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I still don't think he's comfortable playing in the team. And unlucky. He's not sure what he's gonna do, he's scared. It's not easy to play in a team like FaZe, but you always play against the best. Lastly, it is not easy to scratch the Kazakhistan flag on the FaZe shirt. I wish you the best.
2019-04-02 20:36
for truth faze fans
2019-04-02 20:38
There is no role for AdreN on this team. He should leave and join a team that can play around him effectively.
2019-04-02 20:40
United Kingdom Aqishimaaa 
imo hellraisers would be a good choice for him
2019-04-02 20:45
I agree
2019-04-02 20:55
United Kingdom Aqishimaaa 
the guy doesnt deserve the amount of hate hes getting; the dude suddenly got thrown into a role he isnt used to
2019-04-02 21:24
He can probably feel niko setting him up as the scapegoat for why they still suck.
2019-04-02 20:41
Greenland xen_ 
+1 niko savage😎
2019-04-02 20:44
Switzerland KICK_RPG_FFS 
wtf AdreN is american player 😎
2019-04-02 20:41
Greenland xen_ 
xaxaxaxa gud wan mens))😎
2019-04-02 20:45
2019-04-02 20:58
No, adreN is american. AdreN is EU.
2019-04-02 20:56
2019-04-03 19:10
Kazakh isnt eu
2019-04-03 19:11
United States Trump2020KAG 
the guy also holds B site with olof so that also makes it hard basically being solo player
2019-04-02 20:42
+1 but they should change their roster to the same as 2017 gambit imo just -zeus +any other decent igl
2019-04-02 20:46
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