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BTS with Halsey
United States dev_number1_ce holy shit! I'm ready! BTS OVER CSGO! BTS > CSGO! BTS GOAT!
2019-04-07 23:06
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dont watch you can get aids
2019-04-07 23:06
Europe RVV5IU
2019-04-07 23:09
K-pop is trash only low IQ people like K-pop
2019-04-07 23:10
i have proven 132iq and listen kpop =)
2019-04-07 23:43
yall finns are fuckin retards ♿♿😎😎😎
2019-04-07 23:49
bester iq than usa
2019-04-08 00:16
many respect for inviting 5 friend to sauna w beer and be quiet for 2 hours
2019-04-08 00:18
sounds what gay people (like you) do
2019-04-08 00:21
im not gay, you are
2019-04-08 00:22
tae suga kookie POG
2019-04-07 23:10
2019-04-07 23:29
i mean Halsey is really Hot wanna sex her Kreygasm
2019-04-07 23:12
Belarus c0mmi3
bts=worst shit ever
2019-04-07 23:14
what is going on
2019-04-07 23:31
Honestly, KPOP isn't that bad. The fans are. Creepy koreaboos obsessed with their favorite "idols".
2019-04-07 23:34
Bruh kpop industry is way worse than its fans.Yeah most of the fans seem like hardcore no life obsessed fangirls but its mostly cuz thats the asian idol culture and tbh if you're from the west and listen to kpop you were probably bullied at some time.But kpop industry has done such cruel things to idols u couldnt even imagine
2019-04-07 23:40
oh yeah I know. I'm just saying that many non Kpop listeners hate on kpop because they associate it with the very prominent and obsessive fanbases which many can find annoying. Therefore they start hating on kpop when in reality what they really hate/don't like, are the fans. The music in itself Isn't that different from western pop music. Just a different language.
2019-04-08 00:01
2019-04-07 23:39
2019-04-07 23:42
All above me got baited so hard 0/8
2019-04-07 23:44
autotune trash
2019-04-07 23:48
lol shit
2019-04-08 00:05
Literally couldn't care less
2019-04-08 00:19
wtf is this shit
2019-04-08 00:20
Netherlands Bouncy101
you probably dont even understand a word of what theyre saying. whats the fun in listening then?
2019-04-08 00:23
Brazil xMoita
2019-04-08 00:59
Korea day|dream
I say this as a Korean, if you like k-pop and you're not korean that's cultural appropriation mens Also k pop is shite, why would you like it anyways lul
2019-04-08 01:05
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