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Media make beta
Brazil Matheusdiniz17 
Media ever doing shit. Now is transformer mentally men's in a cuck. Fucking betas. Hey guys don't give a shit when a woman days for, hmmmmm you is a machist, misogny, homophobic. Your son will need you one day. Cheers!
2019-04-02 17:40
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
2019-04-02 17:41
gime gime gime major major major FURIA FURIA HEY HEY HEY
2019-04-02 17:42
english isn't your strong side i see, nor is thinking rationally. wonder what IS your strong side. CS?
2019-04-02 17:42
Snorting cocaine
2019-04-02 17:47
in english please
2019-04-02 17:43
Russia Pushkins 
tldr from brazillian: Dont be cuck, be alpha ez
2019-04-02 17:44
thank mr pushkins
2019-04-02 17:45
lol which media are you tied to?
2019-04-02 17:43
What? Is this a parody? You cant even tell others what you think :D Did they give chimps access to internet?
2019-04-02 17:46
Germany MaibE 
I really tried, but I lost what it is all about after the first few words.
2019-04-02 17:48
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