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best thing to come out from Brazil
Brazil Sputy 
ok, brazil get a lot of hate here, take a break of it and aprecciate it... its the best thing to come out from here
2019-03-26 03:08
Angra sounds better.
2019-03-26 03:18
Brazil Sputy 
no way... sepultura in the 90's is too good
2019-03-26 03:15
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
i like Ai Se Eu Te Pego dont know what literally any of the words mean but it sounds good
2019-03-26 03:12
Brazil Sputy 
its very hard to translate lol... its something like "damnnn, if i catch you" in the sense that u really want the girl and if you catch her you gonna give her some goooood time, if you know what i mean
2019-03-26 03:21
There's something wrong with brazilians, turks, indians and kazakhs. Like they are insecure about their country Tell a russian that his country is shit. He says yes Tell a kyrgyz that a country is shit. He says yes Tell a venezuelian that his country is shit. He will say yes Kazakhs were so mad at Borat but watched the next Dictator movie and loved it Lol But tell those people their country is shit. Oh boy. They will try their best to prove their country is not that bad. But this is still pointless xd
2019-03-26 03:20
Brazil Sputy 
everyone here knows our country has a lot of problems, specially the poverty and the issues that comes with that, we talk about it all the time, we dont need a gringo to tell us while never aknowledging our good points... its a sense of self defense, no one is delusional about our issues... also brazilians stick togheter...
2019-03-26 03:20
2019-03-26 03:25
2019-03-26 03:46
Brazil zof 
Raul Seixas >
2019-03-26 03:13
u brazilian? i love raul but i though no one knew him outside brasil
2019-03-26 03:27
Venezuela 643 
Heitor Villa-Lobos
2019-03-26 04:00
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