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Try to no fap
Algeria Nabil1337 
I try to no fap but its stronger than me...if i dont im very motivated to meet girls, to work, to gym but its stronger...I can withstand maximum 2-4 days... what should to do guys?
2019-04-05 22:21
Ukraine ENCEphalitis 
years old?
2019-04-05 22:24
No, the year is still quite young during April. I would say the year only starts becoming old after August.
2019-04-05 22:25
f0rest | 
Russia 1.6 FTW 
xD? xD!
2019-04-05 22:26
Ukraine ENCEphalitis 
god, pls ban all trolls on hltv
2019-04-05 22:28
United States BubbleFlameszz 
You got rekt
2019-04-05 22:34
Ukraine ENCEphalitis 
not 7 a.m. of 6th april omg thats my time zone forget it
2019-04-05 22:36
Nigeria Eruptor 
Flag checks out
2019-04-05 22:27
Personally. I lasted for about 3-4 months on no-fap. Reason why i went off it was because it was BS. The only reason you feel "motivated" is because it has like some sort of placebo effect, i was the same for a while, for example you see it on a video, people say it did wonders to them but in reality it isn't healthy for you. Since masturbation is also medically proven to have health benefits it also can reduce stress for example. In all honesty though you shouldn't masturbate every single day since it can also damage your genitals if done too much.
2019-04-05 22:29
There is no nigga admin on this peace of trash HTLV forum to ban me!
2019-04-05 22:30
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