all
2019-03-25 22:01
If they almost made it work with zellsis, they can make it work with vice. There is a reason why vice lasted so long and all the other no namers got cut.
2019-03-25 22:01
Ofc cuz they had god flusha
2019-03-26 18:38
NiKo | 
Sweden Flippee 
Zellsis was playing like a bot. If he was an IGL than he could be forgiven but he wasn’t
2019-03-26 18:42
qikert | 
African Union factoids 
its because the org likely wants to have a majority American roster to not have to compete in EU leagues. MLS and Niko would also not be a good fit (imo).
2019-03-25 22:02
The only EU league they would have to play in is the major qualifier if they went 3/5 EU the org is still based in NA and everyone on the team lives in NA so they would play in NA leagues
2019-03-26 00:57
no once the majority of a roster becomes european the team itself would then be classified as an eu team and would have to play in EU leagues.
2019-03-26 13:48
You are wrong my friend they would only have to play EU qualifiers for the major because the team lives in and plays out of the USA. That is why OpTic played in the NA pro League for a season despite having a full Danish roster
2019-03-26 16:57
2019-03-26 18:35
United States SweatyBawlz 
Thing about trying to get EU players is that why would they want to live in NA. Especially since optic pays decent money as well. NRG/TL aren't selling players, wardell turned them down, and there are no NA players worth buying out of their contracts... They should sell autimatic for big money and go EU because there aren't NA players you can get to be decent
2019-03-25 22:03
Israel wetz 
obv a bait
2019-03-25 22:10
Turkey guduf 
They have lack of money
2019-03-26 01:04
C9 are trying to bring up a new player from NA to grow the scene. If you only choose from the players who have established themselves in the scene no new talent comes up because no one is willing to give them a shot and that's how games die competitively.
2019-03-26 01:05
North America B0bbutttoast 
"who the hell is vice?" LOL
2019-03-26 01:08
Denmark ghostan11 
yup who is he?
2019-03-26 01:18
bruh the new coach Rambo is brother of vice .......... this make sense ? or nah
2019-03-26 01:10
United States _ATaXiA_ 
You mean Is A Joke.
2019-03-26 01:17
Poland Ryunar 
"becoming" xD
2019-03-26 01:18
United States nobaithere 
C9 more like VP 2.0
2019-03-26 13:52
Except C9 still has top tier players such as Autimatic Kio and Flusha(taking a break but will come back)
2019-03-26 18:39
India AMKW 
They could have gone for HIKO
2019-03-26 13:53
- golden +flusha
2019-03-26 18:38
2019-03-26 18:39
Last time they wanted to test out some pugger (talking about stewie2k) it ended with winning a major
2019-03-26 18:39
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