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Your Top 5 rappers
Poland Showmaker 
None of this mumble rap bullshit please Mine: Eminem, Nas, 2pac, 50 cent, The Game
2019-04-03 03:01
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Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Lil Skies, LilPeep and Gekyume Onfroy
2019-04-03 03:27
A man of culture Let me shake your hand 👋
2019-04-03 03:51
👋 Reply needs to have actual content
2019-04-03 03:53
NIP Kendrick Jcole Travis Rae sremmurd Xxx RIP NIP
2019-04-03 08:42
>rap >culture bit of an oxymoron, no?
2019-04-03 08:37
Metallica AC/DC Scorpions Pantera All That Remains
2019-04-03 08:33
Fade to Black best metallica song
2019-04-03 19:01
2019-04-03 22:42
expected this
2019-04-06 18:00
lil skies is actually good
2019-04-03 18:39
this is the worst bait I’ve seen this month
2019-04-03 18:41
one of the few who puts dedication and feelings into his songs atm.. for me its Nas, Rakim, Guru, 3000, Cudi. HM: Kanye, Big L and Big Pun and others
2019-04-03 18:44
Are those popstars never heard of em
2019-04-03 22:27
Lil Skies isn't too bad. But the rest are shit
2019-04-06 22:31
United States guttzerk
lil anomaly lil pump lil xan lil jon lil wayne lil peep lil uzi vert lil yachty lil skies lil scrappy lil flip lil tracy lil (any word(rip dick clip sick milk folk crid ...))
2019-04-06 18:43
J Cole Joey X 2pac asap honorable mentions kendrick eminem tyler kanye
2019-04-03 03:30
your list is nice, X is trash though
2019-04-03 04:00
nah x is actually really really diverse, top rapper. shame its such a bandwagon to hate what reaches popularity
2019-04-03 04:02
i see what you're sayin but that's just my thoughts sounds pretty generic to me, i may be wrong though
2019-04-03 04:03
go listen to "i dont wanna do this anymore" or "i spoke to the devil in miami" then compare it to "numb" or "slipknot" then to things like "train food" or "jocelyn flores" very diverse artist.
2019-04-03 04:06
United States Doge14
a lot of stuff X has put out is dogshit, but there are a few gems in each of his albums (when he was alive)
2019-04-03 05:28
You are assuming SKINS is pure shit, then? I'm gonna check that, sounds accurate, many people tell the same, though..
2019-04-04 04:03
Skins is subpar to X standards, has a few quite good ones though like train food
2019-04-04 05:39
United States Doge14
a few average songs but noting amazing
2019-04-05 04:09
Zero | 
Slovakia S1W0
X Is good as long as we are talkin about the real x ofc DMX not that other garbage
2019-04-03 23:17
DMX is dope af
2019-04-04 03:25
2019-04-04 05:39
xseveN | 
Finland teue
people still say asap even tho asap isn't one person smh
2019-04-03 05:20
you know i meant rocky so who gives 2 shits
2019-04-03 18:17
X is not really a great rapper but is a fantastic artist. He is more of a nice pop artist than a rapper. His style is very fresh (though I dont like it at all)) and you have to give him props because he made a very unique type of music.
2019-04-06 18:03
except he made a shitload of different types of music, thats why i say he was so diverse. He could rap insanely well too, and did in some songs (most notably infinity 888 with joey badass, take a listen) but yeah you're right, easily one of the greatest A R T I S T S in the history of hip hop
2019-04-06 18:05
1. M&M 2. Nasdaq Composite 3. 3packs of cigarettes 4. imagine being so poor that 50 cents is a lot of money 5. CS:GO
2019-04-03 03:29
Nice list
2019-04-03 07:04
logic, childish gambino, kanye west, gekyume and xxxsensation
2019-04-03 03:29
2019-04-03 03:55
X trash, the gekyume one i don't know for the rest, really nice picks
2019-04-03 04:01
gekyume is a meme cause x son is called gekyume
2019-04-03 04:02
oh o.O
2019-04-03 04:03
Japan MashiroK
1. EMINEM 2. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 4. B-Rabbit 5. The white guy from D12
2019-04-03 03:32
haha never seen that one before!!
2019-04-03 03:34
2019-04-03 03:55
i guess i've seen it like 10000 times on yt by children overrating the shit out of him. well, just deductions
2019-04-03 03:59
true eminem good but not best
2019-04-03 04:00
Japan MashiroK
Who is better
2019-04-06 06:31
J Cole 2pac Nas (dont rly like him still better) Joey Kendrick aaaand surely more that i cant think of atm
2019-04-06 15:27
Netherlands Removed
Shame on you your opinion sucks
2019-04-06 18:22
imagine stalking someone on hltv
2019-04-06 18:45
might suck, but its factual
2019-04-06 18:45
(Jw best)
2019-04-06 18:47
overrating him, you're clearly less than 12 and wasnt alive when he was winning awards. its sad people prefer to listen to depressing shit thinking its deep and kids mumbling words under their breathe like when you backchat your parents.
2019-04-03 05:57
Yeah, he is drastically overrated. 1999-2002 was his apex and that's it, most of his discography overall is trash/average taking into comparison with actual masterpieces throughout 88-2007 "you're clearly less than 12" You can apply it to his generic fans who know him from Rap God, Not Afraid, and think he's the G.O.A.T. Not to mention once when i've seen on Youtube another generic white rapper singing mainstream hip hop, and still, Stans were designating him as the "Eminem of next decade" as a compliment, some shit like that. You guys shoot yourselves on the foot, have you checked my nick n my list, by the way?
2019-04-04 03:35
Australia g00sey
"Most of his discography overall is trash/average" Okay man this is how I know you're talking shit. Imo he has dropped off but he has solid as albums. Infinite is alright, mostly a sign of things to come though Slim shady ep - the birth of slim shady and the style we all know him for - what got him signed in the first place LP of that is good too The eminem show - 75% is good shit with some crap songs MMLP - arguably best album he has ever made. Goes from hilarious to raw as fuck Encore - the worst of these original albums, still some good songs Relapse - at first i fuckin hated it but i think it is one of his more interesting albums. Hits pretty raw like MMLP Recovery - ehh its alright some good songs but not his best MMLP2 - skillwise em at his best, rap god's rhyming schemes are crazy and songs like evil twin and bad guy are gold too. I havent bothered listening to the 2 new albums but no way you can say overall he is trash. He has some songs that are utter shite but the majority of his albums are good and some are great. There is a reason people call him one of the greats
2019-04-04 06:00
Didn't you read it properly? It's trash when it comes to comparison with other masterpieces, but i'm not talking about SSLP-TEMS period. Infinite is pretty 5/10 The highest i can rank from him, throughout this period of 96-97 and 2003-2018, is relapse with a 7, maybe. But try to compare any of these albums with Wu-Tang Forever, 7 Day Theory, Liquid Swords, etc. Also, to be completely honest, i really think that Kendrick's best album, good kid m.A.a.d city, is better than his entire discography, except for those three. Can you elaborate to me the magnificence of MMLP? This album is pretty overrated imo, and i really like it. Give it a 8.5
2019-04-04 06:08
Australia g00sey
Yeah okay i misread, I wouldnt put any of this other albums as some of the greatest between 88-07 but i really like MMLP2 and think its one of the better albums in recent times +1 about m.a.a.d city, dont really like kendrick that much but that album is sick. Also to that list id add shit like low end theory, ready to die, illmatic but thats kinda pointless cos that list can go on a long time. MMLP is rated so highly cos as I said it goes from hilarious to raw as fuck without having a single bad song (something i think every other album of his struggles to achieve) Its a really hard thing to argue as its subjective as fuck. I think what makes him good is a self awareness - he can make fun of himself and it seems pretty genuine. Not a lot of other rappers willingly take shots at themselves like that.
2019-04-04 06:20
Yeah, it's such an unique characteristic from him, i fucking love that, hahahahaha I listened to like 73% of MMLP. I may structure a better opinion later on, but... i still think The Eminem Show will be always his greatest album of all time. Plus, i don't see many magnificent things from MMLP except for some, like, 5 tracks.
2019-04-04 06:23
Australia g00sey
Okay so Ive been relooking through these albums over and over to get my shit straight when replying. The eminem show i reckon has higher peaks than MMLP but some shitter songs as well. Basically MMLP more consistent overall. I love without me, white america, sing for the moment and till i collapse off the em show. Cheers for the reasonable chat on HLTV bro
2019-04-04 06:30
HAHAHAHAHA, hard to have such with an amount of no-lifer insecure people who enjoy talking shit behind of a screen, cursing 24/7 because they wouldn't say it in face of someone, you know.. But thanks for the conversation, that was awesome
2019-04-04 06:30
tbh slim shady > eminem but whatever. your list
2019-04-06 18:17
1. NF 2. Eminem 3. EZ 4. 5. ENCE
2019-04-03 03:37
very gut vetr tdej
2019-04-03 20:13
1. NOTORIOUS BIG 2. 21 Savage 3. Xxxtentacion 4. Oliver Francis 5. Lil Uzi Vert
2019-04-03 03:38
It started well...
2019-04-03 22:32
Australia g00sey
2019-04-04 06:04
Biggie is dogshit
2019-04-06 15:28
Netherlands Removed
Honestly just stop you're embarassing yourself
2019-04-06 18:23
2019-04-06 18:45
Your flair checks out a little fucking bit
2019-04-06 19:15
cringe name and flair please go outside
2019-04-06 19:16
Didnt know homeless men like you had a Phone to write on
2019-04-06 19:24
I don't use my phone to write here?
2019-04-06 19:25
Oh, you kept your computer from 1998?
2019-04-06 19:35
?? XD
2019-04-06 20:57
thats so random
2019-04-04 04:06
True xd
2019-04-06 18:38
holy +1 for oliver
2019-04-06 18:19
playboi carti, young thug, lil uzi vert, 21 savage, lil baby
2019-04-03 03:45
such a trap kid xD
2019-04-03 04:04
1. 6ix9ine 2. Lil Pump 3.Cardi B 4. Wide Neck 5 Daddy Long Neck
2019-04-03 03:45
All time: 1. Nas 2. Biggie 3. Pac 4. Eminem 5. Andre 3000 Right Now: 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. J Cole 3. Joey Bada$$ 4. Logic 5. Kanye West
2019-04-03 03:47
nice mens
2019-04-03 03:56
thanks men
2019-04-03 05:16
Logic? What are you on mate?
2019-04-03 23:15
Solid lists man!
2019-04-04 06:09
Favorites? Oldschool: Nas 50 Cent Kanye West Wu-Tang Eminem Newschool: Kendrick Lamar J. Cole Logic NF A$AP Rocky
2019-04-03 03:58
Also, as the actual greatest of all time, i would include these five: Nas Rakim 2Pac Ice Cube GZA Nas as first, Rakim as second, 2Pac as 5th, and i wouldn't know how to order the other ones.
2019-04-03 04:02
Respect the NF new school choice. Very underrated rapper imo
2019-04-06 06:49
Same, some bastards even curse him because he is religious, and shit. Mostly mumble rap fans hate hard on this guy, hip hop is pretty composed by ignorant people, though, that's sad..
2019-04-07 02:33
Caleon Fox NLE Choppa Kanye X YBN Crew Shaboozey it's 6 but I couldn't decide on 5
2019-04-03 04:03
At the moment.. Al Divino. Roc Marciano. Benny The Butcher. Tha God Fahim and Mach-Hommy.
2019-04-03 04:03
cyx | 
Netherlands vldpkha
+1000000 Also Estee Nack Ka Eto & more
2019-04-03 18:23
Damn bro! Actually someone here NOT sleeping on hiphop! I forgot Estee Nack and Ankhlejohn and actually thought about going back and writing them on, but since nobody probably gave a fuck anyway I just didnt lol. Glad someone did and someone recognize ;) I just bought Ankhlejohn - Ankh Nasty and Dump Gawd: Divino Edition 1 & 2 Haven't received Divino Edition 2 yet.
2019-04-03 22:23
cyx | 
Netherlands vldpkha
Cool,One of my homies also make beats for some of them... And one of Anhklejohn's song is about a guy that i talk to too...
2019-04-03 22:22
Small fucking world! Thats hella nice man. Whats your friends name?
2019-04-03 22:24
cyx | 
Netherlands vldpkha
In a big group chat with rappers/producers... Ever heard of Flashius Clayton?
2019-04-03 22:24
Okay. No, unfortunately I haven't, but I will definitely check him out! :) And people sometimes say hiphop is dead lol.. They are just really missing out!
2019-04-03 22:26
Ooh and the friends name online is ''Fadeawaybarber'' aka Nick
2019-04-03 22:29
I'll check him out aswell! Listening to Wolf Moon EP right now man.. Ty for that!
2019-04-03 22:29
I mean hes the guy mentioned on the Anhklejohn song,Hes just a barber that loves Hip-Hop.
2019-04-03 22:30
Oh, I thought it was the producer lol
2019-04-03 22:30
No the producer mostly is The Historian
2019-04-03 22:33
I'm familiar with The Historian.. he's dope
2019-04-03 22:34
Hes also a dope guy ,Also had Fortes,Who is a D-Block affiliate in the group.
2019-04-03 22:36
I'm honestly glad to see that not everyone on this forum is listing all the classic rappers only.. Not to take anyway away from them, but real hiphop these days is found in the names above especially.. thats just my opinion ofc ;)
2019-04-03 22:40
Also forgot Rigz/Da Cloth AOTP(Army Of The Pharoahs) Rome Streetz Lisaaan'dro Nems Crimeapple WIllie The Kid Locksmith $ha Hef Retch are all dope
2019-04-03 22:51
+ Conway The Machine Westside Gunn Elcamino Hus Kingpin SmooVth Planet Asia Recognize Ali and so on lol
2019-04-03 22:57
Can go on for pretty long lmao.
2019-04-03 22:58
Thats for sure haha. You did drop some I haven't heard tho. So I was hoping to do the same. I have some new ones to check out now. Grateful for that, mate.
2019-04-03 23:00
No problem,I've known all of yours tho... haha but enjoy them.
2019-04-03 23:10
asap rocky asap ferg skepta offset drake
2019-04-03 04:03
Spain vG|TooNyy
2019-04-03 04:04
mgk mgk mgk mgk mgk
2019-04-03 04:04
djonga dfideliz menestrel fbc sidoka mc igu froid yung buda cant choose
2019-04-03 04:05
2019-04-04 06:14
2019-04-07 02:54
just laughing at the fact yo mentioned br trappers only
2019-04-07 02:58
Venezuela anx420
kendrick,, earl sweatshirt,, andre 3k, kanye n denzel curry
2019-04-03 05:18
CIS rednaksi
The Game is not even TOP-10
2019-04-03 05:21
g-eazy eminem kid cudy travis scott juice wrld
2019-04-03 05:22
likes Kid Cudi so much he misspells it
2019-04-03 05:59
CIS rednaksi
1. Eminem 2. 2pac 3. The Notorious B.I.G. 4. NAS 5. JAY-Z
2019-04-03 05:22
I Think you missplaced 1 and 3
2019-04-06 19:16
United States Doge14
Ricegum /s
2019-04-03 05:29
Lil skies Logic Lil xan(?) Ski mask Eminem
2019-04-03 05:30
last 4 words check out LUL.
2019-04-04 06:14
Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Pewdiepie
2019-04-03 05:39
eminem kendrick kanye west nas j.cole
2019-04-03 05:48
Eminem 2pac 50 cent Jay z Post malone
2019-04-03 06:07
2019-04-03 07:06
No one mentioning MF DOOM? Really?
2019-04-03 07:07
2019-04-03 18:28
Yeah, he's dope.
2019-04-04 06:15
MoMo | 
Canada Arzee
2 pac Biggie 2 pac Biggie 2 Smalls
2019-04-03 07:12
( not in order, i love them equally ) Young Thug Kanye West Chief Keef Ski Mask A$AP Rocky
2019-04-03 08:32
eminem hopsin token gettomasa
2019-04-03 08:33
2019-04-03 08:38
Prodigy Skepta The Underachievers Bones Biggie
2019-04-03 08:39
United Kingdom tr@c
Long flight to Moscow, wake me when we land Russian people really love bones huh? (me too)
2019-04-03 22:31
yes, russians love bones he has a lot of fans here
2019-04-03 22:56
Eminem 2Pac Kendrick Lamar JayZ Kanye
2019-04-03 08:41
biggie nas mf doom wu-tang atcq
2019-04-03 18:36
not in any order
2019-04-03 18:37
Australia g00sey
One of the best lists ive seen here
2019-04-04 06:08
Sweden flippig
how is wu-tang "a" rapper?
2019-04-06 17:58
i included rap collectives
2019-04-06 20:20
Your list is probaly the Best so far!
2019-04-06 19:17
Macedonia trashbait
Ye Kendrick Jay Pac Dre
2019-04-03 18:39
Germany Kaidixdeh
1.Eazy-E 2.Ice Cube 3.Biggie 4.Nas 5. Eminem
2019-04-03 18:40
Missplaced 1and 3, right :)?? Pls say im right, Biggie is the best
2019-04-06 19:17
the most basic answer
2019-04-06 23:33
Kazakhstan Fijithings
Lil Peep Lil Skies Lil Pump Ski Mask The Slump God Big Baby Tape
2019-04-03 18:44
kendrick lamar denzel curry others doesnt matter
2019-04-03 18:45
2pac Eminem Post Malone Swae Lee/JayZ Kendrick Lamar
2019-04-03 18:48
Swae Lee oh hell nah mans is ass outside of Rae Sremmurd
2019-04-03 18:59
Russia 9WindRush9
ak 47 Vitya and Maksin Slava KPSS Thrill Pill Mnogoznal Thomas Mraz
2019-04-03 18:48
mnogoznaal good, thomas and slava garbage
2019-04-06 19:17
2019-04-06 22:03
thomas mraz makes pop shit and slava kpss sounds like an elvish sex offender, the only good song from him is 18 marta
2019-04-06 23:24
This is an anti-hype they fuck the sound and the idea of tracks. I do not like ? Fuck your mouth, antihipe. About this idea
2019-04-06 23:49
i mean his own voice that he was born with. he can't do anything about it to make it sound less garbage
2019-04-06 23:50
Yes, and to hell with this voice, the main thing that makes cool now in Russian rap hardly anyone can give something like that. everyone reads about drugs and bitches, and this is already pretty tired. I'd rather be listening to an incomprehensible garbage than shagging
2019-04-06 23:56
1. X 2. Rich Brian 3. Kodak 4. Ski Mask 5. Kendrick
2019-04-03 18:53
Zero | 
Slovakia S1W0
Dmx at 1 thats a brave pick
2019-04-06 22:17
IN NO ORDER Nas 2pac Kendrick Biggie Big L
2019-04-03 18:53
1. Eminem 2. NF 3. Post Malone 4. Logic 5. Denzel Curry
2019-04-03 18:56
post malone LMFAO
2019-04-06 19:38
post malone is good
2019-04-06 19:57
corey taylor fred durst mike shinoda zack de la rocha Sonny Sandoval Not a rap fan, but fuck it
2019-04-03 18:57
Yung Lean Yung Lean Yung Lean Yung Lean Yung Lean
2019-04-03 18:58
bitches come and go bruh but u know I stay E M O T I O N A L B O Y S 2 0 0 2
2019-04-03 19:16
Get my balls licked by a Zoe Deschanel look alike cocaine addict Out in narashino and I see my own white shadow a tad too close rad with a bad diagnose coke filled nose too wierd for them other fuckboys catch lean and the sadboys out in europe sippin crystal
2019-04-03 20:07
Fuck outta here with that sadboys shit, we GTBSG shield gang and we shielded up for life dawg. Bladee invented music.
2019-04-04 03:31
Aye chill bruh I fuck wit Bladee too
2019-04-04 08:26
Netherlands jen5on
Hex One Ill Conscious Diabolic Eminem RA The Rugged Man
2019-04-03 18:58
Ceza Sagopa kajmer Allame Sehinsah ---------
2019-04-03 19:00
peep and the other 4 dont matter
2019-04-03 19:02
1 Eminem 2 ski mask 3 rocky 4Kendrick Lamar 5 Travis
2019-04-03 19:04
Chile strong221
contenders nowadays LOGIC J COLE 21 denzel curry kendrick GOD eminem
2019-04-03 19:21
United States YEP_COCK
Eminem Logic idk men
2019-04-03 19:23
Finland Teukkasd
Rae sremmurd, ski mask the slump god, global dan,rich the kid, tyga
2019-04-03 20:12
#1: no one #2: no one #3: no one #4: no one #5: no one
2019-04-03 20:14
JW | 
Sweden showtech
1 Travis Scott 2 rich the kid 3 post malone 4 quavo 5 kodak black
2019-04-03 21:04
United Kingdom tr@c
drain gang
2019-04-03 22:32
Lil Xanax
2019-04-03 22:33
1.dmx 2. Eazy e 3. Tupac 4. Ice cube 5. 50cent (to sleep)
2019-04-03 22:34
Where is biggie?
2019-04-06 19:18
don't like his style, i prefer more aggressive rappers
2019-04-06 20:32
Drake X Eminem LilPeep The Verkkars OFC :D (EZ4ENCE)
2019-04-03 22:36
denzel curry bones terror reid tyler the creator ski mask
2019-04-03 22:42
Nas Method Man Mobb Deep (Havoc and Prodigy) Tupac and a tie between Eminem/Jay Z/Biggie.
2019-04-03 22:48
2019-04-03 22:47
XXXTentacion Ski Mask The Slump God Vince Staples Kendrick WifisFuneral Honourable Mentions: Lil Uzi Travis Jidenna Dave
2019-04-03 22:48
lil uzi eminem hopsin ence
2019-04-03 22:54
United Kingdom bvipster
bbno$ Yung Gravy Mr Traumatik C418 Mozart
2019-04-03 23:00
by skill or by music? by music its: Masta Ace Mac Miller Mc Geologic Ahzumjot blu
2019-04-03 23:01
Germany Vini_1337
biggie 50cent jayz rick ross the weeknd (not really rapper but my fav artist)
2019-04-03 23:05
Tyler Durden Yzomandias ASAP Jarda Ca$hanova Bulhar Don Chain
2019-04-03 23:08
2019-04-03 23:09
1) Chief Keef 2) Lil Yachty 3) Lil Uzi 4) Ghostemane 5) Juice wrld
2019-04-03 23:13
juice world new ablum is so godd men((( best almbum of year men(((
2019-04-07 06:00
Lil Pump Karrigan Feduk Donald Trump Avicii
2019-04-03 23:15
Zero | 
Slovakia S1W0
Em B.I.G royce da 5'9' pac 50
2019-04-03 23:18
Sweden Currahee
50 Cent - Not the best MC, but tracks like Many Men and Hustlers Ambition puts him on the list alone. It's not easy to write about violence and make it sound genuine, 50 nails that. My top . Sean Price - Way too underrated, Onion Head is lethal, his wittiness, style of writing, just a complete MC. Brokest rapper you know. MF DOOM - Madvillainy, do I even need to say more? 2Pac - He was the reason I even started listen to hip hop in the first place, his incredible influence is undeniable. Aesop Rock - Yeez his writing and way with words in crazy! "Deep in a self imposed Stockholm and Lima influx" that shit blows my godddamn mind. Honorable mentions: Organismen 12 - He raps in swedish, but his album "Petar på döda saker med pinnar" is beyond incredible! DMX - Kinda same reason as 50. R.A. The Rugged Man - I love the dude, one of the best MC's all time. What he did on Uncommon Valor is and will forever be LEGENDARY. E-Dubble - As a child, he showed me the positive and gun-free side of hip hop. He blessed the game with his music.
2019-04-03 23:37
Top 10 1. Racionais MC's 2. Sabotage 3. Notorious Big 4. Beastie Boys 5. De La Soul 6. Hieroglyphs 7. Tribe Called Quest 8. Digable Planets 9. Rzo 10. Das efx
2019-04-04 04:25
2019-04-04 05:42
Eminem 2Pac Dr.Dre 50 Cent Biggie
2019-04-04 06:10
Timati FACE Skriptonit Noise MC L'ONE <3 <3 <3
2019-04-04 06:21
1. Notorious BIG 2. Mobb Deep 3. Eminem 4. Tupac 5. Rakim
2019-04-04 06:22
lil skitles lil bitch lil faggot lil sack lil nuts
2019-04-04 06:35
I am an Indian. So I like Divine and Naezy. They are very good. In international rappers, I like Wiz Khalifa.
2019-04-04 10:19
1. Nails on a chalk board 2. Auto tune dog 3. Fork scratching plate 4. Kurt Cobain 5. A dumpster fire
2019-04-05 04:15
1. PNL 2. N.O.S 3. Ademo 4. Tarik andrieu 5. Nabil Andrieu
2019-04-06 17:25
NBK- | 
France Exeys
I agree
2019-04-06 19:08
"Name top 5 rappers" no mumble rap though just fill the whole thread with "woke" generic boring rappers. It's so trendy to hate on "mumble rap" (which is actually not mumble rap but mostly Trap music). Fact is that lyrical fast rap is dying and trap music is superior. With that said: 1. Chief Keef (GOAT) 2. Comethazine 3. Kodak Black 4. Fredo Santana 5. A Boogie Just personal favs but my music taste is too broad to put top 5.
2019-04-06 17:35
i dont know what is more sad, this list in general or saying chief keef is goat :(
2019-04-06 17:42
You're just narrow minded :)
2019-04-06 17:44
Nah, I'm not ... i like rap where actual skill is involved. Wether it comes to rhyming or beats.
2019-04-06 17:47
So you're saying Trap music doesnt have good beats?
2019-04-06 17:53
trap music has some good beats. chief keef doesnt though, never heard a dope track by him. this is at least my personal perception.
2019-04-06 20:30
Nas Prodigy ( at least in his prime) Gza Apathy Vinnie Paz
2019-04-06 17:41
The Notorius B.I.G Biggie Frank White Biggie smalls BIG
2019-04-06 17:44
2019-04-06 17:48
fake flagger
2019-04-06 18:04
Sweden flippig
2pac, biggie, raekwon, nas, big L
2019-04-06 17:54
There are none cuz they're all trash
2019-04-06 17:55
pablo escobar eazy e daddy yankee biggie smalls emmanuel delcour al capone
2019-04-06 17:56
If no Big and no Kendrick, you dont know a thing. Big, Em, 2pac, Kendrick, MF Doom. I think top 10 woud be more accurate: Those 5 + Earl Sweatshirt, Jayz, Kanye, Nas and Kool Keith Top 5 producers: J Dilla, Madlib, Kanye, Dr Dre and Premier (last two, not that I like but they were/are super important for the culture evolution)
2019-04-06 17:58
you like dilla and madlib beats, but no primo? weird. nice, someone mentions kool keith. dr octagon is a killer album, were listening to it and company flow - funcrusher plus for the whole summer when we were 14. earth people is still one of my favorites up until this day.
2019-04-06 20:36
Yes, I really don't like primo at all. I don't know why but I find his stuff "plastic", it doesn't sound right at all for me. About kool keith, I love how he rhymes and the more "agressive" lyrics he writes. Dr. Octagon is really a masterpiece. About company flow well... El-P is a guy I admire a lot. And though I like him as rapper, I prefer him as producer. They have a nice colab with DJ Krush (which is amazing, check if you don't know him) which is called "Vision of art".
2019-04-06 21:12
Portugal davidtgod
1- Wiz Khalifa 2- Logic 3- Lil skies 4- Spiita 5- Mac Miller (R.I.P)
2019-04-06 17:58
offset travis scott j cole big sean kendrick lamar (not in order)
2019-04-06 18:00
The Notorious B.I.G. Nas Big Pun Hopsin Kayra
2019-04-06 18:04
Nas Kendrick Lamar Rakim J.Cole GZA
2019-04-06 18:07
Portugal Leg_day2
2019-04-06 18:07
Kendrick Logic Boogie Anonymuz Dre
2019-04-06 18:13
United States Helmer
dilated people nas dre common eminem
2019-04-06 18:18
old dirty bastard old dirty bastard old dirty bastard old dirty bastard old dirty bastard
2019-04-06 18:31
1. Kendrick Lamar 2. J. Cole 3. Wiz Khalifa 4. Travis Scott 5. Future
2019-04-06 18:33
1) Kanye West 2) Danny Brown 3) Big K.R.I.T. 4) A$AP Rocky 5) Isaiah Rashad HM's: Mick Jenkins, ATCQ, Wiley, Kano, Ghetts
2019-04-06 18:44
bladee yung lean ecco2k thaiboy digital nok from the future honorable mentions: lil uzi vert oliver francis boulevard depo
2019-04-06 18:49
J cole Ski Mask Kendrick X Meek Mill
2019-04-06 18:46
Czech Republic Heart1e
lil peep 2pac Eminem Biggie Dr. Dre
2019-04-06 18:48
very good list i can agree to everything but peep. peep is an amazing artist but i dont consider him a rapper
2019-04-06 22:31
2019-04-07 05:58
senk you my london not good menns))😎😎😎
2019-04-08 17:21
Denmark r0zen^_^
Rakim Eminem RA the Rugged man Masta Ace Guru
2019-04-06 19:23
Sweden La1rea
1 - 2Pac 2 - Nas 3 - B.I.G 4 - Ice Cube 5 - EMIN3M
2019-04-06 19:26
1- Pitbull 2- Post melone 3- 9ix6ine 4- xXxtentaclesxXx 5- Eminem
2019-04-06 19:30
1. Eminem 2. Biggie 3. Kendrick Lamar 4. J. Cole 5. Kanye West
2019-04-06 19:40
macklemore, logic, kanye west, eminem, DMX
2019-04-06 19:53
logic lul
2019-04-07 05:58
United Kingdom Jewv1ce
1) Eminem 2) Denzel Curry 3) Witt lowry 4) Hopsin 5) Yelawolf
2019-04-06 20:02
man good list , but where is Dr. Dre ??
2019-04-06 20:31
Eminem , 50 Cent , Dr dre , The Game , Snoop Dogg
2019-04-06 20:31
top 7 : Eminem , Dr. Dre , 2Pac , Snoop Dogg , 50 Cent , The Game , Ice Cube
2019-04-06 20:33
Lil peep Kanye Mac miller
2019-04-06 20:35
1. Method Man 2.GZA/Genius 3.Rakim 4.Redman 5.MF DOOM H.M - guru, big pun, ghostface, andre3K
2019-04-06 20:37
1-Eminem 2-Marshall Mathers 3-Slim Shady 4-RAP God 5-M&M
2019-04-06 20:44
all comments that dont include j cole are bait btw
2019-04-06 22:04
Zero | 
Slovakia S1W0
J cole aint a top 5 all time
2019-04-06 22:21
no, hes top 1 lol
2019-04-06 22:33
Nt J Coles Mom
2019-04-07 06:02
I wish i shat out cole
2019-04-07 17:00
comethazine, kendrick lamar, ski mask, 21 savage, Octavian
2019-04-06 22:15
Offset Gunna Takeoff Lil Baby Travis/21/Gucci
2019-04-06 22:22
Estonia RopzTop1
Eminem is overrated af
2019-04-06 22:24
2019-04-07 03:01
1. Biggie smalls 2. Tupac 3. Mf doom 4. Does wu tang count? 5. Kendrick honorable mentions J cole, Earl sweatshirt, Childish gambino
2019-04-06 22:30
Kanye West
2019-04-06 23:25
1. Del tha Funky Homosapien, 2. Pac, 3. Geto Boys 4. Jedi Mind Tricks 5. N.W.A Not all are single artists, but the collective they represent is bigger than one artist :()
2019-04-07 02:37
Portugal Brolaire
Richie Cunning, R.A The Rugged Man, Hopsin, Vinnie Paz, Tech N9ne
2019-04-07 02:38
Bulgaria berkalin
Ico Hazarta
2019-04-07 02:59
e dubble
2019-04-07 03:09
E-dubble Raffa Moreira Lil Raff Lil Raff Raffa Moreira
2019-04-07 05:55
6ix9ine, XXXTENTACION, Lil Pump, Lil Xan, and of course, Lil Nas X
2019-04-07 05:58
KSI Kendrick Lamar Travis Scott Future The Weeknd
2019-04-07 06:02
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