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Save the CS:GO scene!
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
Give me a CS:GO scene to fix with in-depht anylysis of High to Low tier.
2019-04-09 00:09
Benelux scene
2019-04-09 00:10
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
Looking at the Benelux scene we will first make a team from Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg themself, and then make a super team. Belgium: Ex6tenZ, ScreaM, To1nou, Davidp, & Keoz Ex6tenZ: This guy is the most suitable IGL from Belgium, and the only one with a high character that could lead a team like this. Ex6tenZ is strategically very strong, and is a decent fragger if given the freedom to not play fully support. ScreaM: ScreaM is not what he used to be, but he is nowhere as bad as people try to make him. He is still an insane aimer, and has super quick reactions.. I think ScreaMs biggest problem is finding motivation along players he knows he is better than. He need equal skilled team members, but cannot be left out on this team. To1nou: By far the strongest awp on the Belgium scene, and has a good history with Ex6tenZ. Davidp: Most promising player from Belgium, i really start to like this guy, and how he plays in ex-3DMAX. Keoz: Where did this guy come from? Anyways he seems to have the talent to be the fifth guy on this team! - This team could fight for a place in between 30-20 in the HLTV ranking. If Ex6tenZ, ScreaM, and To1nou can find their prime form, they could honestly achieve even more, as Davidp looks like a guy with a bright future, and Keoz that furthermore looks like a solid talent. Netherlands: ChrisJ, Cruc1al, D0cC, Ketchup, & Fashr ChrisJ: By far the best player from the Netherlands. Has to be the IGL and 2nd awp of this team. Cruc1al: This players career has been a path of ups and downs, but after all we have to give him the main awp role, to obtain the highest possible level of a team from the Netherlands. D0cC: Weird guy for sure, but he has the biggest talent of any player from the Netherlands right now. Ketchup: Decent player, and has to be on the team, not really a lot of good players to choose from. Fashr: Kinda same story as about Ketchup. - This team could fight in smaller leagues, but would not be considered higher than maybe looking into top 30-25 once in a while. They would be another top 50-25 team with good and bad periods. Luxembourg: Simply, Dan, Bwzr, Biitz, & Svenee - I don't want to go in-depht with any of these players, as i don't know any of them. These are purely put together by ratings, as the scene is incredible small. Benelux Super Team: Ex6tenZ, ChrisJ, ScreaM, Davidp, & Cruc1al - As i have described the players earlier in this post, i want to justify why i picked these 5 individuals instead. Ex6tenZ is the IGL of the Benelux scene, but with some sparring on that front from ChrisJ i think they can do very good. ScreaM would be the main fragger, with solid support from ChrisJ who also plays 2nd awp. Ex6tenZ will go into the entry duo alongside ScreaM. Cruc1al is to me atm slighly stronger on the awp than To1nou, and thats why i picked him over To1nou. I think he could do great within this team. Davidp is the last one to look at, but i think he could fill the gaps in this team with perfection. This team actually has potential to do some damage on mid tier teams
2019-04-09 00:46
Other beeg 
2019-04-09 00:49
Benelux isn't a scene tho:(
2019-04-10 18:54
Spanish scene? Maybe a mix of Spanish and Portoguise?
2019-04-09 00:10
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
I will make 3 teams here. 1 spanish, 1 portoguese and 1 super team. Spain: Alex, Mixwell, Lowel, Mopoz, & EasTor Alex: By far the best IGL from Spain, theres no chance you make a Spanish super team without him in it. Mixwell: Mixwell is best when doing whatever he likes. He can awp and riffle on a high level, and making him the primary awp never suited him, even tho' he is a god with an awp. Making him the hybrid player he wants to be would be very beneficial for this team. EasTor: This guy is exactly the reason why Mixwell should not be the primary awp of the team. The problem Movistar Riders had before losing Lowel to Hellraisers was, that Soker couldn't keep up at all, and that will still be a problem from now on. EasTor is a highly talented awp, and should've replaced him a long time ago. Lowel: Lowel is phenominal player, and i would have loved to see him stay in Riders, specially if the changes i made here was made by them. I could really see them moving forward with such change. Mopoz: Stable riffler that ofc has his place on this team as well. - This team would fight for a spot between 30 and 25 on the HLTV ranking list, which i find very good for a full spanish lineup. Portugal: Mutiris, Fox, Just, Killdream, & Obj Mutiris: Strongest IGL of the scene in Portugal. Fox: You cannot have the best possible Portuguese team without their living legend Fox, who is also a stable awper. Just: How this guy never came across Giants is a mystery to me, he is so freaking talented! Killdream: Very likeable player in the portoguese scene, i see no world where he does take a spot on the team Obj: Yes i do know that Obj is an awper as well. But god damn, either him or Fox. (preferable Obj) should go riffler, and 2nd awp. Both of them has stable riffles as well, Obj more than Fox tho'. No matter what this team would be the strongest 5 from Portugal, and should be able to reach new heights for Giants. Spanish/Portugal Super Mix: Alex, Lowel, Mixwell, Killdream, & Fox - Alex is the stronger IGL of him and Mutiris.. Mutiris has had his chances, and Alex is simply outperforming him in all aspects atm. Alongside Alex his spanish brothers Mixwell and Lowel comes as the star rifflers on this team, Mixwell will furthermore pick up the 2nd awp. Killdreams is here to fill the gaps, while Fox is picking the main awp.
2019-04-09 01:05
Brazilian scene?
2019-04-09 00:11
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
This is where it starts getting interesting! Brazil has a very strong scene, so we will diffently look at a lot of possible teams for this specific scene. We can start off with the 3 teams that has potential to due some damage to the top. Team 1: Fallen, Coldzera, Taco, Yuurih, & Kscerato - Honestly this team could be the best version of MIBR that we've ever seen. I never felt Fer and Felps suited the team. Their playstyles doesn't fit Fallens structure, so it is a mystery to me why they keep on trying that. (Stats before everything i guess). By picking up Kscerato and Yuurih you'll get two superstars with a hunger for competing at the top. That might be exactly what Fallen needs to work with. Alongside the man the legend himself Coldzera i could see these 2 players really grow with the team. Taco is the strongest support player in Brazil, arguebly a top 3 support player in the world, so ofc he has to have a spot here. This team would fight for a top 3 placement in the rankings. Team 2: Boltz, Fer, Felps, Lucas1, & Hen1 - Boltz deserves to lead his own team. With aggressive players like this, i think his gameplan will shine bright. Fer and Felps seems like players that would fit perfectly within Boltz way of calling. Same does Hen1, which is the only reason we keep Lucas1 here. Those two cannot be seperated. Over all i think this team is very solid, and would fight for top 10 in the rankings. Team 3: Steel, kNgV, Chelo, Nekiz, & Fnx - Another very strong Brazilian team! Steel has to lead a organized team that follows the plan. These seems like players with that type of structure. I know Fnx and kNgV is known for bad behavior, but both of them is perfectly balanced in game, and knows how to follow their respective roles. With the two talents Chelo and Nekiz i could see these guys fighting alongside the 2nd team for top 15. With those settled we will start looking at potential top 30-25 contenders. Team 4: PKL, Yel, Destiny, Shz, & Shoowtime Team 5: Art, Vini, Khtex, Leo_drunky, & Exit - Both of these teams has that x-factor kinda thing, where they can go nuts, or suck nuts. Fighting for top 30 is not bad for any of the two, and i think that they can find their spots between 40-25 on HLTV ranking. Now lets take a look at some teams that has future potential Team 6: Bit, Maluk3, Trk, Idk, & Horvy Team 7: Nak, AbleJ, Xand, Vsm, & Hardzao - These teams both has very skilled players, it is only a matter of time before any of them takes a step up the ladder. Both teams could be on and off top 30, but also drop below top 50.
2019-04-09 02:01
fer | 
Brazil d1guin 
you have damnnnnn free time, good use tho (;
2019-04-10 19:26
Germany Krygaz 
2019-04-09 00:13
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
Do you mean a mix of Swedish and German players? Or a fix for each country?
2019-04-10 18:37
Germany Krygaz 
One each.
2019-04-10 18:49
Germany Krygaz 
A mix can't work
2019-04-10 18:50
tabseN | 
Poland Shlatter 
Polish well
2019-04-09 00:16
2019-04-10 19:43
Liechtenstein yppiL 
2019-04-09 00:20
France JBzOo 
dephh sureal alex Thomas from endpoint mezii
2019-04-09 02:05
how can he fix a scene that doesn’t exist?
2019-04-09 02:05
Liechtenstein yppiL 
Too funny, didn't think I'd hear this joke here
2019-04-09 02:16
You can’t hear text
2019-04-09 02:19
Liechtenstein yppiL 
Too funny, didn't think I'd see that joke
2019-04-09 03:07
You can't see cuz you're blind refer to emoji for proof -> 😎
2019-04-10 18:52
Dephh Smooya Ec1s Thomas Alex
2019-04-09 03:20
Balkan scene
2019-04-09 00:21
2019-04-10 18:38
Sweden Norway Finland Denmark
2019-04-09 02:17
all those are fine except norway
2019-04-10 18:41
United States Degree|CSGO 
REZ Brollan Krimz Lekr0 f0rest Rain Jkaem Rubino Cromen Radistaction AleksiB Allu Sergei Sunny Xseven Karrigan/MSL Kjaerbye Valde K0nfig CajunB
2019-04-10 19:40
Straya scene
2019-04-09 03:10
Brazil kaiknux 
You talk like da man pimp and youre from denmark Some quality shit going on here
2019-04-09 03:26
Brazil hrp_ 
2019-04-10 18:42
Man u have too much free time. Get a job
2019-04-10 18:40
For someone that can actually speak English it takes like no time to write all of that.
2019-04-10 18:52
You actually need some information for all these countries, you need to assemble a team, to write it..
2019-04-10 19:02
Please don't use commas if you don't know how they work lol
2019-04-10 19:22
Please dont use internet if you dont know how it works
2019-04-10 19:29
Sorry for hurting your feelings
2019-04-10 19:34
Switzerland Sinneslust 
I have no scene, so how u can fix it?
2019-04-10 18:42
Brazil kaiknux 
go to the bank (for you it'd be go downstairs i suppose) choose CIS/SA country with a scene to buy profit
2019-04-10 19:09
Serbia Provizija 
balkan scene
2019-04-10 18:50
United Kingdom desolade 
UK scene, please we need help
2019-04-10 18:51
nice job. I love reading this stuff. I can never contain so much info into my head like this xd
2019-04-10 19:04
China LewsTherin 
Vatican scene
2019-04-10 19:05
s1mple | 
United States blinK_ 
CIS scene
2019-04-10 19:35
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