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Vertigo SUCKS
Finland gilerm0 
I tried it and i have never played such bad map why Valve is doing this?
2019-03-29 02:43
Nero | 
China Aachen 
no u sux
2019-03-29 02:44
Vertigo actually pretty fun to play. You must try it
2019-03-29 02:46
tried it and i have never played such bad map
2019-03-29 02:53
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio 
best throwing map
2019-03-29 02:46
Canada top_zozzle 
2019-03-29 03:24
Latvia hahalmaoxd 
agreed ive played it a few times with some real life friends and it feels very ct sided
2019-03-29 02:46
ya its trash, hopefully its an april fools joke from valve
2019-03-29 02:47
People are biased against it because of the early version released in early CSGO, which indeed sucked. But looks like most people hating it havent actually played in the new version at alll lol.
2019-03-29 02:49
i played it hour ago
2019-03-29 02:53
So you lost a match on vertigo then
2019-03-29 02:55
I dont care about result because i was trying it but it was just pure awful whole map too small too much corners
2019-03-29 02:55
I think its just a matter of getting used to it. Eventually people will know the corners and common spots and get use to pre-aim them.
2019-03-29 03:01
Abbey is much better trust me just play the map bois
2019-03-29 03:03
Panama xemzex 
No u
2019-03-29 03:04
Fucking attention seekers
2019-03-29 03:21
Canada top_zozzle 
rip ct spawn to t spawn in 5 seconds
2019-03-29 03:24
Astralis buff.
2019-03-29 03:31
Brazil Guccipradas 
That map isn't bad the player is..
2019-03-29 03:36
Canada zizzle21 
bro b site is fucking dumb
2019-03-29 03:39
they should add cobble again instead of vertigo.
2019-03-29 03:50
Cs is dead, shit company cant creat a new map
2019-03-29 03:52
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