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Formula 1
Europe Gandhi_of_CSGO 
Hello, HLTV army! What do you think about F1 championship?
2019-03-31 19:53
Räikkönen bestest
2019-03-31 19:53
2019-03-31 19:54
2019-03-31 23:07
I couldn't agree less with you. hamilton is near to be goat
2019-03-31 23:15
Hamilton has had the advantage of having a highly dominant Car whilst also being a good driver. Look at all of his teammates (even Rosberg got a damn championship and he was mediocre)
2019-04-01 05:08
poor leclerc
2019-03-31 19:53
Other (._.) 
the true unluko (;_;) EDIT: no, I meant Mr. Renault.
2019-03-31 19:55
still lucky that due to safety cars verstappen could get past him
2019-03-31 19:55
flusha | 
Sweden Vinnarn 
2019-03-31 19:54
Brazil kaiknux 
Leclerc winning would spice things up
2019-03-31 19:54
Denmark Lemmyyy 
leclerc :(((( entertaining race tho really enjoyed that one
2019-03-31 19:54
2019-03-31 23:04
vettel needs to make an appointment to a doctor.
2019-03-31 19:54
schumacher best formula driver on 2 wheels
2019-03-31 19:55
2019-04-01 11:37
Even a wheelchair has four wheels u moron.
2019-04-01 11:40
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
rly sad for Leclerc
2019-03-31 19:55
Poland 0U7L4W 
Kubica the best xd
2019-03-31 19:56
Poland will never do better than last place anyways
2019-03-31 19:58
yeah kubicas fault =D
2019-03-31 23:11
Brazil lokodecrack 
he has been worse than the new comer tho, definetly his fault, they should never have let a handicap drive a f1 car
2019-04-01 05:26
Kyrgyzstan Peksi 
Kubica said himself that he hasnt driven the car enough, he would need more practice with it. He is losing by quite a distance to a rookie
2019-04-01 09:49
Kubica never won a race lmao
2019-04-01 11:25
Brazil subconsious 
He won tho. GP of Canada 2008 in Sauber.
2019-04-01 11:27
wow, I'm defeated
2019-04-01 11:31
Brazil subconsious 
He's still the first and last BMW driver to win Pole and GP. Back in days he was huge talent, dunno f he can do it now but seems like yes. Russel is young F2 winner, and Kubica is not far away from him. Also he said that the car are entirely diffrent so.. Not sure what i should belive. Time will show.
2019-04-01 11:36
I hope Max will win but I think Hamilton will win. So far it's really exciting though, too bad there's only 1 race per 2 weeks.
2019-03-31 19:58
Did Williams finish yet ? or they still going?
2019-03-31 19:59
russell and kubica still driving
2019-03-31 20:00
1000000 | 
Poland Skrra 
on melbourne
2019-04-01 10:38
BelieveR | 
Finland FinTz 
Still in Barcelona actually
2019-04-01 10:43
williams sucks good leclerc senna legend i love him
2019-03-31 19:59
ok homo
2019-04-01 07:15
shox | 
Lithuania Jaguar4s 
Love it. Hamilton fan for ages so it's fun to watch him dominate. Also really like ricciardo and leclerc, future champ
2019-03-31 19:59
unfortunate for Leclerc, great drive from him.
2019-03-31 20:00
Korea DubuDahyun 
Raikkonen is better than Vettel and should have been the #1 ferrari driver last season
2019-03-31 20:00
Brazil Chiron 
Aryton Senna?
2019-03-31 20:01
2019-03-31 23:42
Colombia AlejoBuh 
Mercedes is Astralis of F1
2019-03-31 20:01
shit sport they do nothing they just sit in their cars and press 1 foot on gas pathatic sport tbh
2019-03-31 20:02
Agree with all above me. BUT! I think ALO should replace VET next year, and if ALO was in that Ferrari last year he would have definetly win the champonshit waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Abu Dhabi P.S. Not an Alonso fan, more hater than fan tbh ))
2019-03-31 20:05
I don't think so! Verstappen in Ferrari would win a championship!
2019-03-31 22:55
Sweden paddeyo 
Verstappen got some raw talent, really dont like him as a person, but he is very talented. My point is, you are probably right.
2019-03-31 23:05
verstappen too inconsistant to win championship
2019-03-31 23:05
South America Natas_ 
Hamilton era
2019-03-31 22:58
watching paint dry is more entertaining to watch.
2019-03-31 23:03
2019-03-31 23:09
Did you mean: Le Mans? xd
2019-04-01 05:16
This year is REALLY looking interesting. -Today it wasn't the day for Leclerc, but the day will come... eventually. -McLaren proved that they have pace. And Norris finished 6th. Sainz-Verstappen incident was Verstappen's fault imo. Sainz had the position gained. -Gasly underwhelming. He has the ability to turn a Red Bull into a Toro Rosso -Vettel spun... again And that's pretty much it. It was an exciting race :)
2019-03-31 23:12
Kvyat-Giovinazzi incident was Gio's fault, in my opinion. LeClerc deserved to win! McLaren is looking sharp! Norris seems to be in great shape! Gasly has the ability to turn his Red Bull in an horrible car. Albon's Toro Rosso is being faster. The strategy of Ricciardo, well, no comments! xD Nice try!
2019-03-31 23:38
Estonia LKWD 
It was Charles race but unfortunately as he said in the post race interview: "its part of motorsport". Sometimes the car lets you down. McLaren indeed proved they had pace and before the incident Sainz had good pace. Regarding the incident i wont push blame here or there (considering i dont like Verstappen very much. I think hes still a bit immature but has raw talent) but Sainz was on the outside line and had every opportunity to avoid the incident. Gasly is the biggest dissapointment to me thus far and im sure the Toro Rosso guys are pushing themselves the extra mile to maybe get the RB spot mid season. Would be weird seeing Verstappen + Kvyat as one replaced the other previously. Vettel spun... again
2019-04-01 07:39
2019-03-31 23:13
All drivers on the grid > Gasly
2019-03-31 23:41
2019-03-31 23:54
2019-04-01 16:19
k0nfig | 
Denmark QDouble 
i hate mercedes
2019-03-31 23:14
Vettel = Spin Bot Leclerc was unluko Renaults were pathetic Flawless race from Mercedes I hope we can see championship rivalry between more pilots, and for a longer time than last years.
2019-03-31 23:16
Brazil dox__ 
I can't look at those mercedes anymore. And hamilton is like Astralis, 'cause he is winning everything and making things boring.
2019-03-31 23:16
Leclerc deserved win but due to shit engine he lost
2019-03-31 23:18
Soo true! But he is in great shape.
2019-03-31 23:41
Shit engine? It's far from that...
2019-04-01 16:20
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
Sad for Leclerc ... Vettel once more overcommited and fucked his good race to this point completely bottas : I wont be the number 2 driver i will fight for my chances ... 2nd round lets hamilton pass without even trying to give him a fight ... sad that mercedes is such a pussy club and sad for bottas to let hamilton win like everything if Toto Wolf says it
2019-03-31 23:42
Estonia LKWD 
Do you mean the pass on the opening laps or later? Because the later on Bottas had to pit anyway and Ham had already pitted so there was no point in blocking a teammate if you are a pitstop down. Dont remember how much battle there was or how long the pass on the opening laps took.
2019-04-01 07:43
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
yeah i mean the one in the second round... the pit stop is clear and vettel and hamilton would have passed him even without the pitstop anyways
2019-04-01 07:47
F1 is dead because of refueling ban. When you cannot be original tactically, and everyone is being 'forced' on the same strategy purely focussed on tyre degradation it simply means the best team will always win, no surprises. No Verstappen being lighter than his opponents shooting away at the start, no Bottas flying into the pits and underfueling just to catch up etc etc. It's like removing all grenades from CS:GO, it'd be only about aim. Tactically incredibly stale, can't improve tyres because it would be more boring, can't make them worse because it would ruin racing. Hakkinen+schumacher and montoya/schumi/alonso era were the best 2 eras there's ever been. People only seem to remember that _one_ season when ferrari was dominant though and forget about all the rest. (And somehow Merc being 100% MORE dominant for 3 years straight from 2014-2017 was all good) All about the car these days, not about strategy. Yes, Ferrari currently might look like total retards tactically, wrong pitstop timing etc, but that's only because they're desperately trying to get closer to Merc while having worse race-pace for years, you've got to realise that merc has everything calculated just as well and you cannot surprise them, if anything, 'changing up' your strategy is, in current F1, almost ALWAYS worse, since it's solely about tyres without other factors like fuel, you cannot out-strategies this, but Ferrari seems to think it's still the year 1998/99 when beating a better car would or could work strategy-wise. The only answer is bringing back refueling or have 3-car teams, you'd have verstappen in a merc now. In current F1, having 1 team even a little bit better means the championship is over, Hamilton will cruise to his 7th this year with a pathetic 2nd driver. Much harder to control 3-car teams like this, putting 2 bottas's in a merc will hurt you more.
2019-04-01 04:46
2012-2013 seasons were pretty good because of amount of pitstops were huge and if u took care of tires u could pit less than everybody else. Now its 1-2 pitstops everytime and same tires
2019-04-01 05:25
1000000 | 
Poland Skrra 
2019-04-01 10:40
It's in a pathetic state. Nobody gives a fuck about lower tier open-wheel racing, so there is no money to develop actual talent. More than half of the grid is just there as inefficient advertising space and have 0 hope of ever winning a race.
2019-04-01 05:04
God | 
Poland henlo 
shows u dont actually watch it yourself men f2 and gp3 were more fun to watch than f1 last year
2019-04-01 09:00
Lmao 0/8
2019-04-01 16:21
Brazil BlueLighting 
2019-04-01 05:15
easiest race for LERCLERCCCccc
2019-04-01 05:15
Cool until they switched to these gay engines with the gay halos, i wont watch F1 again until they go back to a real engine, a V10, something that sound like an F1 car, not some asthmatic mouse in a paper bag breathing through a straw. They also need to add back in refueling, a huge part of F1 was strategy, the refueling added another layer, do you fuel light, have a fast quali lap and try to open up a gap early and then pit early or do you take a heavy fuel load and catch up later, you then mix this in with the tires and you have much more complex races. F1 started to become gay in 2005 when they added that stupid one set of tires per race rule, they they went to V8's and the cars basically got slower and slower, then in 2014 it reached new levels of gay when they made the cars the slowest they had been for 20 years, to give you an idea if a 2014 car competed in 2004 Malaysian GP the 2014 car would be lapped about 6 times and finished roughly 10 minutes after the the first 2004 car. Now the cars are faster than ever but still sound and look gay.
2019-04-01 07:55
Jules Bianchi would have probably still been alive if it was a 2004 car aswell as they had much more downforce.
2019-04-01 07:58
India otgps 
Its a fucking ass sport. Fucking mercedes clowning everybody. Why couldn't the F1 gods let Leclerc win yesterday. Man made his positions from 3 to 1 and even when vettel binned it (I bet lewis comes in his dreams and puts dick in exhaust of all his cars that he names after ladies), leclerc was making space at top. Also, why did even after second stop, ferrari put Mediums on? Leclerc was on 3rd stint and with mediums. Fucking ass ferrari engine. Fuck hamilton and fuck turbo that failed leclerc. Yesterday's race was badass gripping tho. Hadn't seen such a good one is some time
2019-04-01 08:04
God | 
Poland henlo 
holy shit karun relax men)))
2019-04-01 08:53
another boring year with Mercedes owning everyone
2019-04-01 08:50
Kubica will be the champion
2019-04-01 08:58
India otgps 
2019-04-01 09:43
God | 
Poland henlo 
2019-04-01 09:45
fuk merc
2019-04-01 09:00
Germany mrrwombat 
I couldn´t care less about F1
2019-04-01 09:52
hamilton consistent vettel outdated kimi car too slow leclerc needs more luck norris in a relatively good team, and he streams csgo russell in a ultra bad team, needs to leave asap or bust thats all
2019-04-01 10:33
f2 more exciting tho, f2 has more action, the cars dont have huge differences in speed
2019-04-01 10:35
God | 
Poland henlo 
+1 johnny herbert needs to fuck off tho
2019-04-01 10:42
Now that Norris is performing good I'm giving up hope he will be back to Marbles on Stream anytime soon :(
2019-04-01 10:50
lol probably wont be back for a long time, maybe december
2019-04-01 11:21
boring af wrc >>>>>>f1
2019-04-01 11:22
Germany duschsocke 
Michael Schumacher winning in his mind
2019-04-01 11:23
Fed | 
United States FBI_Agent 
Alfa Romeo Engineer: "Kimi is your front wing alright?" Kimi "You tell me!"
2019-04-01 11:25
Ukraine ENCEphalitis 
Finland: i love Bottas and Kimi, other are f***ing morons Germany: BIG is bullshit, so i ll watch Vettel and co in F1 because they are great guys Astralis fans: we are with Number1 forever, viva Mersedes
2019-04-01 11:27
720 | 
Germany felixlulz 
boring af
2019-04-01 11:32
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