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Cheaters in Top 30
Japan thankyoulenin 
Top 5 is clean atm, you cant cheat on the biggest lans anyway, lan ac are too good. These players are cheating, some of them only online Lekr0 felps CerQ Zywoo v1ctor, poizon, shipz, bubble, blocker (actually all use the same coder..) jame, quikert espiranto, nexa tabsen, tizian, nex, xantares kaper, phr blameF kaze, freeman, auman idisbalance, coldyy1 fl1t SPELLAN, k1to syrson, spiidi, denis, faven, mirbit dytcha
2019-04-15 13:24
2019-04-15 13:25
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2019-04-15 13:58
imagine being from the UK LOL
2019-04-15 14:05
ye, it's shithole :9
2019-04-15 14:06
Hey man.. he's not talking about India.
2019-04-15 16:47
UK = India
2019-04-16 08:43
2019-04-16 09:37
2019-04-15 13:25
ZywOo | 
Europe vacban 
Hahaha. No one cheating here my friend. 0/8
2019-04-15 13:26
That's what they said until they found word.exe..... If I am interested in cheating I can write one by myself and use it better than this guys. Sadly I have different profession.
2019-04-15 14:50
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Professional Moron?
2019-04-15 16:48
2019-04-15 17:00
2019-04-16 09:08
2019-04-16 10:57
2019-04-18 19:21
Asia Asfmankey 
Lol nice +1
2019-04-19 13:34
*apply cold water to burned area*
2019-04-19 13:45
False, the entire asian scene knew and was saying it before it was proven. Don't pull claims out of your ass, thanks.
2019-04-15 17:04
2019-04-16 08:38
ZywOo | 
Europe vacban 
Name your profession and I will destroy your cocky attitude
2019-04-16 07:56
If you thought that reply was because of my attitude, You are stupid. I am just stating the fact. All the running anti-cheats are not that extensive. There were so many loop holes. If you have basic idea about how the system and software works, you will understand What I meant. I am a coding professional for past 8 years. Professionals can modify anything when they have access. Masking your code with some other windows running application is also not a problem. So the anti cheats will have no clue. There are multiple ways that they can create better anti-cheat. But they are not interested in. One of the easiest method is mouse tracking. There is a lot of difference when a person moves a mouse and aimlock moves. Say you move mouse for 1000 pixels in 10 milliseconds when you flick faster. The aimlock will do it in 1 or 2 milliseconds. Tracing the curser speed is a effective way to find cheaters. Obviously in code they can delay the shots to make like 10 milliseconds. But the advantage of using the cheat will be brought down. But you know its all business for some one. as long is it's profit them, They don't have any reasons to improve.
2019-04-16 09:21
ZywOo | 
Europe vacban 
Mdr. Let's destroy you. ''There were so many loop holes.'' Were. ''Masking your code with some other windows running application is also not a problem.'' That makes 0 difference. ''There are multiple ways that they can create better anti-cheat. But they are not interested in.'' Of course they realise these ways. However they would rather protect users privacy than use such heavy intrusive anti-cheat. +1 to valve. But these mouse movements are tracked by Overwatch VAC Net. So cheaters have 0% chance of cheating in match making in the long run. As such, just download the pro their demos and feed it to Overwatch VAC Net. No cheaters will ever be able to play again. ''But you know its all business for some one. as long is it's profit them, They don't have any reasons to improve.'' CSGO is free to play now. And they never cared about profit, as long as they keep releasing cases they are making plenty of money.
2019-04-16 14:20
Twistzz | 
Korea Jew2K 
"And they never cared about profit" "as long as they keep releasing cases they are making plenty of money." huh
2019-04-16 18:50
he meant by selling the game itself
2019-04-18 19:11
write for me we share 50 50
2019-04-18 03:38
Thats what a cheater would say...
2019-04-16 09:28
ZywOo | 
Europe vacban 
Expected from fallen "tier 1 user" zera
2019-04-16 10:58
chrisJ | 
Brazil Kattulel 
flair checks out
2019-04-15 13:26
draken | 
Poland DYSKREje 
2019-04-15 13:26
Europe jeff69 
Sure buddy, everyone knows you cant cheat on lan what are you a silver noob?? 😂😂😂
2019-04-15 13:26
Japan thankyoulenin 
ez with workshop steam maps injecting cheats, just a few tournaments are safe from this (eleague, iem events, esl pro league (they actually chanced to LAN because too many cheaters online, esl anticheat online is SHIT), BLAST Pro). You would wonder how many guys are cheating on dh open tournaments for example.
2019-04-15 13:29
Indonesia edwardnauli91 
2019-04-15 14:45
I'll say just one word - proofs?
2019-04-15 16:49
i cant leak my sources.. but its true just trust me, i know a lot of cheat coders for some reasons :)
2019-04-18 17:59
Source: Dude, trust me. nt
2019-04-19 13:51
imagine saying top 5 is clean axaxaxaxax
2019-04-15 13:26
Imagine thinking top 5 is dirty. Italy iq.
2019-04-16 08:40
Boom | 
France mbl4 
2019-04-16 13:13
imagine saying device is overrated. 0 iq norway
2019-04-16 18:45
Palestine Baitor69 
imagine saying
2019-04-18 04:11
silver -3?
2019-04-15 13:27
Singapore izyot 
nice bait :DD
2019-04-15 13:28
Algeria abdodz45 
Creepy bait
2019-04-15 13:29
felps but not gla1ve? 0/8
2019-04-15 13:29
xaxaxaxa brazil caught feelings
2019-04-16 08:40
2019-04-16 09:08
well if all these guys are cheating then why not gla1ve
2019-04-16 11:48
2019-04-16 13:55
That's not the point. This is is a pathetic thread who shouldn't be taken serious, but this brazilian still takes it seriously and cries about gla1ve LUL!
2019-04-16 17:06
yeah ik i was just making joke man
2019-04-16 18:41
how about zywoo
2019-04-15 13:29
Sweden Zaser5 
he is there
2019-04-15 13:51
oh shit
2019-04-15 13:52
Sweden Zaser5 
2019-04-15 13:54
Europe sloth02 
Stop hating in Germans men((((
2019-04-15 13:30
Nexa cheating? I remember him from 1.6, played some random, irrelevant online tournaments against him even after CS:GO came out, he was always good. He even played in an online tourney i organised couple of years ago when he was a random nonamer, and even then destroyed everyone.
2019-04-15 13:38
Japan thankyoulenin 
yeah its pretty sad, he started after he got kicked by renegades..
2019-04-15 13:36
India Noobdian1 
2019-04-15 13:37
Germany zeolikk 
2019-04-15 13:37
you know s1mple is cheater right?
2019-04-15 13:39
no u
2019-04-16 08:46
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
2019-04-15 13:39
Canada NELK 
2019-04-15 13:39
i think only Jame and BlameF are cheating from that list. BlameF is actually obv as fuck, Jame not really sure, it looks like he is maybe just statboosting like coldzera. But i remember Jame running around like a bot with 0.8-0-9 rating and suddenly he is by far the best player (in terms of rating) in his team lul
2019-04-15 13:40
Finland Faust_fSt 
Soooo not Shipz then?
2019-04-15 14:11
dunno, dont really watch his team
2019-04-15 14:38
Finland Faust_fSt 
Oh sorry I thought you may not have been talking about things you have no clue of.
2019-04-15 15:22
Shipz toggle whenever his team is rigging shit too and they want a perfect comeback with live odds. I often watch him on those online shit tournament. And if i spot his crosshair suddenly jumping like mad i insta bet live on them. So far it never failed.
2019-04-15 20:40
He is best player in terms of rating because he is massive baiter and exit killer. /close
2019-04-16 08:43
Denmark Kon10R 
Professionals in any sport or occupation make difficult stuff look easy to the untrained eye. Spending 8 or 10 hours a day for years on the game they love and live for is their "secret". NOT some stupid software playing the game for them. Putting their name, status, career and income at stake is just not worth it. It might reveal where YOUR problem is! It takes HARD WORK to get where these guyz are ... if you ever heard of that concept ... ;O)
2019-04-15 13:48
Dude, people cheats in real sports as well and they risk much, MUCH more and even jail. There surely are cheaters without a doubt
2019-04-15 13:52
Denmark Kon10R 
Amongst schoolboys, yes. Professionals with yearly income far above average for young guns, playing for million dollar brands with large organizations behind them, sponsored by billion dollar companies ... Well, well ... I need bullet proof DATA on the table. "Random accusations" like this is just ... Fill in the blanks! ;O)
2019-04-15 13:58
Lence Armstrong, Marion Jones... Look at their names their incomes, their achievements and yet they were doping. I'm not saying that this player cheats or that player cheats but claiming thah noone from top teams is cheating is stupid. BTW do you remember kqly for example? He had everything. Good salary, great org behind him and yet he cheated. You risk almost nothing in esport. Ban and that's it lol...
2019-04-15 14:01
Denmark Kon10R 
Yes, these stories reach the headlines, and look where they are now: Armstrong is forever banned from pro cycling, victories stripped away, forever stamped as a criminal. I'm not saying there are no idiots left on the planet ... ;O) But a "random list" of top pro's by some random user ... naaaah ... I don't buy it. These guyz' understanding of the game is so great, that they often figure out where the opponents may be and THEN shoot them through smokes, walls etc. Look for times where they hit nothing at all. The ratio is ten-fold.
2019-04-15 14:16
Yes, this list is retarded and there is no point to claim that this or that player is cheating without any proof at all... But there surely are some cheaters like in any other sport
2019-04-15 14:21
armstrong won a fuckload of money, for 10 years everyone knew he was on the dope, no one called it out, he clearly gave it away in interviews, people still didnt give a fuck, and only when he got caught did all his sponsors drop him and did people get on the hate train. i'll give you another example: every single dutch pro ice skater is on the dope and no one gives a single fuck about it. the same will happen for cs eventually, if the cheaters dont kill the game first.
2019-04-15 14:33
I have been a pro at a specific sport for a short while and was doped to my eyes. Even as an amateur my own coach was pushing me that way: you are not going to make it without some help. One of my kidney nearly gave up at one point. I can't speak for esport, but when i see the *security* of events it's a fucking joke.
2019-04-15 20:47
that sucks man, did you get better
2019-04-16 09:36
Yeah i'm doing better now, the disgusting part is seeing months of efforts decaying away. I resumed training for fun now, way more enjoyable too, and i will never let my kids touch or try any competitive fighting sports.
2019-04-16 11:09
Truth is that it is highly unlikely and maybe even impossible to cheat on the bigger tournaments. The organizers take huge steps to prevent cheating.
2019-04-15 17:03
Australia Mr.Sinister 
How is that even an argument? Top tier don't need to cheat. Kqly? Emilio? Sf? Forsaken? Top tier players lol. kQLY played for Titan...... Blah blah......... he was shit. The fact he got pinged shows how much of shitcunt he was.
2019-04-15 14:42
2019-04-15 17:05
Lithuania Sealll 
2019-04-15 13:50
Sweden Zaser5 
tabsen is a beast and have always been leave him alone!
2019-04-15 13:51
+1 for the windigo team -10000 for all other
2019-04-15 13:55
no)) 😎😎😎😎
2019-04-15 13:57
Top 5 is clean atm, you cant cheat on the biggest lans anyway, lan ac are too good. These players are cheating, some of them only online Your logic broke too fast
2019-04-15 14:00
2019-04-15 14:03
India Hafnex 
Well felps name in cheating list makes me laugh for a moment. He has never shown any such disgusting shots or plays which can put him here. Sure stuff glaive is fishy. So does Naf. But
2019-04-15 14:05
Poland teacandothat 
zywoo onliner for long time
2019-04-15 14:07
Netherlands installwizard 
The only cheater here is u my friend. Link me your wonderful ace again will ya?
2019-04-15 14:17
Japan thankyoulenin 
which ace? i dont know what you talk about
2019-04-15 14:28
Netherlands installwizard 
2019-04-15 15:50
Japan thankyoulenin 
thats not my post
2019-04-15 16:46
Netherlands installwizard 
nt cheater
2019-04-15 17:03
all cheaters gonna hit by cars and die
2019-04-16 08:19
Driver: lonelyridetilltheend
2019-04-16 11:05
Brazil UKita 
But do you have any evidence?
2019-04-15 14:29
lan ac are too good hahahahahahahahahaha tell me another one, i havent heard such a good joke all day
2019-04-15 14:30
Sheep | 
Finland kuitu 
Forsaken laughs to the lan ac
2019-04-15 14:35
Twistzz | 
Italy yugeyy 
Forsaken has joined the chat
2019-04-15 14:37
2019-04-15 14:40
Germany dev0rce 
spiidi? hahahahaha
2019-04-15 14:41
Czech Republic mitsorubi 
can you explain this to me? i just have no idea wtf he did there xd btw: very stronk men
2019-04-18 19:29
Germany dev0rce 
dunno whats going on there, but explain to me what kind of cheat thats supposed to be? hes not even on sbd
2019-04-19 13:20
Czech Republic mitsorubi 
Not sure if it's cheats. Kinda looks like an aimbot not being able to decide on which player to lock on and spiidi kinda fighting with the aimbot which could create this. I've seen similar things in overwatch and i don't know what could cause this weird crosshair movement otherwise. Hard to believe his mouse sensor would start fucking up for just a few seconds or that he got a spasm in his right hand for a few seconds or something xd btw what does "sbd" mean?
2019-04-19 13:51
Germany dev0rce 
somebody i dunno thats not a clip that makes me think someone is cheating tbh also spiidi sucks
2019-04-19 16:00
Lmfao Lan there is no "lan anti cheat" it's just VAC as usual you idiot. 98% of all pros use aimlock.
2019-04-15 14:47
Are you 12?
2019-04-15 17:01
2019-04-15 17:02
loli | 
United States credit 
haha fucking cheaters valve ban
2019-04-15 17:04
NiKo | 
United Kingdom Wazerz 
2019-04-15 17:04
Australia tavalol 
Not top 30 but the whole dreameaters team blatantly cheats its a fucking meme how no one calls them out
2019-04-15 17:15
u forget flusha.
2019-04-15 17:16
United States Milo_Davis 
No team.
2019-04-16 09:08
Jesus | 
United States BLNDSPT 
No proofs either way so it’s just speculation, I’d like to believe that no one cheats (and I seriously doubt they do) so that the magic stays
2019-04-15 20:35
0 out of 8
2019-04-15 20:36
Netherlands toothpaste 
Is there proof?
2019-04-16 06:56
United States codgun 
Of course you retard, he literally just said they all cheat! Learn how to read?
2019-04-16 08:05
CeRq | 
Bulgaria Dupskray 
+1 that made me laugh so hard xddd
2019-04-16 09:10
Ur so fucking stupid bro
2019-04-16 07:02
Russia parovozik 
ok thx for the info mate, now they get banned for sure
2019-04-16 08:08
so auman is using cheat to be a rly rly bad player cool
2019-04-16 08:21
Australia Moonayyy 
new copy pasta
2019-04-16 08:22
Australia JoeOnTheJoint 
All cheaters cause they good😒
2019-04-16 08:24
fucking brehze fat piece of fuck
2019-04-16 08:32
2019-04-16 11:22
Sweden Bakkmann 
Lol this retard thinks you can cheat on Valve sercure servers
2019-04-16 08:40
wtf man
2019-04-16 09:05
United States Milo_Davis 
Who's dytcha? Cannot find him
2019-04-16 09:07
because its ''dycha'' xd he was cheating in the past btw
2019-04-16 10:41
United States Milo_Davis 
He's not in top 30 lol
2019-04-16 11:03
another autistic conspiracy theorist
2019-04-16 09:09
2019-04-16 10:37
Should we just close Germany from all events then? Much like Russia in olympic sports...
2019-04-16 09:13
Russia anleet 
0/8 braindead
2019-04-16 09:22
I **would** say a few names 100% cheating, except this is now 2019 and those players no longer do the same crazy shit they did in the past, you could call it a "flusha situation" since he doesn't do the shit he used to do. ALTHOUGHHHHH......... I still say that k0nfig was 150% cheating during that match on Cache when he has a deagle spasm, that was sketchier than most anything I've seen. (Reminder for those of you that either don't remember or haven't seen it:
2019-04-16 10:00
2019-04-16 13:24
2019-04-16 13:24
+1 add this one to your list There is a lot of cheaters among "pro" players, the only problem is that they are "good friends". Nothing is going to happen.
2019-04-17 15:16
Indonesia en1lykS 
nice b8, m8... will rate it 6/10
2019-04-16 10:04
France SplasHg0d 
Honestly i really think the Windigo guys do cheat.
2019-04-16 10:07
fcking noobkids who ask for proofs. tell me how to prove if you dont know what you are looking for. look at other sports. between the implementation of doping methods and a detection are 5 6 7+ years. thats why samples get archived for years, decades. in many cases, a detection is only possible with insiders who decide to talk. csgo pros can basically do what they want. there is no way to get busted, only if you have huge badluck like forsaken. and compared to real sports, you dont need medical experts and science for doping. all you need is the csgo SDK which is public, 3 semesters programming and time. + living in a shithole country where you have a good living with selling hacks in $
2019-04-16 10:31
stopped reading after xantares
2019-04-16 10:34
ahahahahahahah stopped reading at victor
2019-04-16 10:43
2019-04-16 10:57
where tf are gla1ve and xyp ?!?!
2019-04-16 10:59
France J0riS_ 
Very gud bait
2019-04-16 11:08
France uNLmofo 
your forgot twistzz and his aimlock
2019-04-16 11:14
Stopped Reading at Spidii
2019-04-16 11:24
EliGE | 
Europe xSKYY 
sources? proofs?
2019-04-16 13:06
Prove it or..?
2019-04-16 13:10
kennyS | 
United Kingdom Thijo 
Flag checks out. Nt DanM
2019-04-16 13:10
do u omit krimz on purpose or r u so fucking dumb too see the most blatant one 0/8
2019-04-16 13:17
2019-04-16 13:25
rain | 
Sweden R4_PID 
2019-04-16 18:42
Without evidence OP just looks like an idiot
2019-04-16 18:54
i cant leak my sources but im in contact with a lot of cheat coders :)
2019-04-19 01:26
Why those players? This selection seems random
2019-04-17 15:07
a know a lot of people who know whos cheating :)
2019-04-18 18:45
-1 ps: felps is just a depressive guy
2019-04-18 03:28
United States ShawnM 
0 of these guys cheat
2019-04-18 03:39
United States ShawnM 
Btw you signed up in March so it doesn't surprise me that you put people like Spidii, 4/5 players on BIG, felps, all of Windigo (they've been around for a while in Outlaws and stuff), CeRq, etc. How could you possibly think professionals cheat? forsaken was semi pro KQLY only used them for a week They don't cheat! (except dycha has VAC banned accounts but he has repented and developed as a player)
2019-04-18 03:47
Top 5 clean? Do you not watch Astralis?
2019-04-18 04:18
byali | 
Poland KIKIS 
+1 omegalul
2019-04-18 18:33
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
Bad b8 0/8
2019-04-18 04:21
stopped reading at lekr0
2019-04-18 04:22
not that many cheat
2019-04-18 04:28
L FUCKING MAO forsaken the GOAT of cheating these are just a bunch of afraid cats who dont do it on lan
2019-04-18 18:29
2019-04-19 13:26
loli | 
Laos blooface 
0/8 stopped reading at " "
2019-04-19 01:27
8/8 +1 For spiidi & denis
2019-04-19 13:28
0/8 but nt
2019-04-19 13:38
Finland hoogee 
2019-04-19 16:04
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