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opinions about anything
fer | 
Brazil leguiza 
share your opinions that people dislike or do not agree
2019-04-14 16:29
Europe pencilvester 
I think astralis good but not best
2019-04-14 16:31
(JW best)
2019-04-15 01:41
Are you talking best of all time or best right now, if its the latter I think your objectively wrong.
2019-04-15 05:52
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
2019-04-15 16:04
I poop in toilet and was bullied in India
2019-04-14 16:32
Europe porrasm 
im confused, was the poop bullied or did you mean yourself
2019-04-15 01:45
Cambodia afk47 
I think that he bullied India
2019-04-15 05:35
Nt pakistani pig
2019-04-15 08:18
India = Pakistan
2019-04-15 14:01
halo | 
United States QastLe 
The Beatles and Elvis Presley are extremely overrated. This starts a lot of workplace arguments. Have a good day 😊
2019-04-14 16:47
fer | 
Brazil leguiza 
2019-04-14 19:45
United States gtmaniacmda 
Overrated in what way? Their contribution to music, or their songs?
2019-04-15 01:44
halo | 
United States QastLe 
Their songs. Of course personal taste is everything, but people refuse to accept that someone can not be a fan of their music. Have a good day 😊
2019-04-15 01:51
United States gtmaniacmda 
That's understandable. If you would have answered the other way, I would have had to call you braindead.
2019-04-15 01:55
I cant think of a single good song from the Beatles, they are all just drivel. I would say they are one of the weakest popular British groups.
2019-04-15 05:29
Australia sad_faze_fan 
nt ireland
2019-04-15 06:21
Do Australians even make music?????
2019-04-15 06:27
Australia sad_faze_fan 
we make sick cunt music
2019-04-15 10:09
Russia deadforest 
Parkway Drive and joji are the only ones I know. Uh, Keith Urban as well.
2019-04-15 11:42
ozzy | 
Russia osbourne 
I feel this. Though they are that good to attract shallow fans and bandwagonners.
2019-04-15 10:11
drugs (also alcohol) are good for some umlucky people to cope with their shitty lives until they kys anways. Also enthusiana should be allowed
2019-04-14 20:42
anarchy will happen
2019-04-14 20:45
Merkel is a good president
2019-04-14 20:53
Iceland cracker132456 
she isnt president though so not really a valid opinion is it
2019-04-15 05:38
Italy 1257Legend 
Being gay is wrong
2019-04-15 01:38
Wrong in what way? some people are born that way lol
2019-04-15 01:42
Italy 1257Legend 
Uhh no one is born that way. If you are, your brain has a serious mental defect.
2019-04-15 10:16
You can call it a mental defect if you'd like and I suppose in a lot of ways you'd be right to, that said I stand by what I said. Some people simply don't have a choice and if you deem having "a serious mental defect" to be wrong that is indeed your perogative.
2019-04-15 10:26
Brazil UKita 
Religion is something important but it keeps getting into subjects that it is not of religion businesses anymore
2019-04-15 01:46
NiKo | 
United Kingdom Wazerz 
any type of rap is shit
2019-04-15 01:49
Cambodia afk47 
Rap > rape or Rape > rap?
2019-04-15 05:36
Cambodia afk47 
Ok guys cya in 10 years
2019-04-15 05:36
What rap have you tried, it's a huge genre right now so there's definitely some that you might like! I used to think that I ONLY liked rap/edm/pop music but I opened my horizons and I like almost every genre even rock and country lol.
2019-04-15 10:28
NiKo | 
United Kingdom Wazerz 
Like all rappers like drake, travis scott stuff like that. i just can't seem to find a liking for it.
2019-04-15 15:57
United States jcv999 
Eh. I don't really like it. But I can always appreciate clever lyrics. Most of it is shit though
2019-04-16 00:02
morality isn't a thing. there's no such thing as right and wrong
2019-04-15 02:55
halo | 
United States QastLe 
+1 However, for all of us there are things that feel right, and things that if they are wrong we don't want to be right. Have a good day friend 💜
2019-04-15 05:12
Correct correct, you too 💚
2019-04-15 06:21
This is a form of morality known as moral relativism, which many modern thinkers subscribe to.
2019-04-15 10:24
Ni c e !
2019-04-15 17:02
Only people who were born as hemaphrodites should be allowed to get a sex change operation and only after multiple psychologist consultations.
2019-04-15 05:20
Technology needs to stop evolving.
2019-04-15 10:14
Germany EvilBanana 
Economic growth will destroy the world.
2019-04-15 10:28
2019-04-15 17:17
Germany EvilBanana 
People are trying to get more Profit with more ressources, but there are only limited ones. We should rather Focus on trying to use our ressources the Most efficent way.
2019-04-16 00:01
Sweden ThorinEk 
we need to go back to living in small societies and communities to stop overconsumtion and environmental issues.
2019-04-15 10:30
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
2019-04-15 16:06
men. meeen. men wtf men
2019-04-15 11:06
United States jcv999 
Taxation is theft.
2019-04-16 00:01
I think some minor taxes should be there to provide for a government, army etc. But otherwise yeah, some taxes are ridiculous (yes, I'm looking at you progressive income tax, or just income tax overall).
2019-04-16 00:06
United States PsychoLogical 
Our military budget needs to get cut to oblivion. And no this is no opinion, its a fact. All that extra money could've been used for shit that can actually benefit this country but nope they give us the finger and fuck you and waste more billions like retards.
2019-04-16 00:08
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