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What to do in Berlin
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
im going to berlin for a week have you got any interesting suggestions, what i should do or where should i go? dont really care about classic tourist attractions, this city must have more to offer than that
2019-04-11 16:43
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eat Döner Kebab
2019-04-11 16:43
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride
aight will do, thanks
2019-04-11 16:44
Go to Kreuzberg and carry a kurdish flag :) You will get the warmest welcom you can imagine.
2019-04-12 14:44
+1 her biji kurdistan
2019-04-12 15:44
but where do i get a kurdish flag
2019-04-12 15:47
Germany PuZzLe_dE
at every "Späti" Spätkauf open 24/7
2019-04-12 21:00
2019-04-11 17:47
Netherlands NELK
2019-04-12 12:56
2019-04-12 13:52
India Noobdian
2019-04-12 15:44
2019-04-12 17:07
lol doner kebab shit
2019-04-12 18:55
+1 looks and smells like mudslimes
2019-04-13 04:26
2019-04-13 00:38
Libya Pattapain
berghain :)
2019-04-11 16:46
o shit that actually looks interesting, thank you
2019-04-11 16:47
Finland jakem0n
GL for even trying to get in...
2019-04-11 16:55
what do you mean?
2019-04-11 16:56
Finland jakem0n
Its like impossible to get in Berghain. You cant get in if you are on drugs or if you're drunk. Wont get in if you're looking too good or if you're looking too bad, you can't look like happy but you cant look like sad too etc... Also you might have to queue in the club like 2 hours and then the guy just says that you wont be able to get in :D:D
2019-04-11 16:59
this makes the place only more interesting i suppose its worth a try at least :D
2019-04-11 17:02
Libya Pattapain
For an acid's fan you must like it !
2019-04-11 17:03
2019-04-11 17:10
Finland jakem0n
Yeah I recommend you to try to get in :P The place is epic and totally worth it if you get in. You just need to look totally sure that you know what you are doing and where you are going. P.S. dont get scared if everyone around you is fucking or something... If you're homophobic just dont go in :D
2019-04-11 17:03
dont have a problem with that xd thanks for informations brother
2019-04-11 17:11
France Sheld
GL. also think it's easier to get in on morning/afternoon during the weekend
2019-04-12 14:44
Sweden Kasidro
not at all. I've been there probably 30+ times and only failed to get in twice. Don't be rude, don't try to get in in very big groups (2-3 people is good), don't go there before 6 as it caters more strictly to gay people between 00.00-06.00. And yes I have been both drunk and high and got in. But you could aslo just get high on the inside or just enjoy the fucking amazing atmoshpere and music. Speaking a little bit of german is really getting you far btw
2019-04-12 19:22
ich spraiche nicht deutch
2019-04-12 20:29
Denmark dakkedak
2019-04-13 04:38
Denmark dakkedak
Nah, just come alone when there's no queue, Be sober and act like you're not shy
2019-04-13 04:37
Germany potatomato
visit hurensohn.
2019-04-11 16:46
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride
nt i study german at school xd
2019-04-11 16:46
Bang a girl with a lip piercing or nose piercing. But before you do that, go sign my petition so we can give Maiklele a more fitting nickname:
2019-04-11 16:46
I can see it's doing really well!
2019-04-12 15:47
rape their womens on the streets they dont care
2019-04-11 16:47
i dont really want to do that tbh:(
2019-04-11 16:48
2019-04-12 18:11
2019-04-11 17:23
Do the nazi salute and get arrested 😎😎😎
2019-04-11 16:47
visiting german cells might be cool, i will consider it
2019-04-11 16:50
Yea you could visit old stasi prisons, definitely interesting
2019-04-11 17:23
oh shit thank you for this suggestion
2019-04-11 17:26
griessmuehle, tresor are better than berghain
2019-04-12 12:56
idk why the reply went here but im talking about Berlin clubs indeed
2019-04-12 12:57
definitely want to atleast try to get into tresor, will do research on griessmuehle too thank you very much for suggestions
2019-04-12 12:59
way easier than berghain to get in and the club in the basement is banging. no lights, sweat everywhere and soundsystem you feel in your whole body
2019-04-12 13:11
i read reviews and people say the bouncers are unfriendly to foreigners guess ill have to find out myself the place looks fucking awesome tho, probably the highlight of my trip if i get in
2019-04-12 13:15
berlin is a dirty city, not very nice. some attractions but only if u into history also clubs r guud if u into that kind of thing
2019-04-11 16:48
have you got any clubs in particular to recommend?
2019-04-11 16:49
strip clubs if you are ok seeing your mom
2019-04-12 13:56
2019-04-12 14:47
Watergate, Wilde Renate, Kater Holzig, Tresor
2019-04-12 15:52
oh excellent, so many to choose from i think i should be able to get into atleast one of them :D
2019-04-12 16:27
nothing berlin is boring
2019-04-11 16:50
go to Wedding and get stabbed by immigrant
2019-04-11 16:53
hmm perhaps
2019-04-11 16:56
Netherlands NELK
Wtf, I thought you were a leftist
2019-04-12 12:58
correcting assumptions about my country doesn’t make me a leftist, mate
2019-04-12 14:50
Algeria abdodz45
What? is that "The Red Wedding" all over again
2019-04-12 15:29
hmm I wonder why I put "Wedding" and not "a wedding"
2019-04-12 16:05
2019-04-11 16:57
for sure, if only i knew someone who i would get it from in berlin
2019-04-11 16:59
me :)
2019-04-11 17:08
but flag says norway hmm
2019-04-11 17:10
go to tresor. even if it has lost some of its myth, it`s still on the similiar level as berghain. + there is no fag on the doors who love it to send ppl home without any reason. + you will ez find speed, extasy etc
2019-04-11 17:42
fuck yes i will go to tresor goddamn im actually getting hyped to go on this trip thanks man
2019-04-11 17:54
Just ask shady looking people in front/near a club, you'll get everything you need for sure
2019-04-11 18:27
always an option of course but also high chance of getting scammed big time :D but as a last resort thats what im gonna do
2019-04-11 18:30
don't ask people near Tresor they only sell crap
2019-04-12 12:57
2019-04-11 17:06
Germany KneeKisser
If u like kebab , go eat at the place called " Imren Grill " best kebab in berlin ;) Clubbing is nice , Berghain , Kitkat(fetish club lmao) , tresor ... just google u find alot of nice clubs. Brandenburger Tor or just walk around alexander platz. hf bro
2019-04-11 17:09
alrighty ill check out the best kebab in berlin also planning to try to get into as many clubs as possible thank you for informations!
2019-04-12 18:10
any time bro ;) hit me up if u need to know anything
2019-04-13 04:11
Chile strong221
go twitchcon
2019-04-11 17:12
going on 22nd of april, twitchcon over by then sadly :S
2019-04-11 17:14
Chile strong221
FeelsBadMan, go yatch tour
2019-04-11 17:16
play cs
2019-04-11 17:18
2019-04-11 18:26
Lithuania Mzeris
2019-04-12 19:16
chrisJ | 
Germany k4nt
buy some xtc/kematine/cocaine/speed and go to a techno club friday till sunday/monday. most berlinish thing to do. love it.
2019-04-11 17:19
oh boy god knows i would want nothing more #24 is the problem tho
2019-04-11 17:21
chrisJ | 
Germany k4nt
u can buy speed/xtc/ketamine und sometimes cocaine/lsd/gbl/etc in every techno club. some of them even have their own dealers. xtc are usually premium pills and standard price is 10€. quality of other stuff differs a lot. takes like 5 minutes max to find someone selling...techno without drugs is forbidden in berlin^^
2019-04-11 21:07
good to know, unexpectedly low price compared to estonia thank you brother
2019-04-12 12:54
what is XTC? I dont think I ever done it
2019-04-12 14:47
TripAdvisor is a great website. Search some shit there. For events and restaurants and cool stuff to do/visit Personally I found Berlin disappointing but still not bad. Hamburg my favourite city in germany
2019-04-11 17:19
unfortunately dont have the possibility to visit any other place except for berlin but thank you, that website is actually really helpful
2019-04-11 17:23
Brunei tragttutS
Hamburg? axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxax
2019-04-11 18:28
dont go
2019-04-11 17:24
name doesnt check out bro
2019-04-11 17:25
eat doners
2019-04-11 17:27
go into a brothel. I really dunno what i would gonna do there beside drugs, parties and fucks.
2019-04-11 17:27
is there an age limit? if its 21 then im fucked
2019-04-11 17:28
18 for everything
2019-04-11 17:30
excellent, brothel in top3 things i want to do now i am feeling thank you
2019-04-11 17:32
21 limit is only at very specific parts as gambling etc. Normal with 18 you are an adult. So in most of them, it wouldn't be a problem.
2019-04-11 17:30
wonderful you wouldnt happen to know the estimated prices for a girl, would you? xd
2019-04-11 17:33
nope, I never visited one. but many of them have websites so use google
2019-04-11 17:57
2019-04-11 17:30
don't go there if you don't care about history
2019-04-11 17:28
everything is already arranged so no backing down tho i dont really care about history also +rep for name "we're all gonna make it brahs" still most inspirational speech ever
2019-04-11 17:30
berlin is a chithole
2019-04-11 17:30
u mad brah? yeah u mirin brah
2019-04-11 17:47
Good hookers and cheap.
2019-04-11 17:46
go to twitchcon
2019-04-11 17:48
Walking at templehof and going inside the airport was cool. Also i kinda liked the neighborhood around there and the vibes. Dont know how it is know with all the immigrants but i want to go back
2019-04-11 17:57
Germany pabcs
go to Kurfürstenstraße
2019-04-11 18:04
whats that? judging from google images im assuming its like a prostitute district?
2019-04-11 18:10
Germany pabcs
yeah it its, no but actully if you like shopping you can visit the KaDeWe. A cool place is also alexanderplatz many people, some shops and ofc the fernsehturm. Maybe I can recommend you more if you tell me what kind of things you like visiting.
2019-04-11 18:16
kurfürstenstraße is definitely something i would like visiting. also places like before mentioned berghain and tresor, creepy "shithole" districts of the city, bars, strip clubs, brothels, perhaps some places where "hipsters" and other interesting people go and thank you for already given recommendations, i will be going to alexanderplatz and the tv tower but if you got anything else to give me i would be thankful :D
2019-04-11 18:23
Don't forget to fuck one of those trashy Berlin artsy hipster chicks that love to get humiliated haha
2019-04-11 20:45
easier said than done but ill figure something out :D
2019-04-12 12:56
I forgot Berlin has pandas in the Zoo. You should go there. Pandas <3
2019-04-11 22:20
already planned to go there :D thank you once again tho!
2019-04-12 13:04
2019-04-12 13:55
go to tropical island near to berlin ;p
2019-04-12 12:55
interesting suggestion a little bit expensive tho but i will consider it, thanks!
2019-04-12 13:02
definitly worth your money
2019-04-12 15:24
kill jews sry germans
2019-04-12 12:56
Netherlands NELK
Cya in 10
2019-04-12 12:59
I aren't know the details.
2019-04-12 15:36
2019-04-12 12:57
will do
2019-04-12 13:01
cyx | 
South Africa bonkaz
Go to Lichterfelde - Schmidt’s Imbiss Order Currywurst Enjoy
2019-04-12 12:58
will keep this in mind thank you
2019-04-12 13:00
take the ICE and drive to Bielefeld 😎
2019-04-12 13:07
damn thats actually such a beautiful city unfortunate that i cant really leave berlin tho cuz im with a group:S
2019-04-12 13:14
Germany r0m3
there is a really interesting museum called "körperwelten" in berlin. its definitly not for everyone but i really liked it. move around the "parlamentsviertel" if you are interested in history and politics. if you are there with friends the berlin dungeon could be something for you aswell. hf in berlin anyway ^-^
2019-04-12 13:16
ive got many cool answers for night time but not so many for day time so thank you man! :D that museum looks indeed very interesting, unusual. not sure what the berlin dungeon is but ill google and find out :D
2019-04-12 13:27
Germany r0m3
i dont want to spoiler too much but its a interactiv horror-history-fantasy kind of "museum" (?). basically you're supposed to walk through the scary history of berlin
2019-04-12 13:30
okay now im even more intrigued, one of the top picks for daytime activity thank you once again man
2019-04-12 13:34
Germany r0m3
there is a lot more bro like the kdw (really recommend to go in there), checkpoint charlie and way more. maybe get this what a link :D but these are very very good i have like 15 of them for all of my travel destinations i had and want to go to (tallin is in there aswell btw ^^)
2019-04-12 13:40
i dont think the book would arrive in time before i leave:S im going for a week and 7 days is a long time tbh so i need a lot of ideas and you have been very helpful already planned on going to KDW and checkpoint charlie and alexanderplatz and brandenburg gate and east side gallery and many other "manditory" places in berlin :D also hope you liked tallinn!
2019-04-12 13:50
buy some kebabs and pray in a Mosque
2019-04-12 13:29
will buy kebab but dont plan on going to a mosque:/
2019-04-12 13:35
Why not? I'm now curious if the Mosques is like Catholic church's where anyone from any religion can enter.
2019-04-12 13:52
i dont think they would be very delighted if a tourist comes into their mosque while they are praying i can look at them form the outside when im walking past thank you for the idea tho!
2019-04-12 13:56
Definitely go for the museums. Check out Trip advisor or just on the web if they are opened at the time you come. History museum is pretty cool, but go to whatever museum you like, they are dope
2019-04-12 13:56
impossible to not go to museums in berlin so for sure will do :D
2019-04-12 14:00
eat famous kadewe oysters ja. just like kristus ronaldo did before he met his untimely death
2019-04-12 13:57
hmm sounds interesting i hope they arent too expensive but ive never had oysters before so it could be a fun experience
2019-04-12 14:01
I was joking this duuude
2019-04-12 14:36
2019-04-12 14:07 this guy is a "rapper" this is his ironic retard character
2019-04-12 14:35
2019-04-12 17:00
2019-04-12 14:05
2019-04-12 14:10
Go to my country!
2019-04-12 14:39
we will go to berlin by bus and will make a stop for a night in warsaw =D also been to poland, many great memories from gdansk and torun ;) nvm i got baited fuck
2019-04-12 15:40
2019-04-12 15:38
whore house!
2019-04-12 14:44
yes sir!
2019-04-12 15:33
2019-04-12 14:46
you are going to have your chance sooner or later :D
2019-04-12 15:37
Denmark devnr1
2019-04-12 14:49
as a last resort i suppose thats what i must do
2019-04-12 15:41
bus tour and checkpoint charlie mueseum and riechstag tour
2019-04-12 14:51
riechstag tour could be interesting thank you
2019-04-12 15:43
Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap @Mehringdamm if it's good weather plan 1-2 hours waiting time OMEGALUL
2019-04-12 15:26
are there any other legendary kebab places? i really dont want to wait 1-2hours :((
2019-04-12 15:38
Poland LucaS04
Do Nazi salute 😎
2019-04-12 15:27
i dunno about that
2019-04-12 15:38
Algeria abdodz45
2019-04-12 15:28
if only i was rich..
2019-04-12 15:38
Go watch hertha berlin in bundesliga
2019-04-12 15:29
im not a fan of football unforunately :s
2019-04-12 15:38
2019-04-12 15:33
you mean the club matrix? is it any good?
2019-04-12 15:39
yeah, it is. I am not that kind of a clubber, but I can recommend it as I visited it on a class trip 3 years ago.
2019-04-12 15:50
aight, will keep it in mind thanks brother
2019-04-12 16:26
no problem, my friend! and if you gonna hang out and chill a bit, just find a comfortably place in Berlins' Tiergarten while eating a Currywurst or Döner (Kebab) or whatever. I am not from Berlin, but you should try out or inform yourself in order to see what would match to your interests.
2019-04-12 16:39
bro dont go to matrix it`s basically a joke here in berlin. like "ok polak clean my toilet" = "ok bro go to matrix" it`s a kiddo disco and a lot of school classes from outside go there because you can rent it for underage disco etc xDD
2019-04-12 20:37
ah i see this kinda ruins the magic of it but if i really dont get into tresor or griessmuehle or others posted here then as a last resort i still have to go somewhere
2019-04-12 20:41
1) dont go alone. they think you come to sell drugs or harass girls 2) dont go in a group of males. sausage party = 100% chance to get sent home 3) dont be chinese -> go with girl = 95% chance to get in. follow my pro rules = ez entrance
2019-04-12 20:49
actual pro tips okay you boosted my confidence a little, i will follow them and give you an update if it was successful :D thank you
2019-04-12 20:56
Germany r0m3
Imo u shouldnt try it. Unless your 15. Its one of some clubs you can enter with 14 or 15. So there will be loads of them
2019-04-12 16:55
if its 14 and 15 yo girls i dont have a problem with that 8)
2019-04-12 18:01
Call a "Obsttaxi"
2019-04-12 15:46
its like a racing car taxi? probably very expensive :O
2019-04-12 16:24
No, its a drug taxi, but to the "normies" its called fruittaxi, so it isnt to obvious it sells drugs XD
2019-04-12 16:53
do you know the phone number for that taxi? or some app? you got me interested
2019-04-12 17:59
No, but you will get flyers in berlins streets at night with such numbers
2019-04-13 08:36
retake berlin with your soviet brothers 😎😎😎😎
2019-04-12 15:48
dont have any soviet brothers
2019-04-12 16:24
Best time for Berlin is in summer A lot of open air events with nice music - love it
2019-04-12 15:53
i hope end of april is somewhat good also, not too far away from summer
2019-04-12 16:24
Poland KasPro
just try not to get raped ;)
2019-04-12 17:07
i will be carrying a knife on me at all times
2019-04-12 18:00
expected flag tbh
2019-04-12 18:21
Poland KasPro
i know right lmao i was only joking btw just tried to be stereotypical
2019-04-12 19:06
I was there just a couple of weeks ago. Go sightseeing and eat some döner mens.
2019-04-12 18:02
okay men got anything in particular to recommend? something that you liked the most?
2019-04-12 18:16
The coolest thing about Berlin is the difference between east and west. It's amazing to just walk between them and go from nice looking buildings to run down DDR crack houses. Oh, and while you're there, eat at Block House. Great meat.
2019-04-12 19:44
this is exactly what i have been planning to do if the place is not too expensive then possibly i will eat there! thank you man
2019-04-12 20:25
Twitchcon tomorrow, right?
2019-04-12 18:17
im going on 22nd of april, sadly twitchcon over then :S would have loved to go tho
2019-04-12 18:19
2019-04-12 18:25
there is a saunaclub in berlin? :O whats the name??
2019-04-12 18:28
probn many artemis etc
2019-04-12 18:29
its actually really cheap for what it offers great suggestion, thank you
2019-04-12 18:35
Make romantic night with girl in Fuhrer bunker.
2019-04-12 18:30
2019-04-12 18:30
Visit Bötzow Privat on Linienstrasse. Eat their schnitzel, drink their own brand beer. You will not regret it.
2019-04-12 18:47
that place looks exactly like i imagine a german pub to look like if its not too expensive then definitely worth a visit thanks man
2019-04-12 18:52
It's somewhat pricey I guess, so skip the schnitzel in that case. But do not miss out on the beer. It's just a perfect, thin bodied pilz style lager and it's the best I've ever had personally. Curiously it was the first beer ever sold under a brand in Berlin iirc. Made on that very spot. You're drinking history.
2019-04-12 19:12
actually interesting ill do my best to find my way there and get a taste of it myself thanks once again
2019-04-12 20:29
build a wall
2019-04-12 18:52
interesting suggestion, i think i will go and do that
2019-04-12 18:54
Europe Qaia
2019-04-12 18:54
fuck some gay men
2019-04-12 18:55
if i get into berghain then its inevitable
2019-04-12 18:57
Ukraine ram3n
2019-04-12 19:12
most of the germans here tend to have the same theme in their comments: Berghain nightclub, doing drugs, fucking hookers, and eating kebab take it from the germans, this is what berlin is like right now
2019-04-12 19:53
good observation, you are right i will do my best to follow their suggestions and perhaps i wont be disappointed in that city like many others
2019-04-12 20:26
Georgia Broozman
Build new Berlin wall
2019-04-12 20:27
im a little too poor for that :s
2019-04-12 20:34
Historic : Stasi-Gefängnis (East prison ddr) , Branderburger gate, Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas (Its like some stones to represent the murder of the jews in the 2nd world war) U may also like to go to the alexander platz , rly chill place, and maybe fernsehturm
2019-04-12 21:32
visit hitler.
2019-04-13 08:37
but hes dead
2019-04-13 12:02
Hackescher Markt is a cool square by a station, cafés etc. Between there and the River/Museum Island just south a lot of people hang out and have a good time. Or go north on Rosenthaler Strasse - more cafés and shops and Hackescher Höfe, which is really pretty and relaxed. Lots of good restaurants and shops in that whole area. There is also very lively with cheap restaurants and young people in the area on and around Oranienburgerstrasse, a bit west of Hackescher Markt
2019-04-13 12:19
Salam Aleykum
2019-04-13 12:26
Wisla Krakow
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