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best movie you ever watched
s1mple | 
Ukraine s1mple_top1_dev1ce_top2 
im bored af rn recommend me some good movies ty
2019-04-14 14:55
2019-04-14 14:56
Great movie
2019-04-14 22:54
Movies: The Godfather TV Shows: Arrow
2019-04-14 23:23
United States E1h4n 
let me guess you are mid 30 yr old man
2019-04-15 00:36
xd devide that by 2
2019-04-15 10:30
Aarow was only good at the beginning, went shit around season 4
2019-04-15 01:33
i couldnt agree more
2019-04-15 01:51
That's what most people say. Season 4 was bad and season 6 also. But when Arrow was at it's best at season 5 and season 2 i loved it. I have watched Game of Thrones, Breaking bad and other better rated shows. But i just feel that the show is special. I decided to rematch the show and i really enjoyed it. More than the first time.
2019-04-15 10:33
allu | 
United Kingdom Xey 
Saving Private Ryan
2019-04-14 14:57
2019-04-14 15:05
Porn movies don't count.
2019-04-14 15:16
Ofc count wtf men)))
2019-04-14 15:19
2019-04-14 16:38
lmao ahahaha
2019-04-15 08:06
steel | 
Lithuania Koo0L 
Mexico taste xD
2019-04-14 15:02
not my bad you have no sense of humor. For sure you can recommend top250 imdb movies that enyone seen a hundred times
2019-04-14 15:04
New Kids = always 8/8
2019-04-14 15:39
Rofl, New Kids... So awful.
2019-04-14 23:31
2019-04-15 00:29
France kNRD^ 
Interstellar for sure.
2019-04-14 15:00
2019-04-14 15:06
Europe pencilvester 
+infinity squared
2019-04-14 16:40
+infinity cubed
2019-04-14 22:49
Also great
2019-04-14 22:54
I'll watch again tonight :( masterpiece
2019-04-14 23:23
bit overrated imo, the second half is messy and kinda rushed in a way
2019-04-15 01:34
Morocco Azs 
2019-04-14 15:03
Whiplash/The Hunt
2019-04-14 15:01
+1 whiplash
2019-04-14 17:14
are you the real George?
2019-04-14 22:54
+1 whiplash
2019-04-15 00:41
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
Sin City is awesome
2019-04-14 15:02
Who am i
2019-04-14 15:04
i'm not trying to hurt you but dude this movie is terrible. Looks like parody of Mr. Robot made by 12yo grills.
2019-04-14 15:10
?? explain
2019-04-14 15:11
unpredictable turns are really predictable to disgrace. Characters are comic when they should be taken seriously. From the technical aspects the movie is ridiculous and just comic again. And what is sad, the movie does not have its own new ideas, everything is simply copied from other movies.
2019-04-14 15:16
the only thing that I remember was that I liked the allusion of chat with the train (it was just good visually implemented)
2019-04-14 15:20
Im so bored that i will watch all 3 Seasons now I hope its worth
2019-04-14 15:15
first season just awesome, one of the best tv series ever. Rest worse(
2019-04-14 15:26
emilio | 
Brazil 1710710 
Mr robot is plain bad son couldnt get past 5 episodes wtf u on about. Even the oscar winning actor that plays the protagonist is terrible in this series
2019-04-14 22:23
for this reason he became famous and demanded af after this series. Seems logical
2019-04-14 22:36
Except he didnt lmao. He just got relevant after the queen movie Im also finishing my bachelor @ film studies and working with cinema for a while so when you say mr robot is one of the best tv series ever i just know youre like 17-18 yo with really pleb taste
2019-04-14 23:36
br education as good as br movies i guess xD
2019-04-15 00:28
"Im also finishing my bachelor @ film studies and working with cinema for a while " woooow new Kubrick here xD its really funny to see kids just finished their studying and think they know anything and 10 years later they realize how scanty is their knowledge... And if you can read, you will see, i said only about 1st season of mr.robot. Also you can see i comared it to "who am i" and you know... if you think second one better... well you should chose another field of activity. Ok robot shit... name atleast 5 seriers made in last few years which was better and bring something new. And you know... there was a big competition for Freddy role and this movie had very difficult path and Queen would never gives this role to nonamer... but i guess you should spend 5 years (?) for studying " film studies and working with cinema" to understand something there... what can i know
2019-04-15 00:45
God dammit you got so triggered i feel like i have won the argument already and theres just no point reading this wall of text Even then i honestly tried to, but you talking about brazilian education and "wow we got a new kubrick here" just about confirmed my tesis on your age and average intelligence, and again i felt it was pointless to read your post🤷‍♂️ I know you think that because you watched a few B comedies from NZ and other shitty non mainstream titles like (im just guessing here but i bet youd like that one) cohenrence youre a very cultured and artsy young man, but yeah that is nothing compared to the thousands of hours i have spent studying and making movies. That should be given and im not so sure why you got mad about it
2019-04-15 08:27
"God dammit you got so triggered i feel like i have won the argument already and theres just no point reading this wall of text" rephrase: "I have nothing to argue" "Even then i honestly tried to, but you talking about brazilian education and "wow we got a new kubrick here" just about confirmed my tesis on your age and average intelligence, and again i felt it was pointless to read your post🤷‍♂️" same here "I know you think that because you watched a few B comedies from NZ and other shitty non mainstream titles like (im just guessing here but i bet youd like that one) cohenrence youre a very cultured and artsy young man, but yeah that is nothing compared to the thousands of hours i have spent studying and making movies. That should be given and im not so sure why you got mad about it" am sooo cool' but i still have no single argument so i will' use empty phrases) cya kid you just confirmed my previous message with this pointless reply, all your knowledge and skills just worthless
2019-04-15 11:29
Lmfao kid you are desperate🤣🤣😂 You just copied my whole long ass reply and acused ME of not having arguments. Projection much?🤔🤔🤣🤣 (I mean youre just giving me the tools to win this argument) All my knowledge and skill, that i spent years and a lot of effort garthering, are worthless btw 17yo kid just told me btw Just so you guys know btw🤣 Wake up my dude, youre just an ugly teenager with 0 accomplishments talking about things you dont understand. And i can tell you dont understand them from what i read on your other comments ITT Edit: still havent read your previous post btw xdddd
2019-04-15 19:09
The hangover
2019-04-14 15:05
Which one?
2019-04-14 16:04
First part is the best one imo
2019-04-14 16:26
Agree 100%
2019-04-14 16:29
its all good mens))
2019-04-15 01:48
Europe dreww_ 
Cars 2
2019-04-14 15:05
2019-04-14 15:20
France FanchD 
The Dark Knight
2019-04-14 15:05
2019-04-15 01:34
Denmark dev111ce 
idk about best ones but if u like thriller with plot twists i would say the invisible guest headhunters
2019-04-14 15:06
added to watchlist ty
2019-04-14 15:12
Denmark dev111ce 
np they're both really good. enjoy.
2019-04-14 17:06
+1 the invisible guest
2019-04-15 00:42
Bun masters
2019-04-14 15:07
Interstellar Inception Shutter Island The Prestige Fight Club My top 5! <3
2019-04-14 15:07
Good list
2019-04-14 22:55
+1 interestellar +1 inception +1 fight club +1 Shutter Island
2019-04-15 00:44
Why not +1 The Prestige? Did you not like it or have you not watched it yet? If you haven't yet then you should definitely check it out. Highly recommended.
2019-04-15 12:12
I didn't watch it yet but I already put in my list cuz your list is very good!!
2019-04-15 17:46
I forgot to add The Shawshank Redemption there. Must watch! Honorable mentions: The Pursuit of Happyness, Se7en, The Silence of Lambs, The Dark Knight, Donnie Darko and No Country for Old Men.
2019-04-15 19:16
You do have a good taste for movies, I aleady watched The Silence of Lambs and Donnie Darko, The Pursuit of Happyness, Se7en, No Country for Old man and The Dark Knight I was willing to watch. Actually, we have almost the same taste for movies! I will put The Shawshank Redemption and The Prestige into my list, if these are on the same leve as the other you mentioned, it will be at minimum amazing. Thank you! I was in need of some great movies! And If I could recommend you a great movie, watch Zodiac, I found it in this thread, and it was indeed a great movie.
2019-04-15 22:47
Aye! I haven't watched that yet. I'll definitely check it out. Here's to having a good taste in movies. Cheers!
2019-04-16 06:41
Cheers man!
2019-04-16 11:37
Carnage - Roman Polanski Blade Runner `82
2019-04-14 15:09
Killing Gunther Annihilation Terminal I think we're alone now I don't want to live in this world anymore 10 Cloverfield Lane most are not so well-known good movies I liked alot
2019-04-14 15:09
Annihilation wtf that movie is shit
2019-04-14 15:54
I said I liked it a lot, it's clearly about taste. But I guess that doesn't count beeing your age. You might understand sometimes, I believe!
2019-04-14 22:17
what else can you expect from a horny midget :D
2019-04-15 00:38
haha true. I didn't notice his name, thanks for pointing it out. It really might not be a good movie for horny midgets.
2019-04-24 19:27
Sweden Ivorn 
Pulp fiction
2019-04-14 15:16
Jordan xrealx369 
The Giver Whiplash The Revenant
2019-04-14 15:17
Sweden Kasidro 
The revenant was probably the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen. DiCaprio is great as usual but the movie is so bad
2019-04-14 15:23
Jordan xrealx369 
aren't opinions a beautiful thing
2019-04-14 15:32
Sweden Kasidro 
Yeah true dat
2019-04-14 16:15
True, dicaprio deserves an Oscar but not for that one
2019-04-15 01:35
Sweden Kasidro 
Yeah it felt like they just went "eh whatever lets just give him one"
2019-04-15 07:48
Blade Runner ( old org ) Sunshine
2019-04-14 15:20
Boom | 
France mbl4 
The new blade runner is veery good too
2019-04-14 23:32
Portugal nakbarone 
The Contagion
2019-04-14 15:21
the lion king
2019-04-14 15:21
Sweden Kasidro 
Original blade runner
2019-04-14 15:21
Donnie Darko (I recommend the Director's Cut as it's way better explained)
2019-04-14 15:24
Vietnam anhtuan0296 
This movie fucked my brain pretty hard men ;))
2019-04-14 16:02
2019-04-15 12:13
2019-04-14 23:40
City of God (2002)
2019-04-14 15:27
Brazil centjeefizik 
city of god or carrossel.
2019-04-14 15:30
Brazil igorrns 
+1 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
2019-04-14 23:35
Brazil centjeefizik 
vai que né
2019-04-15 00:23
Austria iVulkaN 
Shutter island
2019-04-14 15:32
Asia wantod 
+1 Absolute masterpiece
2019-04-14 22:50
+1 one of the best movies I ever watched.
2019-04-15 17:47
Other xrist 
probably forrest gump
2019-04-14 15:33
sixth sense
2019-04-14 15:34
Finland kuuu 
Inception and American Gangster Might not be for everyone but these 2 are my favorite by far.
2019-04-14 15:38
Georgia Khachapuri 
I don't watch movies anymore but i really liked Song to Song
2019-04-14 15:46
2019-04-14 15:50
The Theory of Everything, 2014
2019-04-14 15:50
kummeli kultakuume
2019-04-14 15:51
Interstellar/The Dark Knight
2019-04-14 15:56
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
MIAMI VICE SEASON 1 & 2 (1984 - 1986) DIE HARD 1 (1988) +1
2019-04-14 16:01
Canada ZHF 
The Dark Knight
2019-04-14 16:02
interstellar inception lotr matrix pirates gladiator brave heart 300 alien predator
2019-04-14 16:04
United Kingdom FAPPY17 
2019-04-14 17:13
Portugal Perro)(Loco 
Oldies but goldies: The Silence of the Lambs: Léon: The Professional: Pulp Fiction: American History X: The Blues Brothers: Fresh fish: The VVITCH: Papillon: A Prayer Before Dawn:
2019-04-14 18:00
I agree with all the "Oldies", happy to see them mentioned. My favorite: Master and commander: Also "Gladiator" ... not because of Russel Crowe, but because i like when historical movies are well made.
2019-04-16 12:11
Anime is better
2019-04-14 22:38
2019-04-14 22:38
Pakistan XtraticX 
Hollywood: Twilight series (i just love it, everything) Marvel's movies Harry Potter Dwayne Johnson's movies F&F series ETC etc
2019-04-14 22:44
Found the only girl on hltv
2019-04-15 11:32
+1 xD
2019-04-15 12:13
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
requiem for a dream
2019-04-14 22:46
I only liked young naked Jennifer Connely from that movie.
2019-04-14 23:31
Ruination Xvid
2019-04-14 22:46
The Blind Side So deep and emotional always loved it
2019-04-14 22:47
+1 surprisingly good
2019-04-16 12:12
emilio | 
Brazil 1710710 
Try naked - mike leight Blindchance - kielowski The first 2 pusher films - refn La haine - kassovitz Irreversible - gaspar noe
2019-04-14 22:50
emilio | 
Brazil 1710710 
Dear wendy - vittenberg You were never really here - lynne ramsay Mandy - panos cosmatos Dogtooth - yorgos lanthimos Wild at heart - david lynch The fly & crash - cronnenberg Aguirre the wrath of god and Fitzcarraldo - werner herzog
2019-04-14 23:20
Zodiac Whiplash Spotlight The Master La Haine The Thin Red Line Miller's Crossing Syriana The Ides of March The Place Beyond the Pines Almost Famous Walk the Line
2019-04-14 22:50
Czech Republic VeryCzechGuy 
+1 for Zodiac fucking great movie
2019-04-14 22:54
+1 I watched Zodiac yesterday, great movie
2019-04-15 17:49
India HarshK 
inglorious basterds
2019-04-14 22:55
Saints and soldiers
2019-04-14 22:55
I dont have the 1 single best and favorite. But Pulp Fiction is definitely up there. With The Thin Red Line (it's a war movie), one of the best "war" movies i have ever seen, and showing it with a complete different prespective, no heroisims, patriotisim and shit that has been seen a billion times already, but with a philosophical view towards life and humanity. :D
2019-04-14 22:57
Interstellar Logan Blade Runner (both) Prestige The Godfather The Dark Knight
2019-04-14 22:58
The Book of Eli
2019-04-14 23:00
Catch me if you can recommended EDIT: True story and still good
2019-04-14 23:00
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
2019-04-14 23:12
Brazil thiagop00 
Mr. Nobody Interstellar Shutter Island Eternal bright of a spotless mind Inception
2019-04-14 23:29
Poland Sad_Boy 
2019-04-14 23:32
Croatia mds818 
Blow Shutter Island Godfather Born to race Black knight Night in museum I am number four Death Race The great gatsby Project X The final destination Aprils fool day (2008, doe it's fairly low quality vid...)
2019-04-14 23:39
Finland User344 
Public Enemies Secret life of Pets
2019-04-15 00:33
The Others
2019-04-15 00:39
The Stoning of Soraya M. truth islam
2019-04-15 00:42
2019-04-15 00:46
Candy | 
Finland Kiekara 
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
2019-04-15 00:49
The Shawshank Redemption Casino One Flew Over The cuckoo's Nest (One of the funniest movies I've seen, not sure if it's meant to be a comedy) Melancholia (Other movies of Lars Von Trier are also very deep and nice) The prestige Cloud Atlas The Intouchables Only God forgives WALL-E (One of the few animations I like) Requiem for a Dream 2001: A Space Odyssey Moon A clockwork Orange (The book is even better, and I only read science and news pretty much) The beach (everything with DiCaprio is pretty lit) Fargo (watch the series afterwards, even better) Lotr trilogy New Batman trilogy Watchmen (One of the few superhero movies I like) Hard to compare, they are so different. I would probably go with Melancholia. 99% Of the people will find that movie extremely boring, not me. Series > movies tbh.
2019-04-15 00:52
'Series > movies tbh' Some series -- yep. Many are still as bad as most movies.
2019-04-16 06:54
I like that they have more time, you can get to know characters more deeply etc.
2019-04-16 12:02
Yeah, I agree. I also prefer series for that reason.
2019-04-16 13:13
Forrest Gump
2019-04-15 00:51
Ida Alice (1988) The 400 Blows
2019-04-15 01:01
Best offer. Love Sylvia Hoeks <3
2019-04-15 01:52
If only...
2019-04-15 08:00
Batman Dark Knight
2019-04-15 08:01
LOTR Love, deaths + robots Babadook Forrest Gump Happy! Mind hunter Evil dead 2 and 3 The raid The rock Outbreak Predator Commando Rush hour Fifth element Prestige GALAXY QUEST And so much more
2019-04-15 08:02
2019-04-15 08:24
Indonesia nicojaewpunk 
One piece Dragon ball series -Super Naruto series -Boruto Fuck boruto
2019-04-15 08:42
The bondock saints The bondock saints - 2 if you didn't watch this one ^_^ don't miss it !
2019-04-15 08:50
ropz | 
Indonesia en1lykS 
Fast and Furious- Tokyo Drift Johnny English
2019-04-15 08:52
Into the Wild Gladiator Vanilla Sky Truman Show Gods and Generals Frailty Mystic River
2019-04-15 08:57
The Thing (1982)
2019-04-15 08:58
In Bruges! Definitely one of the best movies i've watched
2019-04-15 09:04
It's impossible to list ONE movie as best really, but considering everything- Schindler's List.
2019-04-15 10:34
Pulp Fuction No Country for Old men
2019-04-15 12:04
Poland xkhao 
Oldboy. (My favourite movie of all time) The Korean version. Do not touch the American one with a 10 foot pole. Other favourites in no particular order: Pulp Fiction Interstellar Apocalypse Now 13 Assasins Taxi Driver Dollars Trilogy Unforgiven Yojinbo Goodfellas Godfather trilogy Blade Runner original and 2049 Gran Torino Wind River Zodiac No Country for Old Men Reservoir Dogs LOTR Trilogy Se7en Shawshank Redemption Seven Samurai Tonari no Totoro Howl's Moving Castle Mononoke-hime Bale's Batman Trilogy
2019-04-15 18:07
Arrival is a pretty good movie The Assassianation of Jesse James is really underrated no country for old men Men who stares at goats is also good, a bit strange but awesome. Shawshank redemption is one i can rewatch every so often.
2019-04-15 19:05
NEO | 
Netherlands Vincenz0 
go bore yourself with this genius: wont take long for you to get addicted to the way he plays the game
2019-04-15 22:47
Hungary HAS12 
District 9
2019-04-15 22:48
2019-04-16 06:46
United States fatburger 
2019-04-16 06:56
Vietnam anhtuan0296 
U mean The purple shirted eye stabber 😧🤭
2019-04-16 12:16
the Greatest Showman
2019-04-16 12:13
So I can really recommend some 10/10 movies I really love: The Last Samurai (2003) Drive (2011) Black Hawk Down (2001) Nightcrawler (2013) Whiplash (2013) Overall I have 50 movies currently in my 10/10 list.
2019-04-16 13:17
MUTiRiS | 
Portugal antCB 
anything Tarantino (can't comment on Kill Bill saga as I've never seen those).
2019-04-16 13:17
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