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is s1mple the GOAT?
Ethiopia buceta 
Look at his highlights - his skill level is so high.. better than kennys coldzera guardian and shox combined in 1 fucking tournament he have 20 fucking minutes of highlights , some players in 1 year don't have material for 10 minutes of a video , he is the GOAT in csgo . but all time f0rest is the goat
2019-04-09 20:25
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
s1mple is the GOAT of all time /close
2019-04-09 20:26
S1mple is GOAT of all GOAT of all time
2019-04-09 20:59
+1000 he is the GOAT
2019-04-10 18:18
s1mple is the greatest of all time of all time /close
2019-04-09 22:52
no major no goat - ez if you are the goat you can carry 4 pieces of wood to a trophy. imagine michael jordan without a championship simple is a very good player but not the greatest one.
2019-04-11 13:18
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
no scene no opinion - ez
2019-04-11 13:33
Major=GOAT???? I am prefer winning all tournaments except then winning only one fluke major.
2019-04-21 05:24
Denmark QBE_ 
Yeah ur right, Navi would never win a major without it being a fluke axaxaxa😎😎
2019-04-21 10:14
Denmark Almoe 
depends on your criteria, anyone with even basic game knowledge would be able to see he is the greatest to ever touch any version of cs, and its not even close
2019-04-09 20:28
shox | 
India iejesus 
2019-04-09 20:29
United Kingdom alcaz4r_ 
good point
2019-04-10 01:42
Other khorkalba 
Greatest performing players: 1. Coldzera 2. GTR 3. Device Most skilled players: 1. S1mple 2. Shox 3. f0rest S1mple could become the greatest performing player AND the most individually skilled player we've ever seen, making him the overall GOAT
2019-04-09 20:30
I agree
2019-04-09 20:30
Denmark Almoe 
simple had the best year in 2018 of any pro ever, yet he is not even top 3 in your greatest performing players? what is your criteria
2019-04-09 20:31
i assume he counts performances that lead to titles
2019-04-09 20:36
But thats not fair, is Messi any less of a player because hes never had the team around him to win a world cup, like Messi, s1mple has carried 2 teams to major finals, thats insane, that Liquid team had no business being in a final and Navi without s1mple are not even a top 5 team IMO.
2019-04-10 00:45
United Kingdom alcaz4r_ 
in that case xizt top 1
2019-04-10 01:43
2019-04-21 22:02
Other khorkalba 
To be the best performing player, you kind of have to be on the best team in the world and pick up at least one major MVP award in my opinion. It's kind of like winning a world cup in football. You can be the most skilled football player of your generation, but if you don't get on a good enough team and put yourself in a position to win ALL of the biggest tournaments, your career won't seem complete and it will always be noted in GOAT discussions.
2019-04-09 20:42
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
s1mple doesn't want to leave NaVi cuz in other teams he wouldn't have 4 players playing for him to kill. he doesn't deserve to be in this toplist.
2019-04-09 22:42
yes that why he always have to cluth 1v3 1v4, cuz all play for him, just die so s1mple can do flashy plays OMEGALUL
2019-04-09 23:18
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
talking like everyround s1mple wins is a clutch...
2019-04-10 00:02
but he wins clutches 10x more then d2vice and b8zera
2019-04-10 08:10
talking about clutches ? xyp3x>coldzera>FalleN>Guardian>Device>s1mple easily.
2019-04-10 13:14
so if i play mm 1000000000000 times and make 100 clutches i'll be better then guy play 10 match and make 99 clutches? s1mple played way less then d2vice and b8zera if you check clutches page d2vice - s1mple - b8zera - ecovice won 78 1v1 and lose 69 times 1v1 - 53% of 1v1 clutches won by device so good for GOAT OMEGALUL s1mple won 66 times lose only 28 - 70% of 1v1 clutches won b8zera won 87 lose 76 - same 53% as ecovice s1mple > ecovice = b8zera but yea xyp9x > s1mple guardian have 60% succes rate and fallen 58% Amount not equal to quality stupid bra71lian Also d2vice and b8zera never won any 1v5 and s1mple have more 1v4 then both of this players
2019-04-10 13:35
Crying about coldzera having more time registered playing CS:GO, ok, let's fix it. Let's consider only 04/2016 ahead, this way coldzera has 76 wins and 63 lose, and s1mple still with 66. coldzera played the same amount of maps as s1mple and were more succesfull, doing more clutches. Maybe s1mple will pass cold since his peak just started, until there, respect legends like Device, FalleN, GuardiaN and Coldzera.
2019-04-10 14:41
are you retarded or bra71l and retards are similars? succes rate of clutches more important then just amount, s1mple win 70% of 1v1 clutches and cold won only 53%, also cold have 0 1v5 and less 1v5 clutches
2019-04-10 14:46
Let's congratulations s1mple for winning 1 1v5 on his carreer lol amazing. S1mple doesn't left to clutch cuz he's too confident trying to kill everyone he sees, unlike coldzera that know his place on the game, playing smart to left and clutch. That's why rating doesn't matter, we cannot assume things, we can't assume s1mple would have more clutches if he had more opportunities.
2019-04-10 14:51
70% succes rate assume that he would win 7 out of 10 given 1v1 clutches, yep b8ing your teammate to death is smart move, and he trade teammate only 53% of times OMEGALUL, guz 1v1 mean that before you was 2v1, b8zera b8 his teammate he dies and then it become 1v1 and he won only 53% of times OMEGALUL
2019-04-10 14:55
Well, as I said before, we can't assume what would happen cuz we do not know the future. You talk a lot about coldzera huh ? s1mple fan just toxic as his idol. Assuming that on 2v1 coldzera is always baiting his teammates is just stupid.
2019-04-10 15:41
yep, cold have more clutch opportunitys while played kinda same maps, that mean that most of 2v1 end up cold b8ing teammate to make it 1v1 clutch, while s1mple in 2v1 just go and kill or just he is a b8
2019-04-10 15:59
Not true. You do like to assume things, right ? It doesn't mean cold baited his teammates. Very smart for NaVi to use s1mple as bait to what, Zeus kill ? in these cases s1mple will always be the one to bait if necessary cuz he has the best aim.
2019-04-10 16:06
you cant say not true, it's maybe right maybe not, but for sure you cant say that cold is better clutchs just cuz he have 2x more clutch opportunitys and have way way lower clutch success rare, maybe cold is 100% b8er and all of 2v1 where cold is there end up with cold b8ing teammate, maybe some of them, maybe most of them we dont know, only thing we know that s1mple clutch success rate >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cold success rate
2019-04-10 16:09
You cannot consider rating since both have different roles inside the game. I do believe s1mple is better than cold cuz even cold always being the left alive, s1mple has almost the same amount of clutches (1v1) than him. But let's remember that s1mple is still below our dear coldzera at clutches.
2019-04-10 16:20
below only in amount, do you really think that amount >>> efficient? s1mple is by far better then cold in clutches and any other aspect of the game except b8ing and ecofragging
2019-04-10 16:38
s1mple isn' t a complete player, his aim* is complete tho. We could say he is the GOAT at aiming heads xd
2019-04-10 16:44
he goat with ak m4 aug awp deagle usp p250 glock um4 nova mag7, god at clutching god at making open kills, would call him complete GOAT of csgo but device is goat of ecofragging and cold is goat of b8ing
2019-04-10 16:45
WOW s1mple knows how to play with guns in CS:GO just like every other player. His difference is his aim, not the guns he uses. To be the GOAT he has to win something, like a major, do you know major ?
2019-04-10 16:52
so to be the best you have to win in a team game, just imagine s1mple kill 4 guys everyround but his team cant kill anyone, he always have 50+ frags everygame and still doesnt won major yet, would you consider him goat or not?
2019-04-10 16:54
He kills 50 cuz his teammates are bad. It's the same when you're a Global playing in a Silver team, you'll always be top fragging but it doesn't mean you're good.
2019-04-10 16:56
b8 or just bra71lian? if you top fragging in most cases it's ,eam you are better then players on the server, if you playing agaist the silvers it's mean that you better then silvers if you playing agaist pro team it's mean that you are better then this pros, just imagine s1mple everysingle game drop 50+ frags agaist astralis and still not won a major would you call him goat or not?
2019-04-10 17:30
2019-04-10 18:30
nice argument so if i post this it make s1mple goat?
2019-04-10 18:36
yes sure best of one s1mple really good
2019-04-10 19:19
Denmark hanigod 
we cant assume things but we can expect things base on historical data ') , it call statistics if u dont know
2019-04-22 18:29
there was a stat recently about who gets the most eco kills. coldzera had the most s1mple was so far down he wasnt even on the list. s1mple has the most amount of entries of any pro. also top in clutches. and multi kills. and he does most of it himself
2019-04-10 14:57
I'm not saying he doesn't do these things. About clutches, he isn't so great as this fellow toxic s1mple fan is saying.
2019-04-10 15:51
"always have to cluch 1v3 1v4" Lmfao p1mple fans are ACTUALLY this deluded AXAAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stop talking out of ur ass and actually get ur hands in demos u fucking troglodyte
2019-04-10 07:14
yeah their mistake its actually 1v9. -> sarcasm tbh tho when its a 3v3 and edward zues and s1mple are alive its basically a 1v3 with 2 decoys. anyway s1mple impact is bigger than his rating meaning every kill he gets has some impact on the outcome of the round so he is GOAT
2019-04-22 18:20
what have u seen is fpl games?????? he had one game that he had 74 kills like man wtf? and he carried liquid to the final 2 so............. u know it 2
2019-04-10 05:41
So what ?
2019-04-10 15:51
GTR didnt get a major mvp
2019-04-09 22:53
Other khorkalba 
Yeah but to be fair, there weren't any majors during NiP's most dominant period.
2019-04-09 23:09
Finally someone that brings this point up. NiP could easily have won atleast 3-4 majors total if there wouldve been majors back in early 2013/late 2012.
2019-04-09 23:25
eh, game barely came out in late 2012 valve didnt need to host major for a game that still need testing/full of bug it same with valve's dota 2 where it took 2 years til first dota 2 major
2019-04-10 00:07
Israel HLTVDrunkPoet 
first Dota 2 International was even before Dota 2 came out on mass market
2019-04-10 00:23
there is a diff between the two man dota 2 ti is hosted once a year so ofc they had it
2019-04-10 00:34
nowadays TI and major are diff things. back in 2011-2013 TI was literally a major in dota 2 moreover there is no logic in your last sentence. they didn't have to make such tournament for the game, noone played yet. it was ballsy move from them which turned out being worth it they could do the same for csgo as many people played 1.6/source as well as many people played original DotA
2019-04-10 17:00
No1 played? so many chinese/eu was playing due to the hype ti1 had
2019-04-10 18:56
yeah, they started playing after TI, they could not play before as the game was not released as Liquipedia says
2019-04-10 19:31
Because TI1 was a sneak peek/showcase of dota2 pretty much. Dota on wc3 was already super popular, people were going to play dota2 regardless
2019-04-10 20:05
absolutely, however it doesnt deny that they could do the same for csgo, both games were not any good when they appeared
2019-04-10 20:51
Imo cs scene in general received backlash since cs source was pretty underwhelming Also dota 2 was a different concept, turning a popular wc3 map into a full fledged game Also with moba style being extremely popular (league of legends at it height), dota 2 surely was better investment than counter strike Just my two cents on this
2019-04-10 21:07
i guess you are right on dota2 part i still believe both games were worth investment in a long run as both cs and dota were popular and needed renewal to stay relevant up to this date. i was dota fan and cs hater back in those days, so the choice they made was good for me either way)
2019-04-10 21:49
Yes but thats not because NiP were so good, it was because the competition was so poor. NiP are the Ronda Rousey of CSGO. Ronda came into the UFC they started a division for her and gave her the title and because the division was new it really lacked any real quality, fast forward 5-6 years and that all changed, now she gets knocked out cold in 45 seconds, NiP are the same, they didnt get worse, the people they played got better.
2019-04-10 00:48
United Kingdom alcaz4r_ 
there also werent any good teams during nips dominant period
2019-04-10 01:43
good answer, and you’re certainly right
2019-04-10 06:46
i thought the thread was about the greatest player of all time and not the greatest team of all team...
2019-04-09 23:08
Other khorkalba 
Like it or not, this is a team game. So to be the most successful player in history and to compete against the hardest opponents at the biggest events, you have to be on a great team. If you ignore the team element and just try to measure mechanical skill then you could make the argument that ZywOo is already a greater player of all time than GTR. This is why i've divided "greatest player" into two subcatagories - one that's about individual skill and the other that's more about just being the best player on a really successful lineup.
2019-04-09 23:14
s1mple played in finals of majors 3 times, 10+ big events finals, while zywoo only once come out of group stage in "big event" and he put only 1.06 rating in playoff in only 1 bo3 in big events playoff,
2019-04-09 23:20
bullshit.. he was the player on hltv and if we go to according to your logic, device should be the greatest player of all time, yet no is considering him in the top 3
2019-04-09 23:21
Ok, Xyp has won the most money in CS, hes not even top 20 of greatest players ever, id argue only Dev1ce is and hes not at the top end of it.
2019-04-10 00:49
People keep putting emphasis on majors, it's such a scapegoat rebuttle. Was ESL Cologne any less prestigious than any of the majors last year? It wasn't, doesn't matter though when comparing player achievements apparently
2019-04-10 01:10
Yeah its stupid, it doesnt matter what the prize pool was it matter who you beat and how you beat them and format, if you ask me the normal IEM's with their format and a Bo5 final are much better than majors.
2019-04-10 01:14
Other khorkalba 
You might feel that way, but most pro players will say that winning a major means more to them than anything else. Ultimately, how prestigious an event is is determined by how much the players want to win it. It doesn't matter how big the prize pool is (WESG) or how pretty the stage looks (BLAST) - if teams don't care about winning these events as much, then it won't be as competitive or as prestigious. Remember that Astralis actually skipped Cologne in 2017 in order to practice more for the PGL major. It didn't work in the end, but the point is they were so desperate to win a second major that year that they skipped arguably the biggest non-major event.
2019-04-10 18:13
there was a thing about a world cup, would just like to sat ronaldo never won a world cup.....
2019-04-10 16:16
Finland gangHIZER 
all most skilled = high sens, coincidence? i am thinking not.....
2019-04-10 00:43
But s1mple is out performing all of them consistently and his performance is getting better and better.
2019-04-10 00:44
s1mple performing like a GOD since 2015-2016 with Liquid
2019-04-10 00:47
Europe thaifinnen 
+1 but no kennys?
2019-04-10 23:57
kennys coldzera guardian and shox combined how is he better than all these 4 togheter when he cant even win a tournament with astralis in it?
2019-04-09 20:32
also how does it make sense? grabbing 4 players and combining them
2019-04-09 20:39
its monkey brain haha
2019-04-09 20:40
He have won 3 events with Astralis in it NT
2019-04-09 20:46
the salt is real with this one xDDDDDDDDDD
2019-04-09 23:04
cologne and blast ???
2019-04-10 00:16
NY old Astralis does still count because he did not say this core , but still 2 with this core
2019-04-10 00:17
Denmark how_much_ 
2019-04-10 17:37
kennys = 1 major coldzera = 2 major guardian = 0 major shox = 1 major s1mple = 0 major then 1+2+1+0 = 0??
2019-04-22 18:10
he is GOAT of GOATS
2019-04-09 20:35
2019-04-09 20:35
EliGE | 
Europe xSKYY 
device being rlly good and consistent doesnt have this much highlights than s1 in 1 event
2019-04-09 20:37
qikert | 
Russia zbogus 
peak-s1mple consistency-dev1ce any other candidature does not make sense, /closed
2019-04-09 20:38
hahaha s1mple at his worst is better than device at his best
2019-04-09 20:40
qikert | 
Russia zbogus 
s1mple at his worst was banned
2019-04-09 20:42
his next worst after ESL ban is probably major final performances
2019-04-10 02:24
Belarus c0mmi3 
device had higher hltv top20 placements 4 years in a row lul
2019-04-09 20:46
cus simple was on a trash team and dident get much tournament invites u have watched cs for 1 year?
2019-04-09 20:48
Belarus c0mmi3 
yeah just like in 2016&2017
2019-04-09 22:13
ahh i see your country now
2019-04-09 22:30
Like that matters when device best year was 2018 and S1mple raped him S1mple played for trash teams that was outside top 10 back then while device played for tier 1 team so its obvious he will get better rank when S1mple basicly played no tier 1 events ZywOo is better than MANY pros but some and he will probably get a low top 20 maybe not even top 20 at all because he plays for a trash team
2019-04-09 20:52
Belarus c0mmi3 
2019-04-09 22:14
what ?
2019-04-09 22:16
Belarus c0mmi3 
"S1mple played for trash teams that was outside top 10 back then while device played for tier 1 team so its obvious he will get better rank when S1mple basicly played no tier 1 events"
2019-04-09 22:17
HR/FS not really top 10 teams Liquid was trash aswell did nothing at all before the point S1mple joined them 2017 Na'Vi was trash most of the time and started to do better at the end
2019-04-09 22:18
Belarus c0mmi3 
navi were top3 without him liquid weren't trash but top10
2019-04-09 22:43
Not really , after GuardiaN injury they sucked dick , they did nothing first event with S1mple with win NY
2019-04-09 22:49
Belarus c0mmi3 
No,1st event with s1mple was StarSeries s2(last place) and after mlg Columbus they played in finals/semis
2019-04-10 07:33
technically Astralis was trash in 2016 until they picked up gla1ve at end of year, origin of "chokestralis" and quarterfinal curse lost every single tournament pretty much and is reason why they dropped karrigan
2019-04-10 00:31
They ended 2016 year as #1 team in HLTV ranking The Karrigan roster was good but they chocked so much so they replaced him for Gla1ve
2019-04-10 00:31 u can look here they ended rank 1 cuz first places in toruneys at end of year
2019-04-10 00:32
I know pretty much whole hisotry of CSGO i watch every event Dont know what we are even talking about now Astralis was always a good team especially compared to teams S1mple played for You cant really call Astralis trash even at their lowest , they have had times where they have been really shit like start of 2018
2019-04-10 00:35
2016 was the only "trash" year im just saying the Astralis lineup wasnt top tier every single year
2019-04-10 00:36
Still a top 10 team and tier 1 most of the year There were in top 3-5 almost all year had bad time end of 2016 where they were ranked #8 for a while then #1 last month again because of that win
2019-04-10 00:38
they dropped off top 10 in midyear too it was just decline all throughout 2016 their ranking was high in beginning of 2016 because of their 2015 performance and how HLTV ranks work, points don't drop too much going out of every tournament in quarterfinals so they dropped slowly throughout year (basis of HLTV ranking off tournaments in a few months time frame) if you look at player rankings at end of year, dupreeh/Xyp9x/karrigan were all off the list and underperformed all year; mainly just device+kjaerbye definitely not a t1 team i'm starting to think you didn't even watch CSGO in 2016
2019-04-10 02:32
You can even watch every month of 2016 on HLTV jesus
2019-04-10 02:39
raped him by losing all tournamnts to him, also dev3ce destroyed him in all 1v1 awp duels in all their matches check their ratings in all of them dev3ce won them all xDDDDDDDDD dev3ce 3 majors > s0mple 0 majors dev3ce 1 intel grand slam > s0mple 0 intel grand slam dev3ce 13 mvp > s0mple 9 mvp dev3ce 1 major mvp > s0mple 0 major mvp dev3ce 25 evp > s0mple 6 evp dev3ce 17 trophies > s0mple 7 trophies hahaha its not even close
2019-04-09 23:10
Go ahead and show facts about that then
2019-04-09 23:27
I dont even see how this is even a comparison if s1mple has the 4 amazing players that dev has he would have won atleast 2 majors by now and dev is 2 years older then p1mple and simple has been amazing past years while being a newcomer with far worse teams and he gets better almost every year edit im not bashing ast they are n1 with almost no chance of now being dethroned they are a amazing team and i feellike dev gets mvps that dont even belong to him(few cases where other teammates deserved it )
2019-04-10 01:23
s1mple = 1 TOP 1 Device - 0 Top 1 nt
2019-04-10 05:34
Europe Ru1n 
Navi fan talking
2019-04-10 00:57
f0rest is 30 and he's polish
2019-04-10 13:19
And he is only 21
2019-04-09 20:43
f0rest is 30 and he's polish
2019-04-10 13:19
2019-04-10 13:46
2019-04-10 13:48
FalleN | 
Brazil 7nnox 
the best
2019-04-09 20:52
Gonna watch that later but im sure that video have alot of kills that is not that insane compared to some highlight he had This is from same event with nice edit still many highlights tho just compare this video to the device highlight video HLTV made
2019-04-09 20:56
Best Player but no
2019-04-09 20:57
United States Degree|CSGO 
Best CS:GO Player rn: s1mple Consistently Best CS:GO Player of All Time: dev1ce Best Counter Strike Player Of All Time: F0rest
2019-04-09 21:02
Nor dev1ce nor f0rest is a goat you have to be best player at least once if you want to be called goat.
2019-04-10 15:09
only s1mple fans say this because he will never be the GOAT and they need to find excuses if you are consistently 2nd in something and the 1st always changes, you are never the best but you are the greatest because of your consistency
2019-04-10 17:35
Are you mad?
2019-04-21 06:47
Turkey Rtax 
yeah cheater goat
2019-04-09 22:31
Brazil Dornas13 
yeah, he is great af
2019-04-09 22:39
s1mple not simple
2019-04-09 22:45
zonic | 
Denmark meganice 
Ofc he is not. He is the greatest of last 1-2 years.
2019-04-09 22:47
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
No, too greedy for kills to go to another team where he could win titles.
2019-04-09 22:51
where he could go to upgrade?? astalis - nope, liquid problem with elige, faze with guardian, mouz tier-3 dogshit right now, mibr tier-4 dogshit The only options to upgrade is faze + liquid but he have problems with some teammates, i dont think he want to move to NA to play with toxic Elige again, or lazyfatfuck guardian
2019-04-09 23:23
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
SK wanted him on the past, he considered to go, but denied. Nowadays he could go to FaZe but you said he has problems with someone inside, maybe that's cuz he is toxic or was toxic. Liquid would be a great fit for him but I don't think he would enjoy it since everyone there plays well, he wouldn't be the star. It means that he wants high ratings, he doesn't care if he will or not win titles and that's sad cuz he is such a talented player...
2019-04-10 00:04
Faze should drop Guardian, Adren and Olof. Bring in s1mple, Valde and an IGL, maybe try and get ChrisJ or something like that if Niko will step down from his god complex. s1mple is the star wherever he goes, it doesnt matter what team, hes the star, hes a better awper than any other awper, hes better on rifles than any rifler, hes a better entry than any enrty, hes better at getting picks than any other player, it doesnt matter what you do, s1mple does it better, with exception of a few players on pistols.
2019-04-10 01:11
That's your opinion. He's the best right now, but not in everything like you said.
2019-04-10 01:23
Wow one game, i can find games where device dies 10 times and gets no kills and gets 3-0'd by FaZe when FaZe has a stand-in. In that Bo5 ecov1ce performed like Xizt.
2019-04-10 01:26
That wasn't just one game, that was the Major Final. Yes, I understand it doesn't define the whole carreer of s1mple, just one example. Look, you said s1mple is way better in a lot of roles but take a look at this page: s1mple is not the best at opening duels, awp kpr and at clutches.
2019-04-10 01:43
Look at the last 3 months, s1mple dominates basically everything.
2019-04-10 01:44
I put 12 months cuz it's more fair but I don't think he will be capable to maintain this level of raw skill for much more time, he will not decrese much tho.
2019-04-10 02:18
pretty sure his buyout would be off the planet, but if his contract ended tommorow literally any english speaking, or CIS team would take him, exept astralis.
2019-04-21 06:53
Yeah, sure, he is a very wanted player but I would add MiBR to the teams that wouldn't pick him.
2019-04-21 07:16
"english speaking or CIS teams" MIBR currently do not speak english.
2019-04-21 10:10
They do, only felps doesn't speak eng.
2019-04-21 21:59
I know they can, but after 2018 they wont, and in game they do not speak english.
2019-04-22 18:01
What you mean by they don't speak english in game ? Obviously they aren't speaking now but back in 2018 they were.
2019-04-22 18:06
Greatest of all time - including 1.6 and go, definitely f0rest. Dominant troughout all of 1.6, still keeping a really high level to this day. Greatest of all time - only go - probably GeT_RiGhT. Yes, he sure isnt the best right now, however he was probably the most dominant player back in 2012/2013/2014. Noone ever reached his level until NiPs slump in 2015. Allthough i do think GeT_RiGhT is the GOAT of CS GO, you cant deny the absolute skill of coldzera at his peak, aswell as dev1ce, olof and s1mple. Such talented players.
2019-04-09 23:30
being the best in the year 2012 to 2014 is easy compared to these days. but yea somewhere you are right but what s1mple does atm and last few years is far greater than what get_right has done. just my opinion.
2019-04-10 00:08
But he wasnt dominant in 1.6, Neo was, f0rest wasnt, f0rest was never the best player in 1.6, how can you have never been the best player in either yet be the greatest, it either goes to GTR or s1mple, GTR was the best in GO and one of the best in 1.6, s1mple is clearly the most skilled player ever, its not even a debate, he has a 1.22 rating vs Astralis, consider that, against the best team ever, he still puts up insane numbers, even when his team plays like shit.
2019-04-10 01:04
forest is polish
2019-04-10 13:18
If you want to go with consistency, for GO dev1ce is undoubtedly the no1 guy. If being the best at some point is a criteria as well (see sirdetmist's post), then it is either coldzera or guardian, though I'd rather say the latter, cause he's been top20 since the start of the ratings, coldzera only had 2 years.
2019-04-10 15:06
kNgV- | 
Brazil Soulsix 
never won a major no
2019-04-10 00:10
ok, also Messi never won an international trophy with Argentina but still he is the greatest football player ever, same with s1mple :)
2019-04-10 00:14
kNgV- | 
Brazil Soulsix 
messi greatest ever? LUL you are probably a millenial.... what a stupid generation
2019-04-10 00:15
you must be retard if you dont recognize Messi as the best player ever, im even a CR7 fan and i still recognize this, Messi is awesome, something unique in this life.
2019-04-10 00:17
kNgV- | 
Brazil Soulsix 
messi only play good in barca he's dog shit in his national team maradona alone won a world cup for argentina, if you go to buenos aires and ask who is the best argetinian player of all time 100% will say Maradona
2019-04-10 00:20
lets compare football from 1986 vs football 2019 even us (romanians) were good in 1986, today we are shit lmao same with Messi and Maradona
2019-04-10 00:29
Athletes now a faster, fitter and stronger, the level of the average player has gone up and up, year on year, Messi is light years ahead of Maradona, athletes and players get better with time, its just a fact.
2019-04-10 01:00
thats what i mean, football is much harder nowadays
2019-04-10 01:00
CS in 2013-14 was just like football in the 80s, one skilled player could just run past every defender because they had 2 left feet and no athletic ability. In 2013 one skilled player like Snax could just run the server, now hed get shut down by team play, just look at the system thats modern football teams use and see how much more tactically aware they are.
2019-04-10 01:02
you are definitely true m8
2019-04-10 01:05
If he keeps this up for another year he will be
2019-04-10 00:12
2019-04-10 00:17
No Device is
2019-04-10 00:17
2019-04-10 00:48
2019-04-10 01:30
Ecovice??? 1 highlight in year wTf))))
2019-04-10 02:47
fucking gay name
2019-04-10 00:21
United States Pogger69 
no until he won a major
2019-04-10 00:23
Simple sucks that goat milk tho
2019-04-10 00:57
f0rest milk?
2019-04-10 01:30
Canada NELK 
2019-04-10 00:57
Yes he's the goat because he was good in only 2018 where he finally achieved something after doing nothing rest of carrer 1 year > players who been top players for 5-6 years already. Also here is the metric atm IMO Players who have lower achievements for example s1mple who atm only has 3 good titles won in his entire career and the rest are lower events needs to get ranked top 1 3 times and not only 3 times it needs to be 3 years in a row for him to become the goat, for players who actually have a lot of achievements and individual achievements they don't need top 1 or 2 etc they already proved by being top player for 5-6 years straight and won a bunch of shit whilst being the best player on the best team (at that time). So yeah if s1mple gets top 1, 3 years in a row he will become the goat or he needs achievements, majors, major mvp, biggest events you cant have one without the other unless you're insane in one and since other players already got 2 top 1s he isn't even have that.
2019-04-10 01:02
you must start following the scene since 2018 then. if you didn't know that he was Godlike since 2015-2016. HR/F3 upsets with him + Team Liquid period. S1mple = GOAT (facts) > "he was good only in 2018" ----------> must be the most irrelevant bait to ever exist.
2019-04-10 01:01
HR/F3 were dog shit teams playing tier 8, those mean nothing he played very few big lans with these teams why even bring them up? Everyone knows he started playing CS for real in 2016 when he joined with Liquid, this is when people actually got to see him play consistently in bigger events against better teams. TBF his only good year was in 2018, he was other years with good stats but that doesn't make him a good player, lots of shit players have good stats it's nothing hard to do, what makes his 2018 his only good year is he actually achieved something.
2019-04-10 01:05
im not saying s1mple is the goat right now he is extremly young and after he gets a full real team by the end of career he wiill be the goat but i dont think that anyother player has boosted so many teams by himself like he has
2019-04-10 01:27
Lmao no one of you even knows that G.O.A.T means, stop throwing that term around. S1mple is the best of all time not even close to greatest though, that requires achievements as well.
2019-04-10 01:29
Greatest Of All Time Thats what GOAT means. Lul
2019-04-10 05:38
2019-04-10 05:44
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes 
2019-04-10 20:08
s1mple omegalul forest GOAT = 1.6 | csgo
2019-04-10 07:16
Forest and cs go GOAT? He is nowhere near the best player in cs go. Also he has few notable tourneys won. Becouse the streak in the beggining is weak field compared to these days.
2019-04-10 09:13
Forest was not even best in 1.6 lmao neo was better than him
2019-04-10 15:12
f0rest was the 2nd best in 1.6 or third idk , get_right was better but in csgo he is better than get_Right and neo . that's why he is the GOAT
2019-04-10 18:19
Get right had a higher peak
2019-04-11 15:11
BOT csgo wrote on video
2019-04-10 13:17
not my video . so idk what is this
2019-04-11 18:11
f0rest since 2005 top level GOAT
2019-04-10 16:07
2019-04-21 05:21
how can a guy that can only perform in events without astralis can be the GOAT?
2019-04-10 16:37
he won a MVP in DH marseille , the first event astralis won in 2018
2019-04-10 20:34
Spain vG|TooNyy 
Most overrated player ever
2019-04-10 20:36
Neo goat, f0rest and GTR overrated bots
2019-04-10 20:36
Europe thaifinnen 
+1 1.6 neo>1.6 f0rest gtr was good in 2012 when every pro was bad and he was the only good. 2013 he wasnt even the best tbh both f0rest and shox was >him. 2014? flusha got robbed of that #1 spot
2019-04-11 01:27
2019-04-11 13:15
NEO CSGO is fucking shit overall Counter-Strike history f0rest >>>>>>>>>> NEO by far
2019-04-21 11:30
neo is a bot in csgo...f0rest better than him all time
2019-04-11 18:12
Nice youtube channel :)
2019-04-11 18:14
Not yet
2019-04-21 05:23
depends how much you value trophies, and how much you value individual performance. Individually for CSGO he has the highest peak, and he has maintained that peak for the longest, so its pretty much a no brainer. The more you care about trophies wins the harder of a decision it becomes.
2019-04-21 06:54
fuck trophies he needs to perform vs astralis and liquid and rekt them like (Niko did in blast) in 1 major that 1 major will make him GOAT he dosent need to win 3 majors just win 1 destroying astralis and liquid and its done
2019-04-21 10:19
s1mple mayb fak goat but greatest of all time is fer
2019-04-21 06:56
JW | 
Bulgaria Arsoyy 
s1mple goes to Liquid. He doesn't deserves to be in shit team like Na'Vi.
2019-04-22 18:10
Niko>s1mple END OF STORY!!!
2019-04-22 18:11
Europe thaifinnen 
2019-04-22 20:26
2019-04-22 20:26
Poland GumiPr0 
'Look at highlights' Man even my mum could be called a goat if you would only look at the highlights
2019-04-22 18:11
kennys = 1 major coldzera = 2 major guardian = 0 major shox = 1 major s1mple = 0 major then 1+2+1+0 = 0??
2019-04-22 18:11
Major = overrated tournament. there are plenty of same events with same prizes and viewers. +Major = team achievement, not a player achievement. S1mple has tons of MVPs even when his team didn't win.
2019-04-22 20:27
Europe thaifinnen 
"tons" he has 2
2019-04-22 20:42
2019-04-22 20:43
Europe thaifinnen 
how is this 0/8
2019-04-22 20:43
He had more than 7 MVPs last year and he already has a few this year (it's not even 6 months after previous year).
2019-04-22 20:44
Europe thaifinnen 
yes but you said he had tons of mvps when his team didnt win but he has 2
2019-04-22 20:46
Learn how to read dude. And now try to check that post again and try to find the word "even".
2019-04-22 20:50
Europe thaifinnen 
well now its edited because it didnt say even before
2019-04-22 20:51
I swear I did nothing with that post. It's your mistake.
2019-04-22 20:52
Europe thaifinnen 
kennys all time major rating 1,04 highest 1.15 2014 coldzera all time major rating 1,25 highest 1,34 2016 guardian all time major rating 1,07. highest 1,19 2015 shox all time major rating 1,06 highest 1,16 2018 s1mple all time major rating 1,2. Highest 1,29 2017>19
2019-04-22 20:41
+1 and that's in top tier1 level.
2019-04-22 20:43
s1mple is GOAT
2019-04-22 20:26
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