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emo music
s1mple | 
Latvia 4wheeldrive 
2019-04-01 14:59
lesswill | 
Russia peia 
didnt know tom sizemore became a rapper
2019-04-01 15:00
yea men)))
2019-04-01 15:07
rawr xd
2019-04-01 15:08
2019-04-01 15:08
emo? is this 2005 again
2019-04-01 15:10
actually Ive been listening to it a lot lately. Rufio, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Water Music, Alexisonfire, As I lay Dying, Hoobastank... Alexisonfire just released a new song after 9 years and I fuckin love them and Dallas Green is my waifu MAKE EMO GREAT AGAIN
2019-04-01 15:28
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
2019-04-01 15:29
Dude all their songs are A banger. Their concert on reading festival (youtube) is nuts
2019-04-01 15:31
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Yeah, they have a lot of great songs. My #1 emo song'll always be The Used - Take It Away though. But they don't have nearly as big of a repertoire as Alexisonfire.
2019-04-01 15:40
it all starts with The Used man but the 1st song ive listen from them and still my favorite one is box full of sharped objects or maybe taste of ink OH BOY Im old and yes I agree, they have more songs but I cant listen to many of them
2019-04-01 15:48
Dude i was so happy when i saw alexisonfire reuniting
2019-04-01 15:30
2019-04-01 15:31
No, its not
2019-04-01 15:12
God | 
Poland henlo 
what is emo music actually? i know who emos are we had them too but cant remember what kind of music they listened to
2019-04-01 15:14
idk but I remember them too. I just use this word for sad/depressed stuff, like this lyrics xD
2019-04-01 15:17
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
how do you know if its Lithuanian music
2019-04-01 15:30
Because Lithuanians are 1.2% of Latvia population, including me
2019-04-01 15:32
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
By that definition old school Linkin Park would also be emo, because they have some extremely sad/depressing songs. But they're not, they're nu-/alt. metal. "Emo" is a standalone genre.
2019-04-01 15:45
Poland cs_mango 
most of people who dressed up as emo had little to do with actual emo music, because the name was somewhat wrongly attached to mainstream rock bands with emo roots like my chemical romance or fall out boy (which have slight emo nudge to them, but are not technically emo) emo music (and its subgenre, screamo) is a widespread genre that originated from hardcore punk, and is a home to many cool bands such as American Football, Cap'n'Jazz, Rites of Spring, Fugazi, pg.99, Portraits of Past, and many more
2019-04-01 15:20
2019-04-01 15:21
this guy knows.
2019-04-01 15:30
2019-04-07 02:08
WOW + 22222222222222 AMERICAN FOOTBALL 8/8 BAND
2019-04-07 01:49
cyx | 
Other jNkey 
2019-04-01 15:15
emo music and culture was on hype like 10-15 years ago emo in 2019 LUL
2019-04-01 15:29
2019-04-01 15:32
Ukraine Edddddd 
From Emo culture I like only Post-Hardcore and Hardcore Punk
2019-04-01 15:35
sounds gay
2019-04-01 15:44
wtf it ain't emo
2019-04-01 15:49
i luv this song
2019-04-07 01:03
vsm | 
Brazil hNkV 
emo music = corno music
2019-04-07 01:06
This comment section feels so edgy
2019-04-07 01:53
2019-04-07 01:59
Brazil D0natt1 
Emo music = Sorry, this shit isnt emo
2019-04-07 02:10
not a big fan of screamo or hardcore but I do like emo and "emo revival" like the hotelier, modern baseball(slaughter beach dog), american football obviously, some title fight songS, mom jeans, turnover, panucci´s pizza, old gray, mineral, it looks sad., tigers jaw, the wonder years, grandview and much more i dont mind a bit of screaming in a song but imo there should be more than just screaming
2019-04-07 02:16
I dont know whats emo I just use this word for depressing or sad mood.. Lmao
2019-04-07 02:11
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