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can't hear footsteps
Germany pilpast 
Any idea what can I change ? I have the logitech g430 and when i play with friends they always hear way more sounds than me. halp
2019-03-26 16:41
Logitech g430 is a MEME, that HEaadset is total garbage buy a better one.
2019-03-26 16:44
yes I was told this And I was told to get HyperX cloud II, do you agree ?
2019-03-26 16:49
Yes i agree its a good upgrade. If you have a giant wallet i can give you the best options.
2019-03-26 16:50
2019-03-26 16:52
I don't have a giant wallet, i won't put more than 100euros for this. Tell me your best options though, maybe i'll find a good deal somewhere, who knows. thanks (someone recommanded steelseries flux that is very cheap, it really doesn't look like a solid headset at first sight, but what can you say about it)
2019-03-26 16:58
If you wanna stay in 100e range go for Hyperx cloud 2 If you have a little more go for and an additional microhone for porno sound
2019-03-26 16:59
thanks for your input
2019-03-26 17:01
Superlux hd330/hd668b and a modmic. You could also get something cheaper if you dont need it to be a headset. Like zalman zm-mic1 or a quality desk mic(Blue Snowball ice...) Open headphones have a much wider sound stage and it makes it easier to hear footsteps. I have HD330 and wireless Sennheisers, 150€ cheaper Superlux ones have better sound.
2019-03-26 17:06
yes that's a good idea, I could steel keep my current headset for the microphone. I also have an old steelseries mic that looks like the zalman you suggested
2019-03-26 17:06
Get a cheap but good one bro. Steelseries flux or something. Cheap af and is definitely great.
2019-03-26 16:52
Would be cool if this one get me the footsteps i miss, it's very cheap.
2019-03-26 16:58
you bet, I use it and plenty of my friends followed me after I advised them. It's way too good for its price. Order it via amazon, you can always return it if you don't prefer but for that price, it's the best you can get.
2019-03-27 08:14
Portugal S!im* 
Ya you should get the hyperx cloud II .
2019-03-26 17:01
HyperX Cloud II if you just want experience SteelSeries Siberia according to your budget if you want RGB n shit Sennheiser if you can spend more money
2019-03-26 17:01
thanks, do you know the difference between all the different siberias ?
2019-03-26 17:03
350 and more expensive will do, I have one myself and like them miles more than Cloud II tho Just personal preference imo
2019-03-26 17:04
and you never have been in the situation in which someone told you "you heard him" when you didn't ? without playing with a super high volume
2019-03-26 17:07
i play 70 sound in windows and 0.8 ingame since ever, no idea how high is it, but I am actually the guy telling this :DD
2019-03-26 17:08
that's what i want to hear!
2019-03-26 17:10
cheers the mic is average but works fine for mm/faceit purposes, it doesnt blast static XD
2019-03-26 17:11
Turn on your ingame volume men))
2019-03-26 16:46
trash headphone$
2019-03-26 16:52
2019-03-26 16:52
I could try but I think it's gonna hurt if I play several hours in a row
2019-03-26 17:04
China maybe_banned 
gaming headset omegalul
2019-03-26 16:53
gaming toilet 😎😎😎😎 antilul
2019-03-26 16:56
excuses... fer can't hear footsteps and look at what he's doing
2019-03-26 16:56
ez hearing loss
2019-03-26 16:56
I start to have hearing loss too, that's why I don't just play with a high volume. I could probably hear footsteps this way, but would also destroy my ears at each spray
2019-03-26 17:00
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
So don't spray, just click on heads men😎😎
2019-03-27 08:16
Portugal supremoxd 
stopped readin at logitech
2019-03-26 16:57
if u want to tryhard try intra earbuds or maybe a budget sennheiser, or just buy a cloud core from hyperx
2019-03-26 16:58
I guess i could try the earbuds I have to listen to music, maybe they could provide the footsteps i can't hear. But I think for long sessions that's gonna hurt
2019-03-26 17:00
Poland misterr_ 
hyperx cloud the best, ears never hurt
2019-03-26 17:00
yes it looks very comfy soft teddy bear
2019-03-26 17:02
Latvia Latvia_Best 
unclog your ears
2019-03-26 17:02
Get, Beyerdynamic DT990, AKG 7xx massdrop or AD700x thank me later.
2019-03-26 17:06
i'll thank you now thanks for your input
2019-03-26 17:08
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
i bought a cheap £15 headset. nothing more nothing less. works well. can hear amazingly...
2019-03-27 08:15
I have the same headphones and i have the exact same problem. The sound quality is great for everything but for cs its total shit. My mums $10 headphones from 2008 were better for footsteps
2019-03-27 08:21
I had an old old logitech headset that wasnt doing the job and went to Walmart and bought some authentic SkullKandy ear buds and was blown away by their performance. I know my 2011 headset was old but the ear buds made me feel like my ears had been swapped and gaming and music was reinvented
2019-03-27 08:22
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