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Your favourite music genre?
Europe DiVbAnG 
Tell me your favourite music genre and then give an example of an artist/band + the best/your favourite song of that artist/band! Maybe include a little description of what the genre is like if it is not well known =)
2019-04-04 13:16
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Alternative rock Three Days Grace Song: One X
2019-04-04 13:19
I enjoyed that, thanks!
2019-04-04 13:23
np man 😎
2019-04-04 13:47
Rap Post malone 21 Savage Migos No Favorite
2019-04-15 10:37
1. Pop 2. R&B 100. Rock
2019-04-04 21:54
its a subjective topic i like pop tho r and b not rly
2019-04-04 22:27
Dude, I thought the same but my mind was closed then, now I enjoy almost every genre :) Check out Foals or Tame Impala, you might like that
2019-04-15 01:36
Yugoslavia TroII
Progressive rock Tool Song: Lateralus listening to this with a good pair of headphones is almost orgasmic.
2019-04-04 13:25
You hyped for their new album? Been a long time coming
2019-04-04 13:25
Yugoslavia TroII
I honestly can't wait, man. I started listening to them last year and I couldn't believe what I was missing out all my life. I'm gonna go see them live next month, the hype is real.
2019-04-04 13:27
Lucky man! I found them when someone in my band said we should play schism a couple years ago. So excited for the album.
2019-04-04 13:30
ERRA - fav song: Dementia Periphery - fav song: Racecar those 2 are my favorites, and tons of songs from various bands
2019-04-04 13:21
Finland Smoonah
nice someone that actually knows some good progressive metal. \m/
2019-04-04 21:56
Genres dont matter Black Sabbath Into the Void
2019-04-04 13:21
I know they don't but I want to learn some new genres, for the last couple years I was only listening to a few genres but now I'm expanding =)
2019-04-04 13:23
I listen to all kinds of rock, some metal, rap, some br genres, eletronic (i prefer to go to festivals, but it can be enjoyable in other places too) and lofi hiphop (for chillin and other stuff) want some more specific reccomendations?
2019-04-04 18:37
They do.
2019-04-04 13:24
Southern Rock. Different Mold - Whiskey Myers. If you like epic rock songs.
2019-04-04 13:22
Yugoslavia TroII
+1 I thoroughly enjoyed that.
2019-04-04 13:33
Anything really. It depends on my mood :) Right now I'm kind of listening to Run Wild (by Jon Bellion) on repeat :)
2019-04-04 13:23
Europe jizzus
Genres dont matter 1000 mods road to burn
2019-04-04 13:23
Europe martwica
Classical and punk rock
2019-04-04 13:23
Rhythm and blues. I won't give you a thing, I'm sorry.
2019-04-04 13:24
Why not?
2019-04-04 13:49
Why didn't you listen to those yet?
2019-04-04 14:15
I did, but why not share some with the rest of the people who use HLTV? :)
2019-04-04 14:16
Jazz Days of Wine and Roses Dexter Gordon
2019-04-04 13:25
2019-04-04 13:25
Denmark glaive
Memphis Rap/Horrorcore -its basically just really nasty and violent rap. Tommy Wright III - Meet Yo Maker
2019-04-04 13:27
Listen mostly to dutch hiphop, example song:
2019-04-04 13:29
Metal/black/trash/death/extreme etc..
2019-04-04 13:35
2019-04-04 13:36
I shall thank you
2019-04-04 14:17
my ears m8
2019-05-05 23:19
trap/newschool i think its very popular nowadays so you know what is it examples: english: polish:
2019-04-04 13:43
Denmark glaive
that aint nowhere near trap. this is trap:
2019-04-04 13:54
then call it whatever you would like to, just songs similar to these i gave :p i was looking for a name, but couldnt find, so i called it trap, as it is coming from trap.
2019-04-04 14:00
Denmark glaive
shit, i get you bro, but these soft ass rappers aint makin no trap music
2019-04-04 14:02
times changes and so music haha
2019-04-04 14:04
Denmark glaive
hell yea, but its just plain disrespectful to the whole genre to call it 'trap' if they aint tellin stories about the trap life... i got love for meek, but he aint no trapper
2019-04-04 14:06
thats more like pop commercial tbh
2019-04-04 19:49
Snax | 
United Kingdom Frasee
rock/metal Anything AC/DC or Maiden, also airbourne
2019-04-04 13:46
rock, Indie, Britpop The Strokes Last Nite
2019-04-04 13:47
Can you give more examples of britpop?
2019-04-04 19:27
Oasis, Pulp, Elastica, Blur, Supergrass, Suade, The Verve, Radiohead
2019-04-04 21:39
Thanks, those are some really good bands, i'm gonna check out the ones I dont recognise.
2019-04-04 22:06
Power metal (Powerwolf, Gloryhammer) Melodic death metal (Amon Amarth) Classical (Tschaikowsky, Mozart)
2019-04-04 13:54
United Kingdom Dan_p666
Lyrical rap - j.cole - KOD
2019-04-04 13:54
United Kingdom Dan_p666
Lyrical rap - j.cole - KOD
2019-04-04 13:54
Rap, j cole, j.i.d, earthgang etc.
2019-04-04 13:55
Don V
2019-04-04 14:06
France chipolatas
technical death metal jinjer is a good Ukrainian band
2019-04-04 14:12
Mongolia Sythapilla
K-Pop: Twice, BlackPink, BIGBANG J-Rock: One ok Rock, X Japan Hip Hop: 2pac, B.I.G Pop: A-ha, Bee Gees
2019-04-04 14:19
Rock (all kinds of subgenres of it), Fav bands: Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, Marilyn Manson, Billy Talent, Linkin park
2019-04-04 14:20
Indonesia skylett
+1 four out of five <3
2019-04-04 18:41
2019-04-04 18:41
Metal Band: Chthonic Song: Takao especially the part from 3.00 always gives goosebumps <3
2019-04-04 14:25
tbh i like tons of different genres and music... but i always come back to genre: Progressive Metal band: Between the Buried and Me this song has one of the most beautiful guitar solos ever... hidden after 3 minutes of death metal hell... love it :D
2019-04-04 19:32
Denmark dakkedak
Forest trance Derango It’s psychedelic electronic music Good track : saturnuts Or hutti heita - osaka bells
2019-04-04 19:33
give me some more psychedelic electronic music! I am super into psychedelic rock atm so definitely want to try some of this!
2019-04-05 15:26
Denmark dakkedak
Artists: Derango Oneiromanixx ka-sol Loke Taakelur well that's for example what i listen to, but it is a pretty big world.
2019-04-05 17:21
Poland Kagor
I'm not sure but for me it isn't rap metal at all. Just scream-rap.
2019-04-04 21:43
I'm interested in the rap metal, gonna check these out. Thanks!
2019-04-04 22:07
Very different stuff so im just gonna list some artists: -Pink Floyd -Motörhead -the devil and the almighty blues -Mac Miller -Kaleo -Childish Gambino -Blue Scholars -Janis Joplin -superorganism -Greta van Fleet -Masta Ace -OME -Zappa -Beirut -Barns Courtney
2019-04-04 21:50
Love gambino and superorganism :)
2019-04-15 01:37
Finland Smoonah
Metal, mostly Progressive depends on mood. this currently hits hard:
2019-04-04 21:57
alt metal chevelle dont have a favorite but lets just go with sleep apnea
2019-04-04 21:59
Metal or other (In finnish it's iskelmä) Sabaton Hearts of Iron/1972
2019-04-04 22:33
Denmark Zaerdna
Rap (Not mumble rap)
2019-04-15 01:40
Name some artists you like and their songs that you like too :) I'm trying to expand my tastes
2019-04-15 01:47
Denmark Zaerdna
(Post Malone) Rockstar Psycho Congratulations Better now (Eminem) Till I Collapse Without me Killshot Lucky you Venom Kamikaze Survival Rap God The monster (Random) Gangsta's Paradise (Danish rap) Gilli- Tidligt op Molo and Gilli- Bølgen (G-Eazy) No Limit (Yung Gravy) Mr. Clean 1 Thot 2 Thot
2019-04-15 01:52
a lot of songs i fuck with listed here man, good shit :)
2019-04-15 01:54
Denmark Zaerdna
I listen to other genre's more tbh but I just mentioned rap because I like it.
2019-04-15 01:53
ropz | 
Brazil deokcs
Emo Rap: Trippie Redd, Lil Tracy and Lil Peep (R.I.P PEEP)
2019-04-15 01:52
EDM Avicii and Kygo Favorite song keeps changing.
2019-04-15 02:03
Ahh I love edm. So sad to lose avicii as he was one of the djs to get me into the genre 😔
2019-04-15 10:29
yeah. avicii and kygo are my biggest inspirations as i produce music myself and avicii was a musical genius and a very inspirational guy, sad to see him gone. But his new song was pretty good and Im looking forward to the new album in june
2019-04-15 11:21
Baroque music It’s very lively and spontaneous and the polyphony also makes it very colourful
2019-04-15 10:34
United Kingdom XNL
Hardcore is a genre people struggle to get into, but try: Turnstile - I Don't Wanna Be Blind or another genre I'm enjoying atm is alternative hip-hop, try: Loyle Carner - Damselfly
2019-05-05 22:53
R&B (The Weeknd) Hip Hop / Rap (Travis Scott and KSI) JAZZ (I love saxophone and trumpet so) Techno (Gesaffelstein for sure)
2019-05-05 22:57
Right now I mainly listen to samba and bossa nova. Luiz Bonfá performing a few songs on Perry Comos show:
2019-05-05 23:15
Too many of them but today I'm gonna choose shoegaze Slowdive When The Sun Hits
2019-05-05 23:20
Ze Pug Godz
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