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my dream girl
broky | 
Latvia tragttutS 
So I finally had the balls to ask my crush out on a date. She said she wants to visit a museum after school with her best friend but I can come with them if I like. So it went really well and we even went to a nice restaurant afterwards. It was a really good first date but the problem is she wants the next date with her best friend aswell. I like her but it always feels like a motorcycle with 3 wheels so how can I tell my crush I want a date with just her without seeming like a asshole?
2019-03-30 22:42
just say you like her so much you only wanna go with her or something, that you really want to get to know her alone
2019-03-30 22:43
and you will be her new bestfriend
2019-03-30 22:49
not if you do it right lol
2019-03-30 23:27
there is nothing right in doing wrong things
2019-03-30 23:34
yeah you the third wheel m8
2019-03-30 22:44
United States vikingswine 
Maybe say, 'Would you like to go and do (cheesy date idea,) just you and me? I really enjoyed seeing you at the Museum and would love to get to know you even more!
2019-03-30 22:44
+1 m8
2019-03-30 22:45
Greece rusty1 
+1 this is it
2019-03-30 22:46
United States vikingswine 
It actually works. Many of the relationships that work the best long term started as friendships... just saying!
2019-03-30 22:54
United States Firetruck 
"Many of the relationships that work the best long term started as friendships..." On which planet? You either have a friend or you are attracted to someone. Good luck coming out of the friendzone, not only does it fail most of the time you also loose a great friendship.
2019-03-31 11:01
Sweden Nokkeri 
What he means is to get to know the person before "forcing" a relationship.
2019-03-31 17:30
Germany saluxus 
just kill her best friend, be there to comfort her and then fuck her.
2019-03-30 22:45
"FBI would like to know your location"
2019-03-31 10:50
Cunning, but illegal.
2019-03-31 11:10
Delpan | 
Bulgaria Ju7y 
Why not
2019-03-31 11:16
leo^ | 
United States wes33 
just have a 3 way lol
2019-03-30 22:45
Latvia kw1337 
haha my g
2019-03-30 22:46
Poland joeb 
No grup dates unless you wanna be friendzoned
2019-03-30 22:45
*group and +1
2019-03-31 11:12
Poland joeb 
Typo thx
2019-03-31 11:29
Bulgaria stef0o0o 
sex her mens
2019-03-30 22:46
or sex her best friend like this you lose nothing and in case you can sex both after in kind of video from pornhub
2019-03-30 22:47
you need to be an asshole actually
2019-03-30 22:49
2019-03-30 22:53
she will not take you seriously as long as you follow her scripts. be impudent, arrogant asshole, show ballz (not literally lol)
2019-03-30 22:57
allu | 
Canada Lokomo 
allu would show his balls
2019-03-31 17:22
Lithuania Sedge 
yeah man, you either be an asshole or you wait... I'd go with the wait option, if she offers or it comes up at-least you know she actually likes you... if she doesnt offer, you're gonna get friendzoned if you ask. win win
2019-03-30 22:53
How is getting friendzoned by your crush a win?
2019-03-30 23:17
Lithuania Sedge 
i meant its a win to either go on a date with just her alone or to at-least know, without embarrassing yourself or getting friend-zoned that she doesn't like you in the same way you like her. Naturally if she would fancy you, she would eventually... propose a date for just the two of you. though if you don't want to wait then yolo, just ask and be done with it...
2019-03-30 23:20
Asking here is the worst option, so don't give a f to anything that's written here. Just do as you want to do, be yourself, if she's the one she'll probably get it.
2019-03-30 22:54
"be yourself" stop saying that it's bullshit
2019-03-30 23:24
it's bullshit only in case if you don't uderstand who u are.
2019-03-31 09:56
triple trouble
2019-03-30 22:55
He could try but slim chance to nail it
2019-03-30 23:29
Israel BingoBango 
knock her friend out
2019-03-30 22:58
Aren't you in the UK right now?
2019-03-30 22:59
idk man, most girls like me so i never had this type of problem, she probably isnt into you so thats why she keeps pushing her friend to ur "dates", my advise is: move on, find a girl who at least give u a decent try
2019-03-30 23:00
United States Firetruck 
"idk man, most girls like me so i never had this type of problem" clinical narcissism detected
2019-03-31 11:04
Bulgaria stef0o0o 
youre so lucky to have a crush, i cant find a girl who deserves my attention currently, just talk to her, be alpha and never overthink, you will miss your chance believe me, act while you can
2019-03-30 23:01
She is lovely. I will try this but I am too friendly to be alpha
2019-03-30 23:06
Bulgaria stef0o0o 
i see, just dont overdo it then, be a little more confident but dont get too out of your way, if she likes you she likes you if she doesnt she doesnt, life happens sometimes cant help it
2019-03-30 23:10
allu | 
Europe PAAVO 
2019-03-30 23:09
2019-03-30 23:52 didn't go on a date. Now that is what you use...tell her you'd rather go on a date with her. Just you and her - it will work show her you're not interested in the third wheel, you wan't her to yourself. If I'm wrong fuck it, it wasn't going anywhere anyway
2019-03-30 23:19
United States Firetruck 
2019-03-31 11:05
Say that youre inviting to an date not to hang out
2019-03-30 23:25
Any good ideas for a dating activity that will instantly show her I have romantic/sexual intentions with her?
2019-03-30 23:29
2019-03-30 23:35
The most standart would be a movie On this question i cant really anwser but i think picknic or bike riding at park or going to zoo would be good You could try to do those secret rooms or what they are called where you are locked in room thogether and need to work thogether if she isnt scared or she isnt verry competetive Or other adrenaline rising activity( not sure should i recomend this coz i like adrenaline and thats propobly not what she and you want coz that would friendzone you posibly) I think zoo is the best or park but dont blame me if it dosent work (actualy you should blame me but i dont want you to do it🙃😉)
2019-03-31 10:13
United States Firetruck 
Escape room is a great idea! If she wants to bring a friend again you can always come up with something like "You don't think we can solve this together?" or even pretend that this escape room is just made for two.
2019-03-31 11:08
loli | 
United States credit 
2019-03-30 23:27
Maka | 
Sweden meistr0 
"So I finally had the balls to ask my crush out on a date." "She said she wants to visit a museum after school with her best friend but I can come with them" How is that a "date" then? Having her "best friend" as a third wheel, lol.
2019-03-30 23:29
Are you sure she even thinks it was a date. Seems like you have been friendzoned
2019-03-30 23:31
I think I asked her if she wants to spend some time with me. I obviously wanted to go breakfast or brunch with her today but she instantly said if I want I can come with her and her friend after school on friday. Maybe she thinks I just want ti be her friend. How do I make clear I have romantic/sexual intentions without creating an awkard situation?
2019-03-30 23:33
just say that you want a real date with her
2019-03-30 23:35
2019-03-30 23:37
All the time you let that third girl be there she get's to have an opinion equal to the one you want and it will affect your outcome, get her to yourself ask her on a date as i said on your own...or end up friend-zoned
2019-03-30 23:36
Other wholelottared 
Lol stalker
2019-03-30 23:32
North America potatomato 
invite her to a diferent mosque
2019-03-30 23:37
Will try
2019-03-31 09:58
nice friendzone
2019-03-30 23:38
United States ItsImpact 
Just ask her 3some?
2019-03-30 23:39
Bang both
2019-03-30 23:41
ZywOo | 
Germany MTD3 
Is the best friend female or male?
2019-03-30 23:43
2019-03-30 23:45
ZywOo | 
Germany MTD3 
Thats a good sign. Get gud with the best friend and it actually helps to make a good impression.
2019-03-31 01:49
2019-03-31 00:33
You have friendzoned ggwp
2019-03-31 01:55
2019-03-31 10:48
Finland MMAd 
Maybe they want 3some, just be patient my friend.
2019-03-31 01:57
buy tickets to cinema or something, only 2 of them. And say that you're taking here there. Or just do something that is some what limited to 2 people, maybe book a table at a restaurant or smthing. Good luck bro :)
2019-03-31 01:59
I can't be bothered with low iq teenage relations
2019-03-31 10:15
Dude, u seem like humble omega to me. "So I finally had the balls to ask my crush out on a date." "She said she wants to visit a museum after school with her best friend but I can come with them" Srsly? That is just fucking embarassing. But at least she took u with her and didn't ditch u. Fuck man, grow some ballz and ask her the fuck out without any fucking friends and don't be a loser!
2019-03-31 11:39
ty for the nice words and I will try to do as you said
2019-03-31 17:20
It might be rude but fuck it, u r not a lil bitch right? Yes, u r a fucking man ffs so yeah, be a fucking alpha and don't think that this girl is a fucking goddess 'n shit man. Just another girl in ur life and life is long. Don't fucking embarass yourself and be brave, bitch. Fortune favours the bold. Yes, u better do as I fucking say comrade!
2019-03-31 17:27
2019-03-31 17:23
she is insecure thats why
2019-03-31 17:23
United Kingdom gillschlossen 
I thought your crush was madison beer
2019-03-31 17:29
That bitch still didnt reply
2019-03-31 17:29
halo | 
United States QastLe 
First let's get this out of the way. There is no such thing as getting friendzoned, trust me I'm a queer guy and most of my friends are female. If you are in the "friend zone" there was never a chance to begin with. She probably is either 1)really uncomfortable on dates 2)wants her friend there for a second opinion on you or 3)wants to see how you behave around other women.(Tip. If you are kind to her friend, without being flirty, major bonus points) If 1 try being empathetic, tell her dates make you uncomfortable as well(It can be a lie, even if she knows it is she will just think you are super sweet). If 2 or 3 nothing you can really do but give it time and be on your best behavior.(That doesn't mean no mischief, just know where the line between fun and too much lies) Best of luck 😊
2019-03-31 17:54
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