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i cant even tell if valve is serious right now, there is no way vertigo is a viable competitive map, i hope this is just some early april fools shit
2019-03-29 01:24
Have you even played the updated vertigo? Its really good.
2019-03-29 01:25
Spain Silber_ 
Mby if u have low iq
2019-03-29 01:25
Lol. at people thrashing the map without having ever played it
2019-03-29 01:26
The map is trash
2019-03-29 01:30
Name checks out
2019-03-29 01:30
Cry is free silver
2019-03-29 01:31
Your cry isnt. Ill be charging you 50 cents for each tear. Tomorrow Ill be rich already .
2019-03-29 01:32
Europe pencilvester 
2019-03-29 01:25
Astralis: has a mostly perma-ban Volvo: “consider it gone”
2019-03-29 01:27
Simple | 
Mexico OOF_GUY 
Im about to end this man's whole career
2019-03-29 01:29
Vertigo is easily my new favorite map. It's so fun to play! Not sure if it will fit the pro scene though.
2019-03-29 01:31
I think it will be the map with the fastest pace of all the pool, so this alone will give it its unique identity to make it standout from others. And its also visually distinctive enough I think.
2019-03-29 01:34
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