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Huawei/OnePlus spying?
breakfast | 
Myanmar PenisEnlargementSurgery 
So recently I wanted to pick up a new phone. I really like the OnePlus 6T and Huawei P20 Pro because they seem to be just as good as Apple for less money. But a lot of Apple customers say that chinese companies spy on you and sell you data. Is there some proof to this or is it just fear mongering and lies from Apple?
2019-03-25 23:01
World ///fuck 
Omg they will sell my data - windows 10, google chrome
2019-03-25 23:02
Finland Jodecast 
lets say that someone is selling your data, but tbh wtf does it affect you irl? like wtf is the chinese going to do with the information of what porn you watch lol
2019-03-25 23:03
Google and Facebook spy on users aswell yet they are really popular at american mainstream users. So it is just Apple fear mongering because their products cant compete? (atleast in that prize class)
2019-03-25 23:06
chinese government will make him persona non grata cause of his midget porn browser history obv
2019-03-25 23:10
More like Apple is spying
2019-03-25 23:05
Italy InSuu 
Fake news Usa is just angry that China is getting rich and are trying to stop them. They have ZERO concrete evidence
2019-03-25 23:08
ok ty
2019-03-25 23:08
Let's not forge that apple had a backdoor in the software for 3 years for gov spying.
2019-03-25 23:13
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