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Academic Pressure
North America Boycott_Blast 
What is the academic pressure in your country like (high school)? Here in America (in the public school system) there is practically 0. It varies between parents. Some of my friends have no academic pressure, well myself have a lot (specifically from my father who is Indian). My mother (white) does not put too much pressure on myself or any of my 3 sisters. I find that people see things like grades and test like nothing. People are very focused on athletics (and well that is important) and they tend to overshadow grades. I know that in some of the high 'preppy' academies it is very high (one of my older sisters attended one near New York). So what is the academic pressure in your country or area like? How has it efffected you?
2019-04-06 04:03
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Academic pressure? I feel like i have so much. Indians and chinese dominate so much in school like out of a 5.0 gpa scale they’re like 4.6-7 they’re fucking insane and they’re in multiple honor societies holy fuck. Meanwhile i have like a 4.1 and the only thing i really do is varsity swimming lol
2019-04-06 04:12
Basically: If u have a b for a gpa ur like fighting for 50 percentile lol
2019-04-06 04:15
Yeah dude. In terms of activities I try to keep a respectable amount of things under my belt, but I really try to use my summers for things. In the past I either did summer school at my high school or went to a college for some special program. It really helps that my parents are both supportive and financially able to help me pursue the best education possible.
2019-04-06 05:38
Brazil Haschera 
This happened to me, its kinda bad, and nobody wants a pressure with 16-17y. Your body isnt ready for that. In Brazil we have a ENORMOUS academic pressure cause any parents wants their children with a bad future and our country is shit. But this happen more with families that have money( not rich ), the poor society dont have that big pressure. I mean, we have a bad country ( not even close to first world ) and the parents plus the own high school ( teachers and all ) press you to have a nice job and study like a machine ( not like Japan does but its boring ). And isnt easy to enter a good job or have a good future, cause to enter a college here, we have to make a national exam that is kinda hard ( if you want the '' best jobs '' that make you win a good money - of course you will win money if you do your job well in any place buuuut isnt easy like looks like ). Anyway, we have a big pressure here, but if you're poor you almost have no pressure cause your chance to get a nice job is almost 0 ( public education sucks a lot ) and like i said, the exam isnt easy neither for who have money and can pay a good school, so the poor cant have good future ( just one in a thousand or more ).
2019-04-06 04:24
Danm, I don’t think I would survive 10 minutes in any country in South America tbh. I have been very spoiled to be born to a great family in a great part of America. I wish you the best of success through out your endeavors. As for the pressure, it is unbearable. To think a test (in all parts of the world they have their own test) decides your future in terms of job prospects is very scary. Especially when most people are still teenagers. I know that in China, Japan, and South Korea the pressure is so high, the kids commit suicide.
2019-04-06 05:42
Brazil Haschera 
Yeah man, its terrible. Thank you man! We got last year a big suicide rate but its alright now, i guess.
2019-04-06 17:47
switzerland has crazy academic pressure, i'd say one of the highest in europe... everyone expects so much from you and i went to a high school which was one of the most difficult ones mainly because it was the only local one we have here but i passed and i'm just glad i'm in university now, there's not that much pressure but there are still high expectations
2019-04-06 04:36
Yeah, I think that Switzerland has very high pressure. It is almost comparable to the problems faced in South Korea and China. The pressure there is so great, kids commit suicide. Very sad, but also very interesting about how the world has evolved in different places.
2019-04-06 05:45
+1 bro switzerland is high up in the suicide ranking
2019-04-06 12:15
India JW_BesTesT 
Academic pressure in india is the highest.People compare their children's results with their neighbour's children Students are sometimes physically scolded for poor results and in the end some find suicide as the best option.One more thing is that on a higher level after finishing school... people who want to pursue engineering have to give an entrance exam but these exams are only for minorities and if they want the best college through this exam then they don't even need to attemp all questions because their passing marks are like 70/360 and for general category students they are gonna have to score 350/370.People can't score in these exams after years of hard work just because of stupid minorities scoring nothing and getting placec in good colleges just breaks the heart and then are left in a confused state with all kinds of pressure on their heads.
2019-04-06 05:49
Bruh I’m Indian American. My parents compare me with my cousin. It’s unfair cuz he’s a fucking prodigy. The guy moved from India, and he got a 1560 on the SAT IN 9TH GRADE. Like I’m pretty smart myself, but I wish I wasn’t compared to this prodigy in my family.
2020-01-24 05:44
It’s the same for me, but with my friend who’s Pakistani-Canadian. All my mother does is remind me of how smart he is :/
2020-01-24 05:47
India JW_BesTesT 
Tbh I don't remember when I wrote this but I think my account is hacked.
2020-01-24 10:17
Panama FUN4ENCE 
Idk about public schools, but in my school it is basically zero. Of course, that is up to each one's parents. I'm pretty sure only the chinese kids are really pressured to study, but it's still up to each parent, so you get cases like the guy that studies all day vs the guy that dropped out cuz he was failing pretty much everything.
2019-04-06 05:59
It got to the point it destroyed my self confidence in school. That's how much pressure I faced.
2019-04-06 12:16
Canada ZHF 
I used to be very relaxed about it but now I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to improve. Two of my friends from Pakistan and China though, their parents are super strict about grades. They’re expected to have near-perfect scores it’s crazy
2020-01-24 05:11
Pakistan Leftovers 
+1 they want you to do so good
2020-01-24 05:26
Korea kaiske 
There is pressure, but I'm a natural genius
2020-01-24 05:19
The academic pressure tbh should only be set by yourself. For example there is a specific course in the university that you want to go to. You check your high school grade average needs to be over 75, then that is ur goal to make it over 75. Depends on where you want to go for university and the major you want to take. Some have high standards some have low standards.
2020-01-24 05:26
here every teacher expects you to know their subject like you have a doctorate in it
2020-01-24 05:28
always been too intelligent for this shit.
2020-01-24 05:32
Enough to make kids commit suicide.
2020-01-24 09:04
United Kingdom Newm1 
Not too much, but I think thats because my parents realised I was already doing really good anyways, I was predicted to fail all of my exams except maths and computer science and I was doing pretty well so they were proud of me. Not only did i pass every single one, I got very high grades. I was glad I had no pressure. I barely studied at home but because of no pressure I actually started to kinda enjoy school so i paid lots of attention in lessons. The last few months I started going in high and actually enjoying the lessons(not even kidding) I learned much more when i had no pressure , I was relaxed and was chill , it sounds retarded but smoking before the lessons really helped me lol . im glad my parents supported me rather than pressuring me because I think i would have failed otherwise
2020-01-24 10:28
Here it depends,but mostly it's mothers who put pressure
2020-01-24 10:28
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