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Neo liberals and Biden
Ireland silver_but_play_like_global 
It's disgusting that the fake left (neo-libs and borderline centrists) are defending biden just because he's a democrat. he must receive the same treatment other people have received, especially right wingers. everyday things like these make me stray further left.
2019-04-04 17:30
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2019-04-04 17:32
Joe Biden will be the next US President!
2019-04-04 17:35
Ukraine w1nth 
LMAO I bet he'll kiss some other politician's wife on the neck as first act as President.
2019-04-04 17:38
Kisses weren't offensive in the generation he grew in. Also kisses on cheeks are a symbol of friendship and respect in many European cultures. They are just exaggerating it because Trump stands no chance against Biden. He will get not only all the votes of radical Democrats in the USA but he will also get the votes of moderate Democrats and even the votes of many of those who voted for Trump in 2016. Ez win in 2020. He will make America great again in 2020.
2019-04-04 17:41
Ukraine w1nth 
Sniffing the hair of a Senator's daughter and fondling some little girl's boobs are also "cultural things"?
2019-04-04 17:43
Saying that you wanna bang your daughter and you get elected a President makes you the best President ever? That wasn't such a thing when Trump was running for a President?
2019-04-04 17:46
Trump touching women doesn't make it okay for Biden to touch them aswell
2019-04-04 18:03
But republicans don't make articles and don't cry about that as well right?
2019-04-04 18:08
how does that matter? Should we just ignore that Biden touches women and children as if they were his wives just because the republicans ignore it when Trump does it?
2019-04-04 18:09
do you even know what liberal and neo liberal means
2019-04-04 17:42
are you saying that the establishment and a big part of the voter base isn't neoliberal lol
2019-04-04 17:45
what does it mean to you
2019-04-04 17:46
pro free market capitalism, "small" government etc.. The democratic establishment to this day is against healthcare for all. But sure they aren't neolibs
2019-04-04 18:02
2019-04-04 18:19
dont think you and OP have the same definition
2019-04-04 18:23
sorry i typed it at fucking hyper speed lib(american)=/=neo lib i meant american left in that post
2019-04-04 18:25
neoliberalism = neoconservatism + support for gay rights and other social issues that barely effect ppl. They pose as progressives and still are big on cronyis, corporatism and economic imperialism
2019-04-04 18:29
But he's Obamas friend so it's totally ok if he touches women and children all the time!! Creppy uncle Joe
2019-04-04 17:44
Korea OKOptimistic 
Trump on the campaign trail took the same abuse x100 when the NY Times bought off 12 women who accused him of sexual assault, and yet... he prevailed #EZ4TRUMP2020
2019-04-04 17:46
Israel fvlion123 
ye kinda funny how they say he is just touchy and 5 minutes later call trump a racist and a homophobe
2019-04-04 18:11
Another rapist democrat 😱
2019-04-04 18:11
Every single maybe exept for Bernie sucks, both for Dems and GOP
2019-04-04 18:12
Turkey tastemycobra 
Yea dems except bernie suck
2019-04-04 18:22
bernie is fine, i just dont like his views on guns.
2019-04-04 18:22
Gained all respect for Biden
2019-04-04 18:20
Korea XigNGODtop1 
I mean I agree that everyone should be treated equally, but the whole thing seems somewhat ridiculous to me since it's about touching/kissing on heads.
2019-04-04 18:25
yea obviously it isn't the same as rape but i still thinks its creepy af
2019-04-04 18:26
Korea XigNGODtop1 
True true
2019-04-04 18:29
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