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markeloff | 
Switzerland TheHugoMaster 
Niko ruined more significant teams than s1mple /discuss
2019-04-03 16:13
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Bulgaria Omaiguudnes
Yeah NiKo ruined mouz for a while after he left them unluko Karrigan ruined FaZe so hard by teaching them how to choke unluko maluko
2019-04-03 16:14
niko ruined mouz and faze by trying to be igl...
2019-04-03 16:15
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes
Wait i have a copypaste for idiots like you "Oh my god another retard man its the 197TH time i explain this Karrigan l8 2018: 0 2 faceit major, Going out of groups at ESL one new york 2018 loosing bo3 to smithzz and Daps Omegalul NiKo L8 2018: 3 2 faceit major, wins Epicenter, later on goes to win against Astralis 2-0 at the groupstage and reaches Semis in Chicago, after that in 2019 wins Eleague Invitational and qualifies for the major,"
2019-04-03 16:16
faze with Karrigan --> Dominated the scene for months faze with niko --> struggling in every match and tour mouz with niko --> tier 2 mouz without niko --> tier 1
2019-04-03 16:18
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes
SUCH AN IDIOT Mouz WITHOUT GERMANS*************** ==> Tier 1, Do you actually blame NiKo for not being able to make a top team out of SPIIDIII DENNIS and LOWEL OMEGALUL Karrigan argument: Fnatic with Pronax= Had a long ass era Fnatic with Any other IGL= Did almost nothing Its called being washed up you fucking idiot and thats the best adjective you can give to karrigan, washed up shit bottom fragging against Vitality in dust2 (Which they Lost to Spirit) 1 1 16 LOL
2019-04-03 16:20
fact is that: faze with Karrigan --> Dominated the scene for months faze with niko --> struggling in every match and tour mouz with niko --> tier 2 mouz without niko --> tier 1 i am fan of faze, i am really but niko igling is just fucking bad and stoopid
2019-04-03 16:22
We can see Mastermind Karrigan with his superior tactics how he outstrats every single oponent at the Eleague Boston Major, it was like playing 3D chess, his Intelligence was so superior that any team they played were tactically inferior, but Aimwise Superior, as we see in the superstar team of old mousesports, Proffesional Veteran ChrisJ, Young Gun ropz, Finnish prodigy sunny, Central Europe's best oskar and the best support in the world at that time, the Slovak god, STYKO didnt stand a single chance against the likes of the strategies of Karrigan, they were completely outrotated and outstrated, same against Natus Vincere, every single one of them in their respective roles was better but zeus, S1mple>GuardiaN, Electronic>NiKo Flamie>Rain Karrigan>Zeus and Edward>Olofmeister, despite this they still won even if there wasnt any individual prowess from FaZe, everything was Strategical. This is the magical fucking world you live in, karrigan was only a "good igl" when Rain, Guardian and NiKo did their best, oh wow NiKo didnt show his best at the finals, he only played decently! oh fucking no! we lost because im karrigan and my brain is the size of a pea, look at my duck fucking face, oh wow unluko next event! IEM Katowice 2018! Oh no! same thing happened, uuuuuunluko maluko that the enemy team had someone that aced us 2 and we couldnt shut him down with the best talents at the world. Karrigan is soooo overrated and he is complete garbage
2019-04-03 16:24
so with what ur saying is that when niko played bad with karigann in the team they lost. and when he played good they won. but now even when he plays good they lose because he is a shit igl and they should get a proper igl and maybe get rid of one more player like botmeister or inconsistent rain, so they can be top3 team again.
2019-04-03 16:27
Meh whatever you say dude, trying to argue with you is like talking to a wall, when they loose against North we will see who they will get...
2019-04-03 16:28
im just saying that niko ruined faze by kicking karigann and trying to be igl instead of getting a good igl..
2019-04-03 16:29
Who could they get????
2019-04-03 16:29
that is up to them, at this point any igl is better than niko
2019-04-03 16:30
Yeah they should get Ex6tenZ yes? or pronax hahaahaha
2019-04-03 16:46
im not saying that, but they would probably be better than niko
2019-04-03 16:51
2019-04-03 16:52
yes, way better
2019-04-05 08:29
Syria noo_true
2019-04-04 22:40
2019-04-03 17:22
What about that
2019-04-03 18:04
Germany staxie
at the major electronic > NiKo, edward > Olof and flamie > rain??? Did you really watch the Boston Major?! Everyone from Faze was destroying
2019-04-05 08:36
no wait for real are you really comparing mouse with germans, with mouse with sunny and the others? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
2019-04-03 16:31
2019-04-03 16:34
so what? i don't care about your discuss at all. so wait a moment... #23
2019-04-03 16:34
commenting on a threat = discussing
2019-04-03 16:36
but your discuss is not = my discuss. what are you trying to prove me i don't get.
2019-04-03 16:36
u said u dont care about my discuss but still answering me so u are hypocritical and ur argument is invalid
2019-04-03 16:37
dude are you baiting or something? if so probably 3/8
2019-04-03 16:39
no u are
2019-04-03 16:39
it's raising 4/8 😎
2019-04-03 16:40
3/8 for u're bait
2019-04-03 16:40
u're 😎 ok stop
2019-04-03 16:43
for that i get a 8/8?
2019-04-03 16:43
yeah my man 8/8 😎
2019-04-03 16:43
ty very much
2019-04-03 16:43
Romania Iosif
Yep, mouz definetely tier 1
2019-04-03 16:33
mouz tier 1 in 2018, what are u talking about?
2019-04-03 16:33
Romania Iosif
mouz tier 1 half of 2018*
2019-04-03 16:36
january 2018: #7 february 2018: #4 .. .. december 2018: #5 a team being in top 5 for 11 month out of 12 is tier 1 for the whole year nigga
2019-04-03 16:39
Mouz only became better when they kicked those shitter bots aka denis and spiddy along with lowel and THEN.So they had to change 3/5 players to become better..
2019-04-03 16:46
Mouz roster with NiKo Spiidi Lowel Denis ChrisJ Mouz roster without NiKo till good: Ropz Oscar Sunny ChrisJ Styko FaZe before adding NiKo 6th-10th in the world without any success. FaZe after adding NiKo 4 Tier 1 straight finals in a row against astralis and SK won 2nd tournament with him NiKo best teambooster in the world with s1mple Cuz his 500k buyout was what made mouz good they had the money to build a team
2019-04-03 17:28
Wtf why are u trying to talk bad words about their superstar which carries them every match? Problem isn't in NiKo, problem is in fact that they don't have good igl, their management is totally stupid because they are signing support players like AdreN on the igl place. NiKo isn't an igl and FaZe sport director or who tf signs players should realise that they need good igl instead of support players.
2019-04-04 08:26
Dude you are so wrong in many ways. I will agree with you Faze choked big time at Boston and Karrigan was also notorious for choking with Astralis in the big matches. But to say that Faze is doing better with NiKo igl is just stupid. Faze was the only team capable of going head to head with Astralis last year when Karrigan was igl and they even won Sydney when Astralis was most dominant. Faze doing bad right now has nothing to do with Karrigan or NiKo, i think the team needs a fresh lineup, washed up players like Adren and Olof, even to an extend Guardian, should maybe go.
2019-04-03 16:27
Look at late 2018, he has great tactics like waiting for the last 15 seconds and pushing out against the stack in the site!
2019-04-03 16:27
You talking about NiKo now? Because he is the only one doing that stupid tactic
2019-04-03 16:28
2019-04-03 16:28
Yeah but with him it actually works in overpass
2019-04-03 16:29
I admire you being such a big NiKo fanboy. But he is not doing any good igl the team. I think his ego is too big, he would never last 1 min with the boys from Astralis because he dont understand the value of teamplay.
2019-04-03 16:31
" I think his ego is too big," I too love making statements without any proof! And what the fuck do you know about it? most of the times in Ecos he drops the deagle to rain and he is probably the guy with most flash assists in the game, he has great teamplay, he just cant show it because he has no idea how
2019-04-03 16:46
he has most flash assist be cause he cant get flashed in because he has such a low sens
2019-04-03 16:50
NiKo has some good ass flicks with awp and the best aim correction in the world 0/8
2019-04-03 16:51
zoom sens is higher than normal sens aim correction has nothing to do with what i said in #50
2019-04-03 16:53
no its not, in fact he has 0.9 zoom sensitivity
2019-04-05 08:35
i was assuming, maybe he does it like guardian, have a low overall sens but then higher zoom sens like 1.2.. i play like this too, i have 400 dpi 1.5 sens and 0.8 zoom sens and i can flick too.. but turning away from flashes is very difficult with this sense
2019-04-05 08:37
yeah I know the struggle :D I play with 1.35 myself
2019-04-05 08:57
2019-04-05 09:20
2019-04-03 17:26
Dude they got rid of Karrigan because the team did not believe that Karrigan realised the full potential of the lineup. If you look at the team right now, all the players are more shit than before Karrigan was igl. The only one playing good right now is NiKo, he is setting himself up to be the star. If you look at teams like TL, Astralis or Ence which i consider the three best team atm they dont have a star player who are set up like NiKo. NiKo should never igl, if he should igl it means he need to giving up his ego to help his teammate to play better. Karrigan was baiting himself to help his team to entry sides. What are NiKo doing, setting himself up to get all the kills.
2019-04-03 16:57
"Setting himself up to get all the kills" How about you fucking watch the games? Or do you like better sleeping meanwhile Astralis is Raping Liquid or some other shit team?
2019-04-03 18:09
I am watching and you know i am right about NiKo. Most of the time he is lurking and making his team go first and die so he can clean up after. When he is entrying he is actully good and open up sites but he is not doing it enough because he is afraid of being traded off and not getting enough stats :) So you are saying Liquid is shit? NiKo or your washed up Faze cant come near Liquid or even North. I think you should be the one sleeping because its not nice to watch NikoClan right now ;)
2019-04-03 18:14
Yeah opening Short and Long instead of rain almost all the time is lurking, yeah get the fuck out
2019-04-03 18:15
Yes ofc he is opening both short and long at the same time. nice try delusional NiKo gf :)
2019-04-03 18:18
Alright man, whatever you say plastic shit
2019-04-03 18:20
Cuz he is a LURKER and he has been for years even under karrigan's leadership. They have a primary entry in rain. But hey I see the problem , NiKo needs to clone himself cuz according to guys like you Niko should IGL , lurk , entry , support and awp at the same time and if that's not the case he is a baiter/setting himself up for frags. And let's say he starts entrying , what's the point of having rain in the team then ? Retarded argument.
2019-04-05 10:41
No u are actually incorrect. Olof also was a lurker under Karrigan. My point is just that NiKo sets himself up more when he is the igl, i am not saying there is anything wrong with that. Its just that he is destined to have topstats and there dont seems to be any structure in this team and his stupid last second execution just tells it all.
2019-04-05 11:05
Lmao they managed once at sydney because they won cruicial rounds off individual skill. It was a 5 round diff to astralis in the end and after they never won against astralis till NiKo came that was the 2nd time (Not saying hes a better IGL just saying karrigsns strats were almost as awful and probably even wors we in high pressure matches)
2019-04-03 17:31
You make it sound like it was pure luck. No one could come near Astralis at that time and it was not down to individual skill only. Karrigan is known for leading his team with freedom which mean his systems rely heavily on individual skill. Him not making many strats does not mean him being a horrible igl. His loose style made the team one of the best, and just look where the team are right now.
2019-04-03 18:06
Hey, i do remember someone who did same shit.... snax
2019-04-05 12:22
lol 'teaching them how to choke'
2019-04-03 18:21
You are an Astralis fan and have been following the roster man, dont tell me that this is not what he does
2019-04-03 18:21
Karrigan didnt destroyere faze u dumb ?
2019-04-04 22:42
They got early signs of choke at Oakland, after that the invitational, they got a warning for their bad inferno against vega, nothing, lost the major like a dumbass because no strats even after that he was dumb enough to still be trash at inferno and loose it vs fnatic and loosing iem katowicw 2018, after rhat was meh, but at the start of september he got washed up and was trash
2019-04-04 22:46
Mouz became so much better when NiKo left, him leaving wasn't what ruined them, it was him being an IGL
2019-04-07 05:09 Mouz was still shit when NiKo left, mouz became WAY better when they kicked all of the german trash and lowel, the whole Roster had to be fucking remade ChrisJ NiKo Spiidi Dennis Lowel ChrisJ Ropz Oskar Sunny STYKO I see a lot of fucking difference, the germans were the problem, not NiKo, the mouz roster was completely new, are you gonna blame NiKo for not being able to make a top team out of SPIIDI DENNIS and LOWEL??? or are you gonna give credit to ChrisJ for making a top 5 team out of SUNNY ROPZ and Oskar????
2019-04-07 11:00
Czech Republic fabZeef
no /closed
2019-04-03 16:16
Not yet
2019-04-03 16:17
2019-04-03 16:18
This is his second team he ruined S0mple’s body count is higher
2019-04-03 16:19
i said more significant team.. s1mple ruined tier 2-3 teams and then carried teams to tier 1 (liquid and navi)
2019-04-03 16:20
niko is igl, entry, awp guy has the biggest ego in pro scene.
2019-04-03 16:41
2019-04-03 16:41
Yea he has to do it cuz no1 else can
2019-04-03 17:27
Rain can, heck even olof can do entry, Guardian over niko for AWP anyday for me
2019-04-05 09:25
2019-04-05 09:29
niko only takes primary awp on d2
2019-04-05 12:33
Dont think NiKo is entrying. Guardian is still AWP NiKo is secondary. I meant the IGL part most with my comment
2019-04-05 17:31
well adreN can igl too, i mean that guy is insane with an ak, just keep doing your thing man, igl and stuff not for him
2019-04-05 17:33
Adren cant speak good engliwh
2019-04-06 07:48
S1mple didn’t ruin any teams
2019-04-03 16:44
2019-04-04 08:28
if s1mple wasnt on navi they would be t3 at best
2019-04-05 08:59
2019-04-05 12:20
2019-04-07 05:09
1+ hes carrying all these shit teams
2019-04-05 20:04
His ego isn't what destroyed FaZe you absolute idiot. It was the continued failure of the previous lineup to win championships or beat teams that they should've been able to beat, partly because they didn't boot-camp for shit and star players blame the IGL whenever things don't work (however Karrigan absolutely did deserve criticism for their lack of a T side or a map pool) and THEN NiKo (with his ego and naivete) after months of FaZe failing to do shit, partly because of Olof's absence and mostly because Rain and GuardiaN were shells of their former 2017 selves, decided to take over the IGL role because it was a role he had done before and he even lead FaZe to an actual victory solidifying the idea in his head that he could IGL on a tier 1 level, and then they got AdreN and won another tourney, further making NiKo think that he could IGL especially with the help of YNK. The issue always was that if they kicked Karrigan, because they had failed enough to justify kicking him absolutely, who the fuck would they bring in? He was the best IGL stylistically for them and was a tenured legendary IGL before FaZe, there was no one else who could provide what he could have. Also, Karrigan isn't perfect, FaZe was lost for many months under his leadership and remember that Gla1ve took the exact same core of players Karrigan couldn't do shit with and made them the best team in the world (late 2016 and early 2017). +Golden -Adren and then we see if there's any improvement. You're retarded, never speak about pro counter-strike again.
2019-04-03 16:46
Europe crosst
Didnt even read probably trash anyways
2019-04-03 16:49
Lmao, VG fan. Gtfoh, wtf do you know about teams if your fav team doesn't even exist?
2019-04-03 16:52
Europe crosst
go back to reddit
2019-04-03 16:54
article 13
2019-04-03 18:43
+1 Golden and maybe kick olof
2019-04-03 17:29
Lmao, VG fan. Gtfoh, wtf do you know about teams if your fav team doesn't even exist?
2019-04-03 16:51
my favourite teams are navi and faze but what ever u say..
2019-04-03 16:52
Wrong comment.
2019-04-03 16:52
ah ok
2019-04-03 16:53
Yeah, why Niko play with AWP, if he don't killed enemy,whyyy,FAZE CLAN = TILT CLAN
2019-04-03 16:55
Portugal xxxruixxx
This FaZe roster is really becoming a bad joke. And an expensive one for whoever owns the organization....
2019-04-03 17:26
They should kick Adren and take new IGL. Maybe kick Olof too and take Sunny.
2019-04-03 17:43
But still not more than karrigan (Astralis, FaZe against just FaZe), so still NiKo > karrigan Kappa
2019-04-03 18:09
Pakistan Dano2419
FaZe fix: -olof +Karrigan EZ FaZe top2
2019-04-04 08:42
2019-04-04 22:23
Wtf men))
2019-04-04 22:41
Russia og_loc
retard /closed
2019-04-04 22:41
Brazil Gunzel
teams ruined by s1mple HellRaisers F3 WorstPlayers NaVi and for Niko Mouz FaZe hmmmm....
2019-04-05 09:30
first of all s1mple saved navi and the team worst players wasnt even a real team, and s1mple gave his teammates a chance to play with him and go to a tournament, so thats only 2 Teams. second, i clearly said that niko ruined more SIGNIFICANT teams than s1mple.
2019-04-05 09:34
"thehugomaster", plz, stop riding s1mple's dick
2019-04-06 02:13
plastic fan, stop sucking ence's dick
2019-04-06 02:29
"plastic fan" just because you are one of these doesn't mean everyone is like you
2019-04-06 02:31
ofc im plastic lul
2019-04-06 02:35
2019-04-05 11:07
oj shqipe
2019-04-05 11:44
Niko ruined 1 S1mple ruined 0 I agree
2019-04-05 12:30
niko ruined 2 s1mple ruined 2 niko's teams just were more significant to the scene
2019-04-05 14:19
Niko ruined Faze S1mple ruined no team
2019-04-05 14:20
s1pmle clearly ruined hellraisers and f3 but one could argue about mouz yes
2019-04-05 14:24
How did he ruin those teams?
2019-04-05 14:26
by being fucking toxic and putting his teammates in a position to make them wanting to leave the team if s1mple wouldnt.... ahh and also i forgot team liquid where his mates also wanted to leave the team.. but he took liquid to semi finals and final of 2 majors so that doesnt count i like s1mple very much now btw but back then he was fucking toxic
2019-04-05 14:31
That's fair, he was insanely toxic
2019-04-05 14:32
Denmark Xipingu
Not Niko’s fault mouz’s other players back then were complete ass at the game. However on faze his leadership definitely isn’t working.
2019-04-05 12:32
yes u can argue about his time in mouz but i think his igling there was as bad as now
2019-04-05 14:23
Denmark Xipingu
2019-04-05 15:20
Spain X4rly
Niko ruined faze, only 1, s1mple didnt ruin anyone, he just was toxic on tems that were shit before him already.
2019-04-05 12:35
2019-04-05 14:20
How did S1mple and NiKo ruin any team ? NiKo have won like what 6 events in FaZe where he have been the MVP most of the times -Won more events than Mousesports have after he left S1mple have been stand-in for HR/FS and made them a better team but was replaced because he was toxic Joined Liquid and made them better aswell and took them to a semifinal and a grandfinal in two majors and he was the biggest carry in that team Then we have Na'Vi a team that was dogshit after GuardiaN's injury so he joined them and he was the only player that played good and in 2018 he made Na'Vi #2 team of 2018 and won 4 events and 6 MVP's basicly only because of him and some help from electronic A team destroyer is some1 who makes the team worse not better so your thread is retarded So many retards in this thread its kinda sad how stupid some people are
2019-04-05 17:52
#145 thats about niko but he is wrong about the s1mple fact and about that #137
2019-04-05 20:44
And that guy is braindead
2019-04-05 21:35
no u
2019-04-06 02:00
Niko for sure, s1mple might've been toxic, but he was the only reason F3 were relevant when he played for them. Niko kicked Gob b for spiidi (lolwut?) so he could IGL and now he's done the same for Faze. While Mouz got a bit better because Niko himself improved as a player, they were still shit relatively. Niko turned Faze from a top 3 team under karrigan's leadership to a team that can't even get out of groups, tbf he needs to be kicked from Faze for a real IGL asap.
2019-04-05 20:08
"Niko turned Faze from a top 3 team under karrigan's leadership to a team that can't even get out of groups" Did you stopped watching cs at abril, may 2018 ?
2019-04-06 02:15
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